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Thank you to Jollyjack for Irrational_Accusation.jpg

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I just want to say thank you for making this, I had a guy on Xfire who apparantely "was" interested in Art and wanted to see my work, I obviously was drawing Cartoon animals because of the really good practice and enjoyable practice for proportions and etc.

So the guy saw my drawing with a girl that looks like Kat with Angel and Demon wings and started to say:

[This is actual copy of the chat, removed the name and replaced by xxx for mature reasons]

[13:44] xxx: Dude, what the f*ck is this!?
[13:44] RobertS1994: ?
[13:44] xxx: You freak, why are rryou drawing hentai animal siht?!?!
[13:45] RobertS1994: What are you talkin about?
[13:46] xxx: The hting you just posted is a furry porn -.-
[13:46] RobertS1994: Ehhh, no it's not?
[13:47] xxx: yse it is you freak...

So at this point I was amused, and remembered about the "Irrational_Accusation.jpg" file that I saved just to keep it incase of idiots like this, and I literally went frame by frame of answering his....mediocre attempts of put me down? Razz

I had one of those as Jolly did about the squirrel and boobs but it was something along the lines of cats and boobs, and then he actually said that cats don't have boobs, and I recited the:

"Nor they are 5 foot high, nor do they walk around on two legs, nor do they talk, why are you focusing on the boobs?"

But I changed the "nor they are 5 foot high" to "Nor do they have Demonic/Angel wings"

and I also used the whole paragraph of "Then why do you draw furries?"

In the end instead of slapping me, he blocked me...

So thank you to JollyJack Smile




What's there not to get?

Same story with me, except a bit different. Thought it would be interesting for people...I guess...


That was an amazing story, thank you for sharing.


Meh. What matters? You don't argue with them, you make them think they're right. You provide counter arguments you still make them think they're right.


I would use "NO U" ( (c) S. Freud ) method:

"xxx: yse it is you freak..."
"you: U freak, u see pr0n even in cats!"

Easy as pie.


That's exactly the point, I didn't say I had trouble I just thought it's funny with another coincidence or whatever Smile

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