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Forum Fight: Realm

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1 Forum Fight: Realm on Sun May 02, 2010 8:25 pm

Ok... Seeing how the other Forum Fight has so....... unsuited rules towards my Avatar (not specifically aimed to me, I know) I am going to start a New Forum Fight having fewer limits then the last one.
1. This war forum is not about winning, it is about making an interesting story.
2. Any thing is allowed excepting spontaneous generation (units have to have a story behind creation and time to be created or recruited)
3. Standing out characters can not die, PERIOD! (for instance Nikolai, and Click are the two of my Character that Cant die, but CAN be..."Out of order".)
4. Basically this War game is like Halo Wars, Command and Concur (1-4) etc.
5. Just dont do anything completely outrageous.
(I will be apart of the War, and will fallow all rules I listed. I will provide Order and will state when something is outlandish)


(When you join the war, state the one character & your Avatar that can not die)
(State the "Power", "Strength", "Type" of Army you have.

For example...
1. Nikolai & Click
2. Inventor & Machine Powered Army. (I have no Human units, only robots and Computers) (Which Has a HUGE weakness) (make sure your army has a weakness and a strength)

When you join the war, also give a brief description of you leader/ Avatar.

Below Is the Map Of the Landmass that the War takes place on. As new geography is discovered by me or other users, Copy and edit this map to show things you find (including Your Base Location, Mountains, Bodies Of Water, etc.

(VERY IMPORTANT!!! when you add something, do not repost it on this topic, send me a Private message with it attached and I will update the PRIMARY MAP!)

**********NEWLY ADDED DETAILS**********

How This Forum Fight Is To Work

How It Is Supposed to be... cheers
1. Good Story. (Make it interesting sounding. You don't always have to win, try going out with a "bang")
2. Non offensive Game. (Dont worry if people "P" You off. Its just a fun Activity, Have fun with it)
3. WAR!!! (FFA to the most part, You can only have an alliance with ONE person.

How Its Not supposed to be... Evil or Very Mad
1. A "piece corp". (Every one in one alliance and all friends)
2. A All Protagonist Story. (everyone is a good guy. We need evil people)
3. Lone Soldier (One character, no minions and no other characters. Just one guy.)

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2 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Sun May 02, 2010 8:43 pm

Nikolai has joined the war

Nikolai- Inventor/Engineer with a Extremely high IQ. He has all Knowledge of computers and machines. He doesn't always know how his inventions will turn out though, whether it will blow up in his face or demolish an enemy base. He has A life time companion named Click, His first computer.

Click- AKA "Mobil Computer Brain 1" (as addressed by other Computer Brains) He is the most human emotion filled robot ever created. Click has evolved from being just a computer monitor to the robot he is today via upgrades Nikolai would give him weekly. Click has may surprises inside of him, he is no ordinary Robot.

"Amazing, Click... we have succeeded in creating a new universe"

(Looks around seeing a universe with random bodies of matter/land floating around freely in the void.)

"Well, lets get to work Click."
(Click walks by carrying crates and machinery, already getting started on Nikolai's HQ)

O.o "um... I see your way ahead of me! COMING"

(Nikolai ran over and grabbed welder and some scrap metals and got to work)

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3 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Mon May 03, 2010 3:27 pm

Firenze has joined the war

Faction: PMC organisation called Alpha Team
Strengths: highly trained elite soldiers (think Halo Reach spartans) with alot of equipment and support
Weakness: Tiny numbers
Avatar: Captain Sirius Jackson & General Lazarus Firenze

[The first base sections drop into position from orbit, troops securing perimeter as the base is built.]

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4 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Mon May 03, 2010 3:40 pm

{Computer Brain 42}
-[DOWNLOADING]-[Obtained Files From Nuclear Lab 37]
[PASS CODE NEEDED]- <<<*****************
[CODE VERIFIED]-[Welcome Back Master Nikolai]

"Finally, I've got this Da*n thing up and running"
"Now to get the RailGun-Defense System up and running"
"....CLICK! I got a surpriiiiise for you. Twisted Evil "

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5 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Mon May 03, 2010 5:00 pm

Triskelli has joined the war.

