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Forum Fight: Back in action

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51 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 22, 2010 2:46 pm

"Cyborgcyborgcyborgcyborg! Come on. Teamwork is a sure fire way to outstrip all these other guys."

*big smile*

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52 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:19 pm


*Andrilza sees several threats along the solid ground. After what he has witnessed, he knows that it is everyone vs. everyone and starts with a massive attack on nearby hostiles. Andrilza turned the gun into a plasma-launcher, making small explosives, but with great impact. He starts to shoot straight at where Vorthon and Paranoid are*

"Let's see what they can handle..."

53 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 22, 2010 3:52 pm

[Laz's mech raises its shoulder mounted rocket pod, firing towards Paranoid, the HE salvo tearing a hole in the landscape. The mech moves off at speed aquiring Andrilza as a target on the HUD]


[Opens up with all guns (Arc Cannon, heavy automatic cannon, rocket pods) towards him, shields at max and active camo on. The form of Andrilza dissapears as the shots hit him. His shield holds for 2.36 seconds before failing, allowing him to vaporise under the onslaught]

Woo! Another one turned to dust!

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54 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:21 pm

GoldenDragon wrote:*little does Rad know that the person he shot was just a decoy*

"Heh,those things can be so useful"

*As Rad comes in for another pass at GD, Goldendragon draws the bow that is slung across his back. With astounding aim and patience, he fires an arrow right into the intake of the aircraft Rad is piloting, which destroys the engine and sends his ship spiralling into the side of a mountain*

"Wow, even I didn't know I was able to do that"

Rad ejects from his wanzer and parachutes down right on top of GD. "Hey, thanks for breaking my fall!" Rad says as he rolls backwards off of GD and stands up and falls backwards into the grass and lays there for a second or two. Rad looks up to see Paranoid pass in the distance. He again gets up, regains his balance and runs after her. "I wonder what's for dinner?" Rad quietly says before bursting into a fit of laughter and stops to catch his breath. As he regains his composure he looks around. Rad enables his chameleon-stealth camouflage. Stalking off, Rad pulls out a phazon knife. He sets it to kill.

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55 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:14 pm

*while stephanado vacations in Sandals Jamaica....chilling with teh ladies (turns out they love a guy with big swords and guns)

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56 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 22, 2010 8:49 pm

*6 hours after GD is knocked unconscious from Rad falling on top of him, GD awakes and massages his aching back*

"Ow, that's gonna bruise tomorrow"

*Looking to the west, GoldenDragon sees that the sun has started to set, and slinks deep into the forest where he can't be found. He finds a small cave that will serve as his bunk for the night. Before retiring to bed however, GD sets a few traps outside the entrance that will alert him to any intruders*

"Sigh, I think I may have underestimated my enemies. I'd be much more likely to succeed if I have help."

*Using his skills in the arcane arts once again, GD composes a message to his home base* (Note that there is no way to listen in on the message, either physical or magical)

"This is 2nd Lieutenant Goldendragon, I have underestimated the capabilities of my adversaries and request reinforcements ASAP"

*Two hours later, GD gets a response from a proper sounding voice that he immediately recognized as none other then the Captain of the Windurst guard*

"This is Semih lafhina, I have recieved your request for reinforcements and I am sending two squads of my best soldiers and a couple of airships to aid you. ETA is two days, so keep your head down until they arrive. Oh, and one more thing, those airships I sent are hard to come by so try not to get them destroyed"

*With the reassurance of reinforcements, GD bunks down for the night and sleeps soundly until the next morning*

"what a great day to go find someone to kill"

*smelling the breeze blowing in from the east, GD finds his first victim of the day*


*Checks his sword and then proceeds to go in the direction the scent came from*

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57 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:16 pm

GoldenDragon wrote:
*Using his skills in the arcane arts once again, GD composes a message to his home base* (Note that there is no way to listen in on the message, either physical or magical)

That must either be /g or /p... right?

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58 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:40 pm

Rad wrote:That must either be /g or /p... right?

? Sorry, i don't follow.

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59 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Fri Jan 22, 2010 11:52 pm

in MMO's
/p is for talking in Party, and /g is for talking in guild.
Both of which, if you're not a part of, you can't hear it.

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60 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:26 am

/g then.

*GD finds Vorthon wandering around just outside the edge of the forest, GD draws his bow and with good aim puts an arrow right between his eys*

"That was easy, I'd better head back to where I slept, I don't want to keep my backup waiting"

*wanders off back to his former campsite, which takes the majority of the day to get there. Bunking down for the night once again, GD is then woken by the sound of two approching aircraft. Walking outside to meet his reinforcements, GD sees the source of the sound. Two massive airships, bristling with cannons on both sides approach from the east. They both land in a lake next to where GD is, and offload their cargo of two squads of soldiers. With that, the airships rise out of the water and start to slowly circle around where they are, on overwatch*

"Looks like the Captain went all out Seargent."

