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Forum Fight: Back in action

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76 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:18 pm

*re-spawns in an open field away from the center of the battle. decides to be sneaky..we gotta be sneaky...sneaky as i be sneaky i decide to set up awesome traps that not even the stealthiest of ninjas can avoid. a bottomless pit with spikes at the bottom Very Happy placed right in the open WITH a awesome gun as bait. also another awesome gun is placed in the open when it is moved a giant thing crushes it (used invisible metal found scattered throughout the place) as i ly down and wait a passing alien passes by and with a sigh is says i am hungry i guess this will have to do. I pounce on this strange alien and stab it with my bullets. but the bullets melt when going through it. "Captain Kirks nipples its blood is acid!" "this could make a great trap" i slice its head off with bullets and pick up the body (carefully avoiding the blood) and pour it into the head. this time i use food as bait and wait. wondering what to do next is sit in silence only to hear footsteps coming i see a figure that looks like paranoid. i gleefully wait as i see him see the awesome gun and approach it not knowing the coming DOOM!!

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77 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Mon Jan 25, 2010 2:11 pm

FINALLY dead. Well done GD.

[Respawn in AH-12 Hunter mech once more]

Lets roll.

[The mech moves out at 40mph, diffusing from visibility and sensors. A blip appears on the screen. Airships..]

Command, bring in the Acherons.

[Suddenly the sky splits with a whipcrack as 2 two kilometre long space cruisers emerge from hyperspace above the battleground, tearing apart the airships floating about. The shielding barely flutters at the airship return fire. The mech moves off...]

Now who has air superiority!

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78 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:00 pm

*GD stares in awe at the two ships that have suddenly appeared over the battlefield. All at once the radio is filled with pleas for orders and surprise*

"Cut the chatter and calm down! I've still got things under control here so there is NO need for panic!"

*GD mutters something under his breath and switches channels on his radio, to a secure encrypted channel*

"Dreadnoughts, time to show these guys what you're made of, dephase your active camouflage and fire at will"
"Roger command, we'll show these guys who they're dealing with, over"

*At that moment, 3 forms materialize between the two cruisers and the fortress. Kept as a secret to even the highest ranking members of GD's attack group, the dreadnoughts are the pride of GD's fleet. Stretching for 3 kilometers from stem to stern, they were twice the size of the cruisers that lay before them, and had enough firepower to tear through even the strongest barriers and alloys. GDs army stare in awe as the ships open fire simultaneously on the cruisers, taking out their shields and burning into their hulls in one fell swoop. GDs army cheers as the two ships that threatened the fortress fall burning into the forest below them*

"All dreadnoughts, return to station keeping and stay on standby until given new orders, GD out"
"Is it over Lieutenant? Have we won?"
"No, I fear that this is just the beginning. Lazarus will likely send ground troops now that his ships have been destroyed. As such, I am putting the base on full alert. I want archers on top of the outer walls, sentries patrolling the outside, and Lancers on standby just inside the gates in case the gates fall. I also want all remaining fighters on standby and all airships ready to launch incase we have to evacuate the fortress. Understood?"
"Yes sir"

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79 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Mon Jan 25, 2010 8:03 pm

stephanodude wrote:looks like paranoid....

No no. I'm trapped in an alternate reality at the moment. Were you not paying attention?

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80 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Tue Jan 26, 2010 5:06 am

[Frowns as he spots his cruisers crash to the ground as the sprints into position, the rest of the SAS regiment armed with Exo-suits of all kinds behind him]

Command it just got ugly, bring in the fleet. And this time, bring the Titans too.

[The regiment, hiding in a covered section of the forest watch as 40 ships, Acheron Cruisers, Talon Frigates and four Titan class Battleships spear into reality staright above the battlefield. The Titan at the lead fires it MAC cannon battery once, the volley tearing right through the hull and shields of the Dreadnought in front of it, the smaller ship erupting in a gout of plasma fire, shards of the armour crashing down on top of the fortress. The other Titan to the right begins a cleansing bombardment upon the outer walls of the fortress as the Acherons begin to take apart the Dreadnought. The walls fall instantly, men vaporised by the supercharged rounds.]