[A bright flash fills the sky, and a bold anachronism is revealed, basking in its' impossibility. A massive battleship hovers in the air, smoke spilling from its' stacks.]

"Bring us down, Adams."

[The airship sunk down, turrets just peeking over the treeline as landing gear deployed. A piece of the hull folded down into a boarding ramp, and a contigent of 30 some uniformed robots came marching out accompanied by a handful of walkers. A man in drab blue rides atop the largest of these war machines, confident in this show of force.]

Faction: Triskelli
Strengths: Teleportation, impressive materials and gadgets, HIGH defense
Weaknesses: Low offense, primitive weaponry
Leaders: Triskelli, Lt. Adams, Sgt. Cole

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6 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Mon May 03, 2010 5:15 pm

"hmmmm... something Massive just appeared on radar screen."
"Scout-Drone, Report to the Dock"

(A small hovering Droid, the size of a Game Cube, Made its way to the Dock)

"I want you to go out to this location, and report everything you find."

(The Droid gave off a *BEEP* and flew out of the Base and into the MainLand that is used for this War Location)

*OOC^ The land mass, that this war takes place on, has a Diameter of about 2000 miles)

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7 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Tue May 04, 2010 4:24 am

[The Base complete, Wasp dropships speed down though re-entry, carrying heavy supplies to get the base going. Within the hour, the first tanks are being deployed. Heavily armoured Avenger MBTs trundle out of hangers, turrets and watchtowers overlooking every angle of approach. With a whip crack that rocks the ground, a pair of Acheron Frigates drop from hyperspace above the base, guarding the creation and deployment of all the troops and the base buildings. Two massive Hunter Exo-suits walk from the belly of the drop ship the brought them down, carrying Lazarus Firenze and his captain Sirius Jackson.]

Sirius-'We good to go sir?'

Firenze-'I expect so, start patrols. Patrol up to 500 miles forom the base. We should learn the lay of the land ASAP. Send out the Wyvern Fighters to scan the skys of this land, lets find some action.'

[The two suits walk towards the command centre as the base moves into full operational action.]

OOC: This is the looks of the troops:

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8 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Tue May 04, 2010 6:43 pm

[Triskelli and his scouting force trudged through the foothills towards the south. This new realm was unfamiliar, and reconnisance was necessary. Besides, the troops he left were sufficient to build and protect the fort he had ordered for construction.

His force had landed in a large forest that stretched forever in all directions. "We'll have to clear it out, get some good sightlines..." he grumbled. Off in the distance he could just make out a large mountain range stretching from east to west, punctuated by a volcano directly to his south, which was exactly where he was headed]

"Any particular reason, sir?" a private asked when the destination was reported.
"The Chekov's volcano rule. Any time there's an ominous volcano in any story, it must erupt."

Suddenly, a small round object whizzed above them. It paused and hovered, examining the scout party with a scrutinizing lens.

Triskelli whispered to the automaton beside him:
"Wilson, hand me my tracking rifle."

The spy droid was alarmed by this unknown target brandishing a weapon, and rushed back towards its' master.

"Perfect." Triskelli squeezed the trigger, and fired a dart from the rifle. The dart hit home and started blinking. The spy continued on its' way south, making a beeline for the volcano.

"Wilson, send word back to the Lieutenant. We'll be needing a battalion and mechanized support. Turns out we're not alone." Triskelli grinned and raised his spyglass to watch the fleeing ball.

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9 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Tue May 04, 2010 7:09 pm

"Oh, It seams that the Scout Drone has located something and is on route back to base."

>Radio transmission to "Scout-Drone<
"Report straight to me!"
>End of transmission<

(10 Minutes Later)
"Ok, show me your report."

(The droid lowered a screen and attempted to show an Image, But the recording was distorted.)

.............. Suspect "Wha...WHAT IS THIS!?"
*Sigh* "Go and report To Click for repairs..."

(The droid turned around and was about to dismiss, but Nikolai suddenly spotted a dart in the back of the droid, that punctured a wire)

(Nikolai ran up and snatched the dart out of the droid, and examined it closely...)
"Recearch Droid, report to me! ... Take this to the recearch lab and examin it thuroly, Find out all you can from it."

(An hour later the droid reported back to Nikolai with a status report. And it is a shocking one.)

