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What other webcomics do you read?

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1What other webcomics do you read? Empty What other webcomics do you read? Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:11 pm



Obviously, everyone here reads Sequential Art, but what else are you reading? What would you recommend to your fellow denizens of the web? Please provide a link and a brief description. Feel free to discuss and/or ask questions about the webcomics listed as well.

70-Seas: Originally called "Lagend", a synonym for flotsam, the primary story arc is about a privateer ship captain named Serra, and her crew, the clergyman gone heretic/conman Lewk, and the child ninja fugitive Nikol. Updates Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Lackadaisy: The story of a St. Louis speakeasy back in the days of Prohibition. Cartoony only in the fact that all the characters are cats, but otherwise real world physics and history apply. Updates even more sporadically than Sequential Art.

Order of the Stick: I have never played a game of Dungeons and Dragons in my life, but that doesn't make this comic about characters living in a world governed by D&D rules any less funny. Primarily about a party of heroes on a quest to stop a big evil guy from harnessing the powers of a god-killing monster for his own personal use. Stick figure drawings with excellent dialogue (a must if you are making a stick figure comic). Updates at least twice a week as of late, most often around Monday and Wednesday.

Sinfest: From some of the posts I have read on this board about Sinfest being nothing more than spam, I get the feeling I may be the only one who enjoys this one. A comedy about popular culture, religion, and sex (or lack thereof). Updates daily.

xkcd: If you haven't heard about this one yet, then you must be a newcomer to the Internet. Stick figure drawing with hilarious dialogue poking fun at science, math, engineering, and a little popular culture. Updates Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

2What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:26 pm



Derideal is a Sci-fi webcomic about a creatures struggle with it's meaning and place in the world. The story is good and the art progression is great. I recommend this comic if you want a good story to read.

3What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:03 pm



Okay this might take a while
Currently in my list of webcomics I read include:
Spying With Lana
Sandra and Woo
Menage a 3 (though I don't honestly know why I do anymore)
Bear Nuts
Boxer Hockey
Wapsi Square
Trying Human

Webcomics I don't have a list which I read off the top of my head
Sabrina Online (sometimes)
Las Lindas
Doctor McNinja (I've only just picked it up though)

There are others. I forget them right now. I gave up on Lackadaisy because it just doesn't update. Ever. Well I exxagerate that. I know it takes ages to draw them, but it just doesn't update all that much. That and its fan base doesn't doesn't communicate with anyone unless they talk about cats and the 1920s when many other webcomic communities have broader scopes of discussion. That's just my experience of frequenting the forums until I realised I'd was being ignored because I never talked about cats.

4What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:26 pm



Not gonna list all here since that'd be too long a list, but my favourites (besides Sequential Art, of course) are, in approximat-ish reverse order of update frequency:

Wapsi Square
Girls With Slingshots
Real Life Comics
Menage A 3
Eerie Cuties
Girl Genius
Bear Nuts
Sandra And Woo
Edmund Finney's Quest To Find The Meaning Of Life
Red Meat
Bob The Angry Flower
Zebra Girl
Flaky Pastry

If you're looking for something to do while Jollyjack is snowed in I'd heartily recommend Subnormality, Girls With Slingshots, Wapsi Square, Girl Genius, Flaky Pastry and/or Spinnerette...

np: Squarepusher - Plug Me In (Shobaleader One: d'Demonstrator)

5What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Sat Dec 04, 2010 7:53 pm


Aside from Sequential Art, the only webcomics I keep up with at the moment is Wapsi Square and a couple of adult comics: Peter is the Wolf and Chocolate Milkmaid. Wapsi Square is one of the HARDEST to understand stories I've ever seen, and there were several months where I said, "Fuck this" and tried to give it up.

6What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:54 am



VG Cats: First webcomic I read religiously. Got hooked instantly. Good videogame jokes, good humor, great art. Scott Ramsoomair just doesn't update nearly enough. I'd recommend it though. One of my inspirations.

Explosm (Cyanide and Happiness): A great comic. Great humor (except for Matt). Good for a quick cheap laugh. Updates daily since four people write it. Also great flash videos to double down on it. definitely one of the better gag strips of the net. Even better if you read through every one.

xkcd: if you can get past the slight sense of inferiority you get from not understanding the joke 16% of the time, it's a good comic. It's also educational. Good laughs were had. Read from the start if you want, there's some mini plots inside it. Updates always on time which is good good.

Twokinds: A great comic in my opinion. Great transformation of art style. Good story, memorable characters, good humor when it needs it, touches upon themes like race and stuff, and a good amount of fanservice. (Not H.O.T.D. Fanservice, but it's enough). Tom Fischbach's one of my bigger inspirations too. Updates have been shaky as of late, so if they're not on time, just wait a couple days.

Nedroid: Straight solid proof that a comic doesn't need gorgeous art to be good. Pretty much always the same recurring characters in all relatively non-canon humor that makes for many laughs. Read them all, you really only need to pay attention to 2 or 3 characters because they're the only ones in it most of the time. The comic doesn't waste its time dwindling on reusing old jokes and such either, the humor is indeed fresh and can keep you laughing for a while. In the archive, you may find 3 or 4 gems that will keep you thinking back to them. Great unadulterated strip. Updates like 2-3 times a week, maybe four if you're lucky.

Brawl in the Family: What can I say? You already know all the characters, except for that one maybe, but great comic if you're a fan of Nintendo. Unadulterated and quite humorous. Always updates on time. Great jokes about Nintendo and nothing really bad about it that I can say. The art is respectably simplistic too, so read it if you're a Ninty fan.