Move in!!

[The mass of Exo-suits begins firing, the Hunter suits running under the cover fire of the Bear Railgunner and the Riot class assualt suits. Speed,Aggression and Surprise tear apart the defending men, any armour in the way gutted by railgun fire as the dreadnought and 2 Acheron's crash to the ground. Firenze's Hunter calls in a MAC strike onto the command building, Blowing and enormous hole in the side, allowing the Hunter to walk in, rounds splashing off it's shields. The ARC cannon rips apart the men surrounding GD, the claw picking up the struggling Lieutenant]

Game Over GD [The claw cuts GD into several pieces as the battle outside dies down, the fleet begining to disperse and jump back to the Sanctuary base] The Mech regiment is collected and taken beck to home, while one Titan stands guard over the ruined fortress. The mech fizzles into invisibility and moves back into the forest and back to the hunt]

One down. Any more takers?

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81 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:31 am


*Overnight a storm swept in, and now the battlefield is in perpetual darkness, broken only by flashes of lightning. GD's second in command walks up to him holding a radio*

"Sir, we have reports that a large army is headed in our direction. Several battalions worth. I estimate that they'll be here within 5 hours"

"This is it then. Are all units in position like I asked?"

"Of course Lieutenant"

"Good. I'd like to address them before the battle begins"

"Yes sir, I'm sure they'll need something to keep their spirits up. The amplifier is on, whenever your ready sir"

*Qeue inspirational music*

"Soldiers of the alliance, today we face a great battle against an enemy the likes we have not seen before. Many will fall, but our will is absolute. We will show no fear! We will not give in! We will not falter! The entire alliance will stand or fall from what we do here today, and for that reason we MUST NOT give up! Soldiers of the alliance, do you stand with me?"

*The entire fortress is rocked by the instantaneous roar of approval. 5 hours later, Lazarus' soldiers arrive, with him in the lead in his mech. The fighting is fierce*

"I'll take care of the mech, just keep up the pressure on them!"

*GD makes a mad dash for Lazarus, dodging machine gun fire and explosions as he runs. As soon as he gets close enough he leaps into the air and grabs hold of the mech. Laz trys to shake GD off but to no avail, he's latched on tight. Laz fires his mechs jump jet, sending them into the forest far from the battle*

"Time to even the odds"

*GD shimmies around to the back of the mech and finds a panel, underneath which are a large group of important looking wires and cables. GD grabs hold of them and tears them out with brute force. At once the mech slows and stops, and then topples to the ground. Lazarus crawls out of the cockpit of the mech and raises a pistol at GD. GD swiftly kicks the firearm out of Laz's hand*

"Not so fast buddy, if we're gonna fight like this, it's gonna be a fair fight. No tricks"

*What follows is an astounding display of hand to hand combat by both GD and Lazarus, lasting for nearly an hour. Finally, Lazarus doesn't react in time and GD sends him flying over the edge of a 200 foot drop*

"Time to go back and see how the battle went"

*GD returns to find the fortress in near ruin. The battlefield is strewn with the dead and broken remains of airships and mechs. Many brave soldiers lost their lives, but in the end it was GD's army that won out*

"We did it sir,we won!"
"Indeed, but I fear the next battle will soon come. That's why i'm ordering what remains of my army to move out. We're going nomad from here"

"Yes sir, right away"

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82 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Tue Jan 26, 2010 11:43 am

Paranoid wrote:
stephanodude wrote:looks like paranoid....

No no. I'm trapped in an alternate reality at the moment. Were you not paying attention?

FINE! it looks like.....SOMEONE ELSE!