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10 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Tue May 04, 2010 9:32 pm

" this is our las chance. we cannot run anymore; we can`t escape. we want peace...and we are prepared for war...."

Faction: T.W.R. (Titanic Wolves Remanents)-3ยบ batallion

Strengths: equiped with gespenst battle armors (like "hero senki"),
these armors allow them hover and boost throught the air.
also, each armor have a close range mounted weapon, the plama stakes (super robot wars XD)...allows the fighter strike the enemy with a energy filled punch

Weaknesses: well...they are only 25...the last 25 of a destroyed army and a destroyed planet...dont waste your hope; reinforcements arent going to come...
no allies, no second chances

Leader: Ratzee blackwings (one of the five missing commanders. he dont use ranged weapons, only a big titanium sword and the battle armor plasma stakes)...and dont use his helmet

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11 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Wed May 05, 2010 4:51 pm


Triskelli was impatient. They had tracked the drone to a small crater on the slopes of the volcano. It was obvious that there was someone up there, as a number of treadmarks evidenced. The only question was who it was, and how dangerous they were. That's why he sent Trilby to take a look.

"It's the Inventor, sir."

"Shall I handle the problem, boss? Before you can say Cog's yer uncle me an' the boys'll take care of the tinker and his sparky pal." Sargeant Cole may not have been the most tactical mind to come off the assembly line, but he was a good leader and likely the best fighter in Triskelli's ranks.

"No. Violence is but one tool to achieve what we want. We're in a strange land, and the Inventor is likely just as off-guard as we are. I'm sure a simple appeal to reason will suffice. Besides, I'm not afraid of HIM, but his little pal. Cole, I'd like you to accompany me, if things go south... but PLEASE, let me do the talking. Your boorish nature may not be as appreciated in front of strangers."

Triskelli made his way to the rim of the crater.

"Pssh, s'alright with me boss. Still, wouldn't mind havin' a little "chat" with Sparky. Wonder if Adams is havin' fun playing house? Heh heh."

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12 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Wed May 05, 2010 7:43 pm

(Nikolai was on his way to the Power Core 7 to make some repairs, but at the corner of his eye he spotted someones shadow on the ground in front of him. He sputtered and looked up. Their he saw a Man wearing a trench coat just staring at him. Nikolai gave a worried, confused look. The man standing up on the ledge vanished for a second. Suddenly something/someone tapped on Nikolai's shoulder. Nikolai jumped and turned around with his fists up. The intruder chuckled at his little prank.)

"*Ahem* We meet again, Inventor. I must say, our last encounter was a little... hectic, but I trust we can get along just fine. Oh, but where are my manners! You may call me Triskelli. And whos' company do I have the pleasure of being in?"

"Uh, ... {damn, I haven't had to use my name in so long I've actually forgotten my name....uhhh....OH} , I'm Nikolai. Nik for short, but I prefer Nikolai. Its a real load off my back learning your name now, for I've been eager to have another "encounter" with you again.
I have a few questions, if I may ask. How did you get here, and how did you find my HQ?"

"Well, truth be told I'm an avid volcanologist, and this is a superb example of a cone volcano right here. Aheheheh, Ah, but all kidding aside, I was hoping we could put our differences aside and get along? I see you have alot of interesting toys around..." Triskelli admired the power cores and machinery that littered the crater "...and as you may recall I have the personnel to help you maintain and defend it. I believe an alliance could be beneficial to us both."

Triskelli yelled out to someone beyond the ridge, "Sargeant Cole! Could you bring down the documents?"

"Pssh, I'm comin', I'm comin'!" thought Cole. Here he was, a full sargeant, dressed in his good uniform, reduced to the role of paperboy. He climbed over the ridge carrying a piece of parchment in one hand, mahogany desk in the other. He placed between the two leaders. Triskelli produced a feather pen from one of his pockets and handed it to Nikolai.

"Feel free to examine the document, but I assure you there are no loopholes or tricks to be had here. I am a gentleman, not a lawyer. If you sign this document we shall be allies, and I'll loan a division to help you here at this fine Headquaters. If there's anyone overly aggressive in this world we both swear to protect the other. Agreeable?"

