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Fjodin's furry universe creating attemps :(

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1 Fjodin's furry universe creating attemps :( on Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:29 am

Hello to all! Just want to share my bits and pieces of long lasting slow moving project of creating furry universe.
Unfortunately because of learning in university I dont have much time for it. So here are what I've done.

Here are concept art of furry creature Tolmee (artist is my sister. She draws characters, I draws the rest. I create the creatures - she draws Smile Unfortunately she is in university to, so she is not have enough free time Smile ) Tis is old concept art. Final version may be changet a little bit.
PS. NO he is not inspired by Sequential Art style (its very old scetch).

Here are my old art of space station orbiting blue gas giant (Wow! its from 2007)

And mega old art of blue giant star.

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Some attemps of galaxy maps. Here are 3 pics of Seerabar Nebulae map And one Wedeshan map

Here are 2 versions of star system map. I am currently working on style.

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Some Seerabar systems. I am still working on style, because I cant explain what does not suite me in this maps Sad






3d mug. 3d by me, ferret character by my syster Anna Kondratova. This mu is not a part of this universe. Its here just to remind you thats we are on furry forum Smile

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And now (how does russians said) we are " going down from skyes to earth". Here are my scetches of isometric objects. I am planning (nearly for a year! Damn university) to make an isometric maps of some sities in this universe (maybe not the whole sities, but some parts of them).

Here are you can see Temple, some kind of sacret building, tomb, african style hut, vegetation, some Tolmee civilians (it is possible to see 1 pixel wide ears on the black figure wich is near the middle of the picture) and company of musketeers in 2 rank line formations. And also some dirigibles. Yeah. Its very messy scetch Smile

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And just to remind you that is a furry post here are some Void strips. Yeah. Another temporary stopped project Sad
All art by my syster Anna Kondratova, and characters by me.

Void is not a part of Tolmee universe!!!!!!

1. Curiosity Killed The Cat
Most of Void characters have zipper on their bellys. But Tomcat is the only character in this world who is... empty inside! And little piggy Oinly is very curious!

The second strip of "The Void" comic called "It Was Beauty Killed the Beast". The Cat is empty, so thorn have killed him

3. Whaa?
Here you can see 2 new character: (bunny is not a characters: girl without hands and eyes and Bonny the Kitten wich is connected with girl with his spinal-tail. Kitten serves as eyes for girl. Its just dead Smile )

4. First snow of winter.

5 Play with me, or Winter Depression

6 Snowcat

New design of characters by Anna Kondratova.

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Nice, I like your universe pics. Is there a tutorial you used or did you figure out how to make it on your own? Also the abandoned project is really well done, how there is no need for text only emotions.

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The system charts up there are very imaginative.

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Those starmaps seem ripe for some sort of Flash thing that brings up information on each system when you click or mouseover them.

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MicasR wrote:Nice, I like your universe pics. Is there a tutorial you used or did you figure out how to make it on your own?
I am affraid there are no tutorial, because I use 3 different programs fro these maps and also I am using very strange way to make them Smile

MicasR wrote:Also the abandoned project is really well done
Its not abandoned. Its just slow moving, because of damn uni.

SmelgeR wrote:Those starmaps seem ripe for some sort of Flash thing that brings up information on each system when you click or mouseover them.
This was my original idea Smile

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What is the name of the character that say's 'no way' and has devilish horns? I like him :3

Also, are you Russian?

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Horned character named Sand Jester.
I am russian, but live for almost 5 years in Australia Smile

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Sand Jester is Awesome! I want to see more of him Razz

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Anna Kondratova told me that she is going to post some concept arts of him Smile
By the way, we are planing to redraw old strips with new character designs and better layouts.

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So what exactly is it you do for the comic again?

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He digitally enhances them.

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I invened characters (not Sand Jester) and their basic design. She drawed them. Story and world is 50/50 devided by us. So its coop strips Smile

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Hey everyone! I am the artist Fjodin was talking about here all the time, if anyone interested. Very Happy

Micas, wow, great to hear you liked my Sand Jester! I like him very much too, and just enjoy drawing him in my notepad. Got his images everywhere... Smile

Didn't know if any other people liked this project or not, because of lack of comments in my DeviantArt gallery.


Oh gosh, better continue drawing again. Just didn't realize I missed this project so much, until I saw all the sketches and strips again. lol Very Happy

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18 Re: Fjodin's furry universe creating attemps :( on Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:17 pm

Sand Jester ftw! Seriously though, awesome sketches. Have a complimentary ^5 for your good work.

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Mad Artist, did you draw your avatar?

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BeDaOrLiSeAr, nope I didn't.

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is this like mass effect with furrys?

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