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Shadow of the Past - Shadow of the... Pony?

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1 Shadow of the Past - Shadow of the... Pony? on Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:32 am

Ooh! The plot thickens! Whatever it is, I'm willing to bet that a Pink Pony Lunchbox is somehow the ultimate root of it all. A kid can hold a grudge for the weirdest stuff you know. I think that we are going to learn the answer as to what started this very soon.

A prediction: Either Kat and Hilary are going to end up in a tearful reconciliation and end up closer than sisters or they are going to end up accusing each other of "starting it" and getting into a cat-bunnyfight (again). In the latter case, it's even money whether Pip would intervene or just record in both still and video forms for later upload to the appropriate sites. Wink

One way or the other, though, I think we'll never look at a certain bunnygirl in the same way ever again!

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The look on Hilary's face in the last panel tells me its something personal, and has to do with when they were kids. Probably jealousy has something to do with it. Maybe Kat had a 'Pink Pony' lunchbox that Hilary was jealous of or something of the sort.

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Could be that Hilary ends up lifting the lunchbox (look at her face in panel 4), and Kat has to get her out of the rut with the law.

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No one must know of the love that dare not speak its name...

...she liked G3...

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Moonman wrote:No one must know of the love that dare not speak its name...

...she liked G3...

Judging from the facts that they are in their mid-late 20th and the "incident" happened when they were kids, it's probably G1.

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Hmmm, interesting. So it is about a lunchbox? I think there is more to this feud. Still, I love this strip including the last two pics on it. Very Happy

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Well whadiya know, Kat actually took the high road...for now.
That aside, I'm glad that we may finally get some answers to some recient burning questions. I'm thinking it's time for a few flashback strips Wink

Robotboy1 wrote:Maybe Kat had a 'Pink Pony' lunchbox that Hilary was jealous of or something of the sort.
Maybe, but unless Hilary's family was really poor (which, admittedly, would explain a lot about her ambition) I think thay would've provided her with a colorful lunchbox.
Maybe Kat was the jealous one & in the expected childish struggle inadvertently destroys said lunchbox, leading to Hilary's grudge.

Or the lunchbox has little to do with anything, other than serving as a plot bridge leading to said flashback.

BraePat wrote:Could be that Hilary ends up lifting the lunchbox (look at her face in panel 4), and Kat has to get her out of the rut with the law.
I doubt it, I'm fairly sure Hilary can (at least now) afford a second-hand lunchbox if she really wanted it...unless there's some idiotic rule that store employees can't purchase stock.

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I think that there was probably a childish struggle during which Hilary's prized lunch-box was destroyed by Kat. The loss of a prized and beloved childhood possession was so traumatic that Hilary neither forgot nor forgave. She spent the rest of their school and oollege days trying to make Kat's life hell in revenge for this crime (sad but there you go).

A prediction: Kat will want the lunchbox and will try to buy it for no other reason than she remembers those events long ago and she wants to cause Hilary pain by taking it away from her (revenge for an act of revenge - how positively Balkan of them). Hilary refuses to sell "because it's mine"! Kat responds by getting Hilary fired. The whole crazy cycle will then start up again.

The final few strips will have Art intervening because, frankly, an ongoing blood-feud about a mass-produced £10 plastic lunchbox with matching thermos is too ridiculous for words. Cue tearful reconciliation and both luscious Anthros giving Art a heartfelt hug, not realising the effect it has on him. Then, for irony, PMJ will end with Art plotting revenge against someone who beat him on eBuy for some ridiculous and worthless bit of comics memorabila.

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My mind plots this way:

Dear sweet naive Kat, very outgoing, maaaaybe not the brightest but very much into the cute things as girls her age would be has a very average normal lunch box for a girl her age. A Pink Pony lunch box. Now comes in Hilary, to whom I get an almost sort of upper class feel to her. "Mother, may I have a PP lunchbox?" "Oh dear, you don't want to have a pink pony lunch box, it's just so beneath you." Boring bland lunch box given to Hilary, just like everything else she has ever gotten. Day in Day out staring at her is that pink pony lunch box, that happy go lucky and blissfully unaware little Kitty Kat Vance enjoys so much, all the while Young Hilary watches on, being unable to have the things she wants or act the way she would want because it would 'look' bad. It comes to a head and Hilary takes it out on the one person who can be or have what she herself wants. Kat. Now this is not saying Kat may or may not have started it as well, but my mind wants to make plot points with available data and given Hilary's attitude and back story she seems a bit.

Also it makes Hilary less of a antagonist and just another person. And keeps Kat with that tarnished halo I do so see above her head. What can I say, I like kitties more than bunnies.

Well I saw the post. Now I know Hilary is well.. yeah.

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