*one of the soldiers walks up to greet GD*

"Yeah, she didn't want to lose you, you're too important of an asset to the fedaration"

"That's what they all say. Anyways, let's cut the chatter and get down to buisness. Squad one, you're with me. Squad two, you'll be our backup incase anything goes wrong. And have the airships on standby in case we need air support. Remember, stay fast, stay quiet, and above all keep your eyes open. Let's move out!"

*GD and his squad head off deep into the forest where they will use the thick underbrush to stay concealed*

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61 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:16 pm


*As Andrilza had respawned in the middle of forest, he had upgraded his gears and used the next two days trying to track down whoever that was possible to find, but with no luck. With time for rest and thoughts, he was now "back in action" and ready for some killing... but impatience overwhelmed him searching in such a big, deep forest.

"Crap! This can't go on for much longer, I might as well fly my way up to the battlefields in the hights again"

*He grapples himself to the top of a tree. With a sight that covers most of th island, he look for a place which leads him up*

"Oh, for the love of God!"

*He suddenly see two heavy airships circling over a lake not so long from where he is*

"Those doesn't seem to be property of neither Vorthon or Lazarus...*

*Andrilza turns on his radar. As he now can see bodywarmth on a screen on some distance, he detects a group of beings with fast movements heading towards him. Even though it's possible he haven't been seen, he couldn't take any risks. He jumps down to the ground, the movements were still coming towards him and not on a long range either. Planting electromines around, he made a bond between the plantings that would electrify everything that passe between them. Andrilza moves away and looks on his radar. Figuring out the speed and cordinates of where the other movements befinds them, he turns on the plasma launcher and fire a shot right where the possibel enemies were. Now the radar shows that the little red dots on his screen was spread around and had stopped, but several seemed to not have been affected by the explosives. This looked Even more dangerous than he expected*

"How could some of them get away from such a fast explosion with such impact?"

*He ensured himself that the mines were in function, and found cover in some crates, ready for whatever that came for him*

62 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:05 pm

[The mech stalked around the water's edge, completely invisible and silent. GD's squad moved up to greet him and moved out into the forest. Firenze let them be and looked up at the airships. With a couple of commands, control surfaces flicked out and jets flared, launching the mech into the air like a fighter aircraft. All guns opened up on the first airship, ripping it in two. Now detected, Firenze went all out, firing and jinking to avoid enemy fire. Within a minute all enemy airships were down]


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63 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:18 pm

*Respawns with a vengenance aboard a cloaked spacecraft ~3 km above the battlefield*

"Gah! This is the last straw!"

*Vorthon walks over to a nearby console and starts fiddling with the controls. After a while he comes across Paranoid's energy signature.*

"Ah-ha! There he is! Now to bring him aboard. And while I wait for him to materialize, I think I'll rain destruction on my foes below."

*Vorthon walks over to another console and starts pressing buttons on a touch screen.*

"So many weapons to chose from... ooh! I haven't tried this one yet!"

*Vorthon presses a button labeled 'Antimatter Bombs', and a few small capsules fall out of a hatch in the bottom of the craft, and head off in different directions. The first one, acting as a warning shot impacts into a mountain top, annhilating a fair sized chunk of it and permenantly blinding anyone who looks directly at the blast.(at least until the respawn, anyways)*

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64 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:54 pm

Rad yawns and scratches his chin. He surveys his current environment and sees part of a jet pack peering at him over a crate. Walking over, he draws his phazon knife and ties an blue bandana with an infinity symbol onto his head. He draws a pistol and sneaks up next to Andrilza.
"What're ya cookin', meester?" Rad asks as he looks past the crate not even phased that he might be wiped off the face of the earth by Andrilza.
"Playing sniper?" He pipes up again and looks at Andrilza and smiles.

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65 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:49 pm

*Enough of this vacation says me I call a person hey señor jamaican do you have a spare hydrogen bomb? Yees dis mah speecial one wet cost yues touhg I (I pull out my sword [SLASH] doesn't cost me anymore) Smile drops hydrogen bomb on battlefield ALL is wiped out thanks to the anti shield bomb all is completely wiped out everything from 1000 miles away from the battlefield is scorched and everthing frm 50 miles high is gone all cloaking devices and ships with shields are COMPLETELY wiped out ALL is gon

victory while I still sit in my hammock in Jamaica sipping a pineapple

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66 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:57 am

[Server reset. map reset]

Wow. This place looked good before we were here.

[The mech goes invisible once more, moving off towards the enemy positions]

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67 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:44 am


Wait, what? We're starting all over again? Well, well...

