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I can't help but feel that everything that has happened so far is going to lead to a epic climax- ALSO NEW GUY HERE

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While I have been keeping track of the comic for some time, I never joined the forums for this, that and the others. So hello there!

That concludes pleasantries

I've recently came to this notion after rereading sequential art.

Something very big is going to go down sooner or later.

Our heros have some unrealized assests at their disposal.

1) The Denizens- After being left without a leader, they simply meander about the tunnels but in the beginning they tried to help Art, Pip and Kat various ways. Albeit creepily. They also seem to employ a large arsenal of very powerful weapons and are very easily influenced, but who will influence and guide them is important

2) Scarlet and the Think Tank squirrels- a flawed 'asset'. They can be used to create amazing inventions and hyper advanced weaponary. Their flaw however is their adorably lack of concentration. But if focused and not distracted, they could be used for good or bad purposes.

Anyone else have a similar idea/ theory?


You're assuming I have a clue on where everything's going Very Happy


I think even JJ has no clue where this is going yet.

Just go with your flow JJ. It`ll be awesome :3


jollyjack wrote:You're assuming I have a clue on where everything's going Very Happy

Or that us mere hominids can predict the meanderings of the mind that produces this?


Bring on the robots from Mars! I suspect the next evil story arch and possibly a new and fun character. Possibly a little kid robot, actually millions of years old, but still a kid at heart that makes friends with the squirrel girls emotes from a small face screen.


I think it's time for the anti-Art and anti-Kat to meet Art and Kat... Let the games begin...
Pip vs anti-Pip could be a series unto itself as they battle it out online.

I just can't think of a way to create the polar opposite of the squirrel crew unless you gave them evil juice and they decided to take over the world... heaven help the Sequential Art crew then.

Should be fun to see where JollyJack goes next!! I really look forward to it.

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