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83 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Tue Jan 26, 2010 1:26 pm

So you just ignored my post. Well done.

[Spawns in full SAS gear, a squad behind him. He and the squad run towards a waiting chopper hovering inches above the ground. The team clips themselves on and takes off, heading towards the ruined fortress, two EuroFighters and 2 Apaches in support of the 3 SAS teams]

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84 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Thu Jan 28, 2010 7:41 am

it looks like....Gd or lazerous firenz whoever wants to die

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85 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:08 pm

Er... Im on the other side of the forest... In a helicopter...

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86 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:37 pm

*GD and his squad are still travelling eastward*

"Sir, do you sense that? Someone's headed our way, from the north"
"I sense him too, send a couple of archers his way and take him out, we can't afford any surprise attacks. After they return, i'm calling the remainder of our airships to pick up the rest of the troops so we can head home. The captain wants to see me anyways."

"Yes sir, right away"

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87 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:09 pm

[Around GD unbeknownst to him, Firenze, and his sniper team are lying in wait]

My mark team... Now.

[Four cracks sound and four men die with headshots. The two choppers speed in over the horizon and rappel 2 fire teams armed with MP5s into the midst of the confused men. The chattering rounds cut down men left and right as the 2 covering Apaches do the same. The battle is over in minutes, all of GDs men dead with 2 SAS ou too. GD lies in a pool of his own blood, a single hole between his eyes.]

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88 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Thu Jan 28, 2010 3:49 pm


"All troops return to base and pile into the airships. We're done here, for now. And we'll need escort as well, Hawk lead, cover our tracks and make sure we aren't followed"

"Yes sir"

*All of GD's forces return to what is left of the fortress and climb into the rest of the airships. GD himself takes a shuttle to one of the Dreadnoughts*

"All forces at best speed back to the city"

*With that, all of the airships and the three dreadnoughts at GD's command speed their way towards home, with the remaining fighter planes covering their retreat*

"The captain will want to know what happened here. Sergeant? Patch me through"

"Right away sir"

*A small tv screen next to GD crackles to life as the heavily encrypted signal gets through*

"Lieutenant, it's good to see you. What's the situation over there?"
"We were completely outgunned and outnumbered m'am, it seemed that with every enemy we killed 10 more took its place. In the end we had no choice but to retreat. It's a miracle that some of us were able to make it back to the airships to retreat"
"Well, at least you made it out alive. You're to make a full debrief with the council as soon as you land, as well as with some new allies we made while you were gone."
"Yes m'am, i'll be there as soon as we land"

*GDs fleet speed across the vast expanse of ocean between the island and the mainland, with the faint flashes of explosions receding behind them*

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89 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:32 pm

[The sniper to Firenze's right spots movement and goes prone, raising his scope to his eye. Firenze does the same.]

Well well, its Steph. Fire at will Onyx.


[The Barrett 50cal fires, the large round blowing Stephs skull open]

Well done, lets move to the fortress.

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90 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 29, 2010 5:47 am

*10 days later. GD has been promoted to captain, and has convinced his superiors that he needs much more troops and equipment than he had before. Thusly GD assembles the largest airship fleet never before seen.

"All ships, if you see a target, take it out"

*Small single seat fighters rush in to harass the ships, but are subsequently swatted out of the air like flies*

"No sign of any capital ship activity sir"

"Good, keeps your guard up though, I have a feeling the battle is yet to begin"

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91 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 29, 2010 10:47 am

*respawns on island*


*Vorthon pulled out a small communication device activated it*

(This part is over an encrypted datalink, so it can't be intercepted)

"This is Grand Minister Vorthon here, I need backup. Is there anything in the area?"

"I'm sorry Grand Minister, but the only thing in the system other than an automated outpost is a colony ship carrying a bunch of Medorians, and they're busy surveying Jupiter to see if it's suitable for them to colonize. And since the Medorians can't breathe a terrestrial atmosphere, they wouldn't be much use to you anyways. I could call in a fleet of ships, with a full complinent of soldiers and pilots, but that would require relocating troops from the war with the Nexinans. I could also send in a bunch of colony ships for a mass settlement of the system after the conflict."