"Well, I have a better Idea of how to settle an agreement before we get ahead of ourselves. I purpose a challenge. We shall play a game of Capture the Flag. If you Capture my Flag, than we shall be Allies. However, If I am to defend my base and still capture your flag, than It will be clear that I don't need your assistance."
"Do we have an understanding?"
(Nikolai held up the paper in his right hand as his glove de-atomatised the paper.)

"Oy! That was good paper, ya little snot-nosed..." Cole vented.
"AHEM. I told you to be civil, sargeant. I accept your challenge. Are there any additional rules? Just capture your flag?"

"Yes, The flags are My robot, Click. And, heh heh eeeh... Your sargeant, Cole." (Nikolai grinned as he pointed at Cole.)


(Triskelli interrupted)

(Cole interrupted back)
"We're gonna be playing a kids' game with ME as the trophy?"

"Don't get your gears in a grind: remember, we are guests. So, Nikolai, when does this little contest begin?"

"When ever you are ready."
(Click walked up from behind Triskelli. Towering over him at 8 ft. tall, he looked down and patted Triskelli on the head and smiled)

(Triskelli looked up in astonishment, and politely smiled back)

"Cole! Let us report back to base to get prepared. And Sir Nik, I will send you a message when I am ready."

"Indeed, I will here from you shortly I Assume"

(Triskelli and Cole Vanished into thin air, and all that was left was Triskelli's calling card)

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13 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Wed May 05, 2010 9:02 pm

[25 stars descend at the midnight. they land at the beach, and inmediatly start a fast march into the war zone.]
-("soldier unit A") Sr. ...what are whe searchig for? why this place?

[The leader of the group was the one in the black armor. Before answer the question, he take off his helmet and kicked it away like a can]

-(Ratzee)-What are we searching? data. in this region, hidden somewhere is the data that we need to defeat that thing, and make our dream come true.

-("Soldier unit B") a weapon? Can we stop that guy with something?

-(Ratzee) You dont need stop him whitout a weapon....the question is "can you beat him?". No, is not a weapon, is a map to get the cerberus. its only a legend, a myth....but if that thing exist, we are going to be able to revive our slaughtered people and rebuild our land....

[the rest of the group remained in silence...maybe was the hope...or the fear of failure.
Ratzee grabed his sword]

-(Ratzee) get ready...mission start....NOW!
please forgive my bad english...i only speak spanish and read english...but writting is not my strong

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14 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 06, 2010 3:43 pm

[The unit moved forward with caution towards the east, winding their way along the narrow valley. The exo suit backup was making their confidence boost. With out warning, the valley fell away into a sheer cliff, overlooking mass expanse of land. In the distance, a Volcano churned out ash slowly]
'Command, you getting this?'
-'Affirmative. Its the same on all sides of the mountain range. Engineers are being called in to construct ways down. Hold position'-
[The team sat at the edge of the 300ft rock wall]

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15 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 06, 2010 4:04 pm

[@Inakan, It's ok if english isn't your first language, but send Nikolai a private message telling him where you are so he can put you on the map.]

Triskelli walked back down towards his small encampment, with Sargent Cole still fuming. "...and it's just an injustice, is all! I refuse to faff about here at camp waiting for that snot-nosed brat and his lil' sparky bastard to show up and carry me off like some French tart!"

"Enough." Triskelli interrupted. They had reached his tent, the spiral logo emblazoned on its side. "I can assure you, sargent, that I do not intend to lose this little game of Nikolai's. Still, I'll be needing you here to keep the inventor from running amuck in this encampment. Can I trust you to stay put?"

Cole exhaled a cloud of steam. He was still pissed. "Pssh, ya know you can always count on me, boss."

Another automaton walked into the tent. "Ah, you're back! The Tesla tanks arrived during your absence, sir."

"Ya mean the new toys?" Cole was intrigued. The Tesla tanks used electrified coils to project electromagnetic fields, here in the form of lightening. Really quite versatile. They hadn't been used in action yet, but if they preformed as advertised they could fry any circut board and disable any "sparky" foe.

"Excellent." Triskelli got back up from his chair and made his way towards the tanks. "Move three up to the ridge with power set to "disable", and send a squad of nine troops to accompany me. I've made a little wager and we'll be needing to capture someone, preferably alive."

