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I live in a very, very small town. How can this happen?

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I live here (for now, I'm moving to Canada soon):,_Pennsylvania

It's a very small town, and everyone's really close.
My younger sister's friend (they graduated in '03) Got killed in a motorcycle accident while celebrating graduation.

There's this one kid...he graduated in '08 and he and I worked on a car together for an in town race....bad idea. On August 30, 2008; he died in a car crash at age 19.

Then just 4 months later...My close friend died of a drug overdose when he was 24.

There was this one kid...The really cool badass kind of kid. He was 20 years younger then me. He was just great, and I got to know him quiet well. On January 14, 2009; a call came over the scanner (I'm an ex-EMT. He was 15 years old, and got his windpipe crushed while snowmobiling.

Lazarus Firenze

Lazarus Firenze
Ow.... Ow.... Ow.... Ow....

You pose a good question. Why does the Reaper pick on small towns?

I am sorry for the losses still though...


Well, as sad as all that is, death happens everywhere. Not just in big cities.


The death rate in cities are more, but you have a higher percentage of knowing them in a small town.

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