*In one moment, Andrilza was hiding in some crates in the middle of a forest, as he was waiting for the enemy he detcted on the radar that sneaked up against him. In the next, everything turned black and he respawned on a beach at the coast of the island*

"Hmm... guess we're doing a re-run"

*With his shield and jetpack made more defensive and stronger, he had also received himself two of the plasma gunners and several types of explosives. With new equipment, he ran off over the beach with his radar on, looking for the next enemy*

68 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:09 pm

*Respawns next to stephanodude*

"Hello, you will now die an incredibly slow, incredibly painful death. How did you even know that ship was there?"

*Before stephanodude has a chance to answer, Vorthon uses his aerokinetic powers to remove the air from around stephanodude's head, and watches gleefully as stephanodude slowly suffocates.*

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69 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:30 pm


So that means you both are suddenly in Jamaica?

70 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 24, 2010 1:44 pm

[Materializes next to Vorthon]


[Crushes him utterly with the claw. The mech looks at steph gasping for air on the floor and dissapears once more]

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71 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 24, 2010 4:26 pm

Respawn in... 3... 2.. 1..

Rad respawns in a port wearing very Mass Effect -esque armor with the helmet on (see

Scanning his current environment he sees down the coastline seeing the all together familiar jetpack. Rad pulls out his rifle and follows Andrilza down the coast with an ulterior motive and a head on a swivel listening for others.

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72 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 24, 2010 4:56 pm

in my dying brain the thoughts kept saying "what ship"?

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73 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:52 pm

Paranoid looks around the destroyed island.
"What. Uh, what happened?"
Little does he know that he had been left behind when the map reset, due to the fact that he was part way through materializing on Vorthon's ship.

He begins to walk through the blasted landscape, tongues of fire leaping from the ground.

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74 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:14 pm


*Stampimg through the sand, Andrilza discovers something on his radar... behind him. He turns the gunners into plasma beamers, turns fast around shooting right in the shoulder to what he sees now was Rad. As Rad fell backwards and into the sand, he started coughing up some little blood. Andrilza turns so his one gunner into a plasma launcher and shoots the explosive shot against Rad*

"Let's see how much he likes spaghetti..

75 Re: Forum Fight: Back in action on Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:06 am

*The radio on GDs harness crackles to life*

"Lieutenant, this is airship one, we've sighted two groups of aircraft headed in your direction, don't know if they're friendly or not. Wait, i'm getting a transmission from one of the groups, patching you through now"

"This is hawk lead to Lieutenant GD, can you hear me? Over"

I hear you loud and clear Hawk lead, glad to hear another friendly voice, over.

"We've been sent ahead of the rest of the fleet to recon the area, be advised that we've been instructed to help you guys out in any way we can, over"

Roger that, we can use all the help we can get. Any useful info that you've picked up?

"We've sighted what looks like an abandoned fortress not far from you, west of your location. There's enough space inside the walls that you can set up a base of operations for your airships and an airstrip for our planes."

Got it, we'll head over there right now, keep an eye out for a mech somewhere. If you do find it be careful, it's tougher than it looks.

"Roger that, we'll keep our eyes open. Hawk lead out"

*GD and his comerades head over to where the fortress is located and transform it into a formidable base, heavily fortified from the inside and out. Several hours later the fleet arrives, consisting of dozens of airships and Hawk fighters. Some of the airships land, offloading their cargo of no less than 20 battalions of soldiers and calvary. In time, there are enough soldiers and aircraft in GD's command to defeat even the greatest armies*

"What's our next move?"

"Take two flights of fighters and sweep the area around the base for any opposition. If you see any sign of enemy activity, take it out!"

"With pleasure"

*Two flights of 4 fighters climb into the sky, splitting up and headin in opposite directions, one heading east, and the other west.
3 hours later the lead of the easterly flight spots the all too familiar blip of a mech on his radar*

"This is flight one lead, we've spotted a mech headed in your direction and are going in to take it out, over"
"All aircraft, split up and follow my lead, don't give em' a chance to take us all out at once"

*The fighters fall out of formation and speed towards the mech. One fighter gets within range and opens up with his machine guns on the mech, but only serve to provoke it as the rounds bounce off an invisible energy field of some sort. The mech pivots and fires it's machine guns at the incoming fighter, catching it on it's right wing*

"I'm hit! Repeat, i'm hit! I can't hold on for much lon-*static*"

"Damn it! that thing is too strong to be taken out with the cannons, switch to rockets and take out it's shields!"

*The fighters converge on the mech once more, and fire their payload of rockets at the target. the first four strike the energy sheild, and with a loud pop the shield overloads and shuts down. The last of the rockets hit home, reducing the mech to a pile of smoldering wreckage*

"Target down, and we are returning to base, Hawk lead out"

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