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Do Not Adjust Your Set

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26Do Not Adjust Your Set - Page 2 Empty Re: Do Not Adjust Your Set on Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:19 am


Shognu37 wrote:
Bozzak wrote:
jollyjack wrote:Best arrival of The Stig:
(and an excuse to post one of my fave Top Gear races)

Ok, going to throw in one of my fav episode:

How many Stigs have there been anyways? Didn't the secret identity of the lastest one get recently released like the last one who then lost the job because of it?
Two or three, that I'm sure of. From what I understand, revealing your "secret identity" is grounds for termination. The only one, probably.
There's also "Out of character, in costume."
He can't speak. It would be like being at DisneyLand and Mickey Mouse hit a kid who bit him. Immediate loss of job.

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