"Yes sir, I'll get right on it."

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16 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 06, 2010 4:43 pm

"Click, I am going to have to ask you to take to your Beta Form, and avoid Anything you see that moves. You shall only listen to my commands via radio link #***. I need you to stay on the move and don't stop for anything" "But be sure to stay on base, I cannot allow you to leave."

(Click nodded and began to shape-shift. Two huge plasma turbines emerged from his back as his body turned real sharp and thin. Than Click turned towards the open hanger and sparks flew from the turbines as he travled down the tunnel at MOC 10.)

"Okey, now to get the Juggernaut on location."

(Juggernaut= A six legged robot about 20ft by 10ft. It has a Magnetic Field Generator (MFG) that repels anything made of metallic material within a 20ft radius of the surface of the Juggernaut. Weapons include a Subterranean Disruptor that hallows out ground below the Mine Disk. (Pitfall Maker in other words), a Flamethrower, Simple .45 caliber machine-guns on the rear of the Tank, and lastly a Mini Nuke Grenade launcher on the roof of the tank. (Mini Nuke Grenade= a grenade the size of a volleyball that has the explosion with a blast radius of 15ft.))

(About 15 min. later, a Robot Drop Ship (RDS) drops the Juggernaut Tank of at the foot of the mountains. Than the Juggernaut ran off into the open field at about 40 MPH.)

(Meanwhile, Nikolai was at HQ preparing a small robotic squad of Infantry)

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17 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 06, 2010 5:52 pm

Triskelli had just finished the mission briefing when a massive figure rose out of the crater. Some sort of ship hovered out, carrying a massive walker. It seemed to have ignored the group, instead moving out to the plains behind them. It didn't take long to realize how dangerous this man was. "And how valuable an ally he would make..." Triskelli thought aloud.

"Jenkins, return to the camp and have them wire Lieutenant Adams, we'll be needing the weaponry that the Sabre can provide." Alright, are we ready for our little 'blitzkrieg'? On my signal!"

Triskelli drew a flaregun from his coat and aimed it skyward.

The flare shot into the air and the small force swept over the top of the ridge, the tanks visibly charged with static. One fired at a power core and a mighty stream of electricity ripped through the air. The structure was immediately disabled, its lights flickering off.

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18 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 06, 2010 6:14 pm

(Nikolai was at the dock when the lights flickered on and off and became dim. Nikolai Knew that this was Triskelli's doing, so he grabbed a Magna-gun and ran into the darkening tunnels.)
(Nikolai made his way to Triskelli's location and hid behind some machinery. He aimed at the side of one of Triskelli's tanks and shot it with a magna-bolt. Suddenly the tank to the right of the tank Nikolai shot, clung to the magnetized tank. They were now less mobile and moved quite slower. Triskelli spoted wair the shot came from and looked up at Nikolai, as Nikolai was looking at Triskelli through a scope on his gun. Nikolai refrained from looking through the Scope, when instantly Triskelli was standing right in front of him. Nikolai fell back on his butt and shot Triskelli in the head with the Magna-gun... but nothing happened. Triskelli looked at his hands and body searshing for a scorch mark or a missing limb, but nothing, he was unharmed. Triskelli chuckled and put his cane to Nikolai's throat and said "Check Mate." but then suddenly a scrap piece of metal flew in from out of nowhere and *pegged* Triskelli on the head and knocked him down. Nikolai, shocked by what just happened got up and took off running. Triskelli struggled to get up. "Pssh...blast..." ...Triskelli looked up and the piece of metal was still clung to his forehead.)

(Magna-Gun = A weapon that can turn anything the blast hits, into a super magnet for a short period of time)


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19 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 06, 2010 6:41 pm

"What the..?"

Triskelli tried to removed the piece of metal from his forehead but it was stuck fast. "Get this off me!" More and more pieces of scrap flew through the air and clung to the magnetized man.

The tanks were having a better time. The coils fed off the magnetic energy that coursed through their metallic chassis. The newfound static force began to discharge on its own, zapping untold equipment as they trundled through the HQ.

