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Why do all the good cereals get discontinued?

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1 Why do all the good cereals get discontinued? on Sat Apr 10, 2010 4:21 pm

Cinnamon Frosted Flakes

Cinna-Crunch Pebbles

Frosted Mini Chex

Nesquik Cereal (D: It turned the milk chocolatey!)

Is Cinnamon Scooby-Doo Cereal still out there?

On a side note, Trix died when they went from fruit shapes back to damn balls. >:/

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Graham Chex.

Perhaps people think enjoying one's cereal is childish so think they have to eat flavored reconstituted cardboard in order to eat "healthy" and "punish" themselves at the same time? Perhaps good cereals cost more than lousier ones to produce so the good ones are limited edition and used to entice people to switch over to their brand so that they'll eat similar (if less appealing) cereals when the good ones are discontinued? Perhaps the boards of directors of cereal manufacturer are a bunch of jerks?

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Nesquick cancelled? Maybe in USA, here in Poland Nestle is the major cereal brand. If they'd dissapear it would be armageddon. My personal fave are Chocapic.

On the side note - someone once tried to introduce Kellog's to our market but compared to Nestle stuff they were almost two times more expensive and tasted like hay. And, while still you can get Kellog's stuff in Poland, you can only find them in some imported-goods supermarts. And they're still expensive as hell.

As for Scooby Doo stuff we don't have it here but we have this chocolatte-toffie cream :

Wich is god-damn awful and only kids that suffer from a junkie-like sugar hunger can tolerate that stuff.

With cinnamon we have Cini Minis :


But lately, yeah, there are lots of this fitness cereal stuff wich are expensive and not that great. Some musli cereals are always nice but I use them as an addition to Chocapic for example.

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Nesquik? That's also a milkshake where I live. Not a very good one, mind you...

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It's aaaall a conspiracy. Razz

But yeah, over here in the USA, nothing good lasts forever.

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I miss Sunny, the original co-co puffs bird, the one that wasn't high on "crack".
He was actually cool! ...not the new gay bird Mad

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Crack, you say?



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