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Scarlet facial expressions from recent Arcs

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1Scarlet facial expressions from recent Arcs Empty Scarlet facial expressions from recent Arcs on Fri Jan 08, 2010 7:01 am


The recent arcs have shown some great Scarlet expressions. These are...
"Most Scared "
"Shocked "
"Upset "
"Suprised " (the other squirrels)
These are more serious faces...
"shhhhhh. "
Then there's the "Mad " "Grin " from earlier pages.
On an extra note, "Art had a good one " earlier

I think that all the characters can show great emotions, except for Pip's lack of facial expres​sion(aside from "one event " way back!) so kudos to JJ for being awesome!

(my hyperlinks are"like this" for your convenience to avoid the ad links)

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wow.....i see you take your reading very i never noticed have what it takes to be a TRUE critique!


Don't mess with 42nd...

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Someone needs to do one of those things with Pip that displays his full range of emotions with the same image.

The expressions are great in this comic. Smile

the good samaritan

the good samaritan
Irrefutable proof that I need to work on my expressions...

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