"Excellent! Make it so!"
(End encrypted data transfer)

*Vorthon looked up at the sky, smiling, using his hand to shield his eyes from the sun. He soon spotted what he was looking for: the tell-tale sign of light being bent around a warp bubble generated by an alcubierre drive. As the warp bubble disappeared, it revealed a ten-kilometre wide CSE Mothership, surrounding by the faint, barely visible flicker of energy-based shielding. Vorthon siganlled to the ship and was beamed aboard. As he looked around after reintergrating aboard the ship he notice the crew was composed mainly of fellow Torikan, but there were a number of humans whom the confederation had deemed worthy of membership. He then addressed the crew.*

"I'm sure you're all aware why you're here. There have been signs of near-singularity technology in this system for months, and since humanity is still in the early decades of an information age, this is highly unusual. No offence to any human crew members," said Vorthon, while glancing at a slightly irritated looking human standing behind a computer terminal. "Our strategy is as follows: we head to the asteroid belt and begin a mining operation, as well as some small colonies. We will then redirect the asteroids Vesta, Pallas, Juno, Psyche and Aurora towards Mars. The first three will be collided to form a large moon for the planet, whereas the last two will be made to impact that Martian surface at antipodal points, to minimize the effects on the surface, while raising the temperature of Mars' interior. This will begin a terraforming proccess, which we will take an active role in. Afterwards, we will colonize mars, and mine the planet for resources. In Phase three, we will launch our fleet from Mars and proceed to the Earth, where we will weed out whatever's causing these disturbances."

*The ship turns on its cloaking device and heads out past the moon and meets up with a fleet of 19 other ships like it, and they set off for the asteroid belt.*

*Fast-forward one year, and a fleet 10 times bigger than the one that left for the asteroid belt is settling into orbit around the earth. A number of landing pods are deployed.*

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92 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 29, 2010 1:16 pm

If thisll be a battle of who has the bigger stick, I win.

[From in front of Vorthon's fleet appear the Terran Fleet, previously cloaked. 904 Armageddon class Battleships, 22kilometres long, and armed to the the teeth with MAC turrets and Dark matter cannons (improvised from captured alien tech). They open hangar bays, releasing Titans and Acherons. They all open fire as one, volley after volley ripping apart Vorthons fleet, the 20yr Solar war prepared them for this. They launch exo suits to board...]

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93 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:41 pm

Rad respawns laying on a park bench in Central Park. He sighs as he looks back. Groaning as he sits up, he notices that he's in an alternate dimension. Happy about his sudden rush to reality, he walk down to Times Square and has fun.

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94 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:17 pm

*a small escaped pod flees the battle, carrying Vorthon. While wondering how humans advanced so quickly, he sent out an encrypted message.*

"I need the largest fleet that can be spared! This is turning out to be a bigger problem than I anticipated!"

"Calm down Grand Minister! What happened?"

"They destroyed it all! I'm the only one left alive! I need a fleet of 500,000,000 ships, the best available; zero point energy cells, alcubierre drives, the works!"

"Uhh... If you're talking about the largest ships we have available, we'd need a third of the population of confederation to crew them. That's 100,000,000,000 lives! And besides, how would fit all those ships in one system?"

"I don't care! this is war!"

(You still think you have the bigger stick, Firenze? I think not. I'm the highest ranking politician in an interstellar civilization that's mastered FTL tech, that doesn't violate relativity. We have mastered zero point energy, we're even experimenting with travel between universes. And, yes I came up with this before the first time I posted in this topic.)

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95 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:34 am

Hey, listen. My story encompasses the first Solar War in 2405. The colonies and Earth are undes seige. The fictional world includes the Exosuits and the ships. Im still writing ATM.

