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Ideas for Arcs, Characters, Running Gags, etc.

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This is a place where ideas are welcome. A haven where all possibilities are OPEN TO ALL!! I will even put in my own stuff in hopes that the awesome Hamster who makes the comics will notice them like them and use them.

2Ideas for Arcs, Characters, Running Gags, etc. Empty Idea one. Sun Aug 11, 2013 3:00 pm


Here is an idea that I had in mind:
One day Art discovers that he has a long lost twin brother; A millionaire named Pat (Short for Patrick, just like Art is short for Arthur... I think) from L.A., California who is into writing videogame plotlines (How he got rich, he’s just famous in the U.S. though) just as mush as Art is into drawing videogame designs.

They are completely alike... almost.
Art is into DC Comics.
Pat is into Marvel.
Art (I think from that Fat Art arc) is almost a couch potato.
Pat is quite Athletic.
Art is afraid of the Experiments that Scarlet and her friends get up to (Wouldn't you if you were there during the giant bug incident?).
Pat, however enjoys the fact that they do so and even helps them whenever the Denizens are busy (I could imagine Pip saying that he's a mad scientist).
He and Art do make a good team though.

I just hope "The Hamster" finds this idea worthy of his creative muse.


one else worlds story: Portals open up in seas and oceans all over the world, and out of them are emerging giant alien monsters that end up being dubbed Kaiju. as attacks intensify more and more, all of earth's nations finally decide to put away their differences and join forces in battling this common enemy. and thus the Jaeger program is born. giant robots that are a link between man and machine (the drift). among the pilots to these mechanical titans are of course Art, Kat, and the Think Tank (all commissioned by the British govt.) their Jaegers: Godiva Pendragon (piloted by Art and Kat; also it oddly resembles Kat) and Mad Hatter (Scarlet and her sisters; this one is a large brutish war machine that looks like a cross between Optimus Prime and The Arbiter from Halo). Overall, an epic badass homage to Pacific Rim, one of the greatest films I've ever seen in my entire life.

main continuity stories:

one involving a visit from Kat's parents (so many comedic possibilities)

another story that pairs up Kat with Vanity: basically it'd be a lot like the Evil Dead films, only with Kat in the place of the Ash character (yeah, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd love to see her as a total badass). the story would actually end at a point where they get sent to the Battle Bunnies universe, the world where the Necronomicon was originally created. of course this would lead up to a crossover storyline that pays tribute to Army of Darkness and Conan The Barbarian

Possibly the relationship between Kat and Art finally going somewhere...and also cough cough rings cough cough I dos cough cough they have a daughter (who is apparently born with an incredible psychic ability). They name her Dany, after the Game of Thrones character Daenaerys Targaryen.
this could open the doors for a storyline satirizing....The Shining. yes after the Stephen King Book. and no, Art is not the one who goes crazy. nor is it Pip. It's Kat. I personally would find that more interesting, where she slowly goes mad as Caretaker to the Overlook Hotel while trying to retain her own sanity in order to protect her family. but later on she just goes all Jack Nicholson, but never really kills anyone. actually I have thought of a few alternate endings for this story, some of which were...rather gruesome and unsettling. The preferred ending is not necessarily a sad one, but rather one that's happy, yet still somewhat melancholy. the reflection of redrum instead reads "for the love of god, get the hell out of here.your wife's turned into a a blood hungry, ultra-violent, psycho!!! If you thought this was gonna be redrum spelled backwards, think again buddy. yeah, it makes no sense whatsoever. just deal with it mr. logic. oh for crying out loud,why the hell are you still here? RUUUUUUUUN!!!!" Pip breaks open the liquor cabinet in the bar so that he can play the Stephen King Drinking Game. Kat hallucinates that she's at the bar when in fact she's in the bathroom nearby drinking out of a toilet that Pip used...and forgot to flush. Kat makes it only over halfway through writing a play and then starts typing "all work and no play make Kat go crazy" over and over (although there is a break in between that says "man I could really go for a burger or something...ah screw it!!!") the woman in the bathtub of room 217 looks like Hilary when Kat goes in to check it out (you could obviously tell where things would go from there). when Grady's ghost refers to Dick Halloran as a n*****, Kat goes "whooooooooooa!!! Racist much?" when she does the "Here's Johnny" line, Art knocks her out with a frying pan and steals the axe from her. when Halloran sees Art coming down the the hall with the axe, he pulls out two pistols and goes "NOT GONNA HAPPEN HONKIE!!! I AIN'T GONNA LET THAT DUMB OLD HORROR FILM CLICHE TAKE ME!!! DROP THE AXE NOW SUCKA, BEFORE I POP A CAP IN YOUR WHITE ASS!!!" which of course leads to art explaining what's going on, until Kat knocks dick out with a croquet mallet ("if it was scary enough for mr. King in that s****y miniseries, then it's scary enough for me!!!). also it takes her five times to get to the right room to deliver the "Here's Johnny" line...on second thought 15. also theres a point where Pip's walking around the hotel and sees that ghost who's getting oral sex from a guy in a bear costume, which leads him to ask the ghost in the bear suit "wait, are you a woman?" "No." "AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!" (that is so pip). And the river of's the blood of all the careers Uwe Boll has ruined with his movies (I know how jolly jack likes making fun of that guy...I'm surprised the "new Ed Wood" hasn't challenged him to a boxing match yet...and Pip can tell it's that just by the smell of it)...and it usually is supposed to get off on the fourth floor, not the lobby (as pointed out by Pip). Pip nearly dies from playing the Stephen King Drinking Game. There's also a clown ghost running around punching himself in the crotch and going "wa-ha" over and over. And when Art says that Kat's craziness is scaring their little girl, she goes "scaring our little GIRL???!!!" like she passed a kidney stone and got neutered without anesthesia at the same time (ok let's just leave at that she says it ala mr. Toomey from Langoliers). Oh and how about we have the ghosts brainwash Kat into going insane by putting her through that same procedure they put Malcolm Macdowell through in A Clockwork Orange, only instead they force her to watch Uwe Boll movies...."Stop please no more. Stop. Please stop. It's a sin!!! It's a sin!!! I can't take anymore!!! Please stop!!! AAAAAAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

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How about this one:
The Quinten Quartet develops a machine that transports all of them into video games. They then go through an arc of "Cubecraft" and "World of Lorecraft" as well other genres. They meet Fern (we all know where) and Vanity who plays horror based games. They parade through Zombie games, FPS, Tomb-Raider, etc. The villain ends up being OZ who we all know is still out there... this idea would bring back Fern, Vanity, and OZ.


other main continuity ideas:
I dunno...something involving a lot of reefer?


BraePat wrote:How about this one:
The Quinten Quartet develops a machine that transports all of them into video games.  They then go through an arc of "Cubecraft" and "World of Lorecraft" as well other genres.  They meet Fern (we all know where) and Vanity who plays horror based games.  They parade through Zombie games, FPS, Tomb-Raider, etc.  The villain ends up being OZ who we all know is still out there...  this idea would bring back Fern, Vanity, and OZ.
Not really sure if it could work, but still we need more badass strips (like those of the eldak or the zombie or Jack)

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