Triskelli was buried in wrenches, paper clips, and the like at this point, to where he could not be seen underneath the mess. Nikolai retuned to his feet and said in a mocking tone, "Take THAT!" And with THAT, the pile collapsed on itself. Triskelli had vanished!

"Where did he go to! And where has Click gotten to? I hope he's gotten out of this mess..."

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20 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 06, 2010 6:55 pm

(Meanwhile Click was circulating HQ at speeds that made him unnoticeable)

(Nikolai made it back indoors and was panting at his narrow escape.)
"GHA! That was TOO close." I need to think of better strategy, and quick."

(Off in the distance, The Juggernaut managed to get stuck in a tree some how...{dont ask}... The Combat Computer Brain calculated a solution... Burn its way out of the tree.) *FLOOOM*

(Back at HQ Nikolai was struggling to think of something to do.)


(Nikolai gathered some explosives and EMPs and made his way to the hanger that Triskelli was most likely moving towards)

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21 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 06, 2010 7:21 pm

Meanwhile, the Juggernaut's programming directives kicked in. It was to move back towards the HQ on its own, to try and squeeze the camp on the side of the volcano against Nikolai's defenses. As it turned for home, an artillery shell exploded against the behemoth's metallic shielding. The mechanical monstrosity reared its massive head and witnessed The Sabre, Triskelli's massive airship bearing down on it. With self defense logarithmns overriding tactical orders, the Juggernaut armed the deadly array of weaponry it had been given.

"The first salvo seems to have had no effect, Lieutenant. What are our orders?"
Adams commanded the bridge of the [i]Sabre[i] in Triskelli's absence. He had left the base of operations in pristine working condition. There were over 2,000 troops on patrol already, and the star-fort had been completed. The aerial defenses and artillery installations were not finished, but he had judged that the forest could hide the base from any overland attackers.

"Fire another round. Shrapnel this time."

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22 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 06, 2010 8:04 pm

(Just then the Juggernaut activated its MFG and repelled the Shell right back at the Hull of The Sabre.)

*OOC^ I don't want to assume the outcome, I will leave that to Triskelli.)

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23 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri May 07, 2010 6:03 pm

"Damn clever"

The shell burst against the hull of the Sabre Pieces of metal flew in all directions. The armor plating resisted the attack, but it was now clear that conventional weapons weren't going to work against the overgrown tank.

"Orders, sir?"

Lieutenant Adams was getting impatient. This beast was headed towards the base, and it was obvious conventional weaponry wouldn't defeat it... or at least it wouldn't in a timely manner.

"Drop to the surface. We're going to ram it."

"A target that small? The hull can take it, but is that really pratical?"

"Private, that THING just sent our own shells back at us. I'm not firing anything heavier for fear it will do it again. Bring us up to ramming speed."

The members of the crew dutifully obliged. The Sabre dropped down to the forest level, creating a wake of smashed trees as it charged at the Juggernaut. The feet grew fewer as they approached their target.

"Brace for impact!"

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24 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri May 07, 2010 6:19 pm

*WHAM* (The Sabre Smashed into the motionless Juggernaut on the ground. The Sabre came to a halt. Triskelli's troops were looking over the railings of the ship looking for remains of the Tank. But they did not see anything.)

(Meanwhile, the Juggernaut was walking on the exterior of the Huge BattleShip, makeing its way to the rear of the Boat. The Juggernaut made it to its Target on the Ship, The exterior wall of the Engine Room.)

{Combat Computer Brain 1)
-[TARGET REACHED]-[Engine Room/Power Source]
-[SELF-DESTRUCT CODE]-<<**************


(An enormous explosion blew a hole in the side of the engine room, with a diameter size of 50ft.)

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25 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri May 07, 2010 6:39 pm

The Saber spewed black smoke as it lost altitude. The magnificent airship crashed to the ground, brought low by a cheap shot. As it impacted the earth was chewed up underneath it. The damages were heavy, it would be some time before it flew again.

Back at Nikolai's HQ, the invaders were having no trouble causing chaos amongst the high-tech gadgetry. The Tesla tanks' first battle test was an astounding success, and they had nearly reached the large hangar that dominated the base. Still no sign of the "flag" yet, the battalion trundled on, zapping anything that looked important.

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