I think your overdoing this attack. If you want, I could bring the Fleets of Warhammer 40,000?

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96 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 31, 2010 2:32 pm

*As GD's fleet lumbers through the sky, he looks towards space, viewing the faint pinpoints of light from the battle in low orbit*

"Any idea what's going on up there captain?"
"Looks like Lazarus has his hands full, track the ships in his formation and tell me straight away when one or more of them break off the formation and head towards us"
"Aye-Aye sir"
*GD sits back down in his captains chair and gazes thoughtfully at the view of the horizon outside the viewport*

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97 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:27 am

Overkill? Ha! there's no such thing as overkill!

IC (In Character):

*a bunch of ships drop out of FTL into low earth orbit. The majority of them are unmanned drones, with only about 3,700 large manned ships. Vorthon opened a comm link, and asked why there were so few ships.*

"Huh? I distinctly said 500,000,000 state-of-the-art ships!"

"You may be the Grand Minister, but we still have some say in who we send. Besides, we had to deal with a Spike Crawler hive in the Ophina system. You know how tricky those things are to root out once they get a foothold."

"Well, okay... Could you beam me aboard?"


*A little while later*

*Vorthon is aboard the bridge of the fleet flagship, and is walking back and forth across the bridge, giving orders and otherwise acting important.*

"Our first order of business is this: we head out to Jupiter, and establish bases on its four major moons. We will launch all further assaults from there."

"And what if we have to fall back?", said a rather naive-looking Nuaexip, who was rearing up so it could use the first of its three pairs of limbs as 'arms'.

*Vorthon cringed. He had been expecting this question, but still wished it hadn't been asked.*

"In that case, the drones that are now settling into an equatorial orbit around Sol, will be instructed to start bombarding said star with various wavelengths of radiation. This will artificially induce the star to go 'nova', when simply put, will cause the star to brighten by a factor of at least ten, frying any inner planets. Normally I would not condone such actions, considering Earth is home to a thriving biosphere, but this anomaly must be dealt with."

*Vorthon then ordered a number of incredibly small (~ 1 megaton) zero point energy warheads to be launched at the flagship in Firenze's fleet, then instructed all ships in his fleet to activate their shields.*

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98 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:59 am

haven't done this in a while re-spawns and picks up all the objects from my dead-body. decides to just leave "im just to small to go against flag-ships and mechs and alien armys" i leave to a small island in the middle of nowhere and there i make a small house for me later and later i add to it until it is a full grown vacation resort.....people begin to hear about it and decide to vacation there for a reasonable price. I happily continue to add to this resort until it is very awesome i add pools courts and a HUGE food court until its part mall and vacationing place and also part waterpark (its for the kids) i then become so rich i hire snipers and stuff to protect my resort from any aliens mechs flag-ships with cloaking and stuff

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99 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Mon Feb 01, 2010 10:05 am

OOC (out of character): Stephanodude, do really think snipers could protect you from asteroids?

IC: *Begins hurling asteroids randomly at the earth.*

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100 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:05 am

*GD is suddenly jerked out of his nap by the shockwave of one of the meteorites that struck near his fleet*

"Report! Did something just hit us?"

"Negative Captain, but there's a whole lot of rocks raining down right now"

"Alright then, fire at them and make sure they don't do too much damage"

"Yes sir"

*the guns of GD's ship pivot to track the rest of the incoming asteroids and fire, vaporising them and turning them into harmless molten rock*

"Sir, i'm tracking a group of missiles headed straight for the enemy fleet. It seems to have been fired from a ship not far from them. Any orders?"

"It's not any of our concern, continue towards our destination like before."

"Aye-aye sir"

*GD watches from a camera mounted on the outside of his ship, which is pointed at the battle taking place in low orbit. A fireball expands where Lazarus' ship used to be, and dozens more appear as the rest of the warheads strike the target*

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