Concession: This one's indeed an acquired taste. Quite a mature comic at that. It really is the shamelessness of it that makes you respect it. It's raw and honest. The story has definitely taken its shape from what used to be a method of venting the pains of the artist's job to an interesting and funny strip. It's definitely got it's themes, which may draw some people away from it, but if you can get past all that, you might love it. It's a great comic to watch the art style change of too if you're an amateur comic artist yourself. The art goes from really "ehh" to pretty damn good, which is really good to learn from if you're using a tablet. Immelmann's a really cool guy too, and he sometimes draws the comic live on Livestream which is cool to watch. Be aware though, it has been known to have an effect on readers. Most readers who have read enough of it have either turned out gay, bisexual, or at least bi-curious, which isn't a bad thing by any means. I mean hey, I read through all of it, and I'm still straight, so Razz. Guess it depends on how much you let it get to you. Still, it won the 2009 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Graphic Story, so that's worth something. If you're a tolerant person, read it, if not, recommend it to your gay furry friend. Also, it updates on time like at 12:00AM on the dot without fail on due dates unless something comes up, which doesn't happen often. It's also ending very soon, so it may be one of those ones to catch last minute before it becomes a solid archive. One of my bigger inspirations. Enjoy the ride o_o.

At the Heart of it All: The first "little brother" strip to Concession, done by the same artist, Immelmann. This one's a much more personal comic. It has its humor, but alot of darkness to it too. The art is Immy's chibi style. It's much less about the characters, and more so about the artist and his thoughts about stuff he went through. To quote the "about the comic" page, "This comic is, in some ways, a tour of my mind - a look at my hopes, dreams, fears, and insecurities. All I ask is that you be gentle, and that you wipe your feet before coming in." You'll need to read quite a bit of concession to understand it fully, but it's a good detour from Concession if you need a break. At first, you may think it a bit too emo at times, but it's definitely an interesting read if you're feeling empathetic. It's all over and done too with 99 strips, so it goes quick.

Ballerina Mafia: Concession's second "little brother" strip, also done by the same artist, Immelmann. This one's a hell of alot less personal and dark, this one's all humor. A gag-a-day strip with no plot and no drama. In my opinion, it's really funny. It's got some of Immy's life in it half the time, but it's really just funny stuff that happens IRL made into comic. Again, it's Immy's chibi style. Great humor and a great strip to kick off your Monday and Wednesday mornings. Has updated on time without fail so far, the again, it's fairly new, so.. Also, there's always a bonus comic as a reward for voting for it on Top Webcomics which just piles on the humor which is good.

More later, gotta go to brunch.

7What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Sun Dec 05, 2010 11:28 am



Furthia High: A bit of a partner comic to Concession, hosted by the site and such, still.. The art is relatively well done, and the humor is good, only the story seems to have taken an odd turn. It may come around at some point, but it's just getting a bit hard to follow as of late. It's become less about the group of friends and the school, and more about just one or two characters at a time. Anywho, in my opinion, it's a pretty solid comic. Unique characters and such. Not a bad read.

Nuzlocke: The comic that spawned one of the most fun off-beat game challenges of all time. It's hard to say for sure, it's like what Pokémon should have always been, but then again, it shouldn't have because otherwise, the comic wouldn't exist. It's loaded with great humor, and you get this sense of attachment for some reason that makes you feel bad for the characters when "certain events" occur. I'd definitely recommend it to any Pokémon fan great comic, still ongoing, the art's okay. It doesn't update on ca schedule though, so keep checking back every now and again.

Better Days: Probably one of the better finished webcomics I've ever read. The art is relatively detailed, and pretty well done. It's done a great job of mixing humor, drama, romance, and emotion and I've gotta say, it's one of those webcomics that's really made me feel. Honestly, I don't fully know why, but you watch as these characters go from 9 year olds to full-on adults, and just watching them grow up, it just really has an impact on you. The serious moments of it are done well and balanced. The Incest value of it pretty much just makes its scene and kinda fades, but you don't really forget it. It's all like watching life happen so quickly. Honestly, I don't know why, but there are just some times in it that really made me feel moved. I think it made me feel more temporarily emo than it should have, but it's definitely one of those ones you should read just for yourself. It makes you think, y'know? Over and done with, readable in one day.

Original Life: The sequel to better days. So far, a lot more lighthearted and still really funny. Pretty much picks up a few years after the end of Better days, as far as I can tell. The art is more detailed. The plot, in my opinion isn't taking too much of a shape or solid direction yet, but there's still time. I could also just be blind to it, so.. anyway, I'd recommend it. Updates pretty frequently.

Flipside: (Skip this if you don't care) - Funny story of how I got started on this comic, 2 years ago at this convention I go to every year, the writer and artist of the comic was advertising it at his booth and signaled me over. He does this "slideshow" thing with sheets of paper to explain what it's about and all, the first time, I was like "interesting.." , but then didn't come back to it for the rest of the con. Come this past summer, at the convention again, I saw him again, and was like, Oh hey, I remember this, so I came back last minute before the convention closed and was all like, "okay, I'll buy it", because it was only 5 dollars for the first book. I grabbed the first 2. He did a drawing of the main character on the inside cover of the first and signed both, which was cool. - Now, back to the review..

Flipside's about a bisexual nymphomaniac jester girl named Maytag and her adventures with her lover, Bernadette and friend Crest. It's actually quite compelling. It really makes you think about people's sexual values and such, why they should be accepted and stuff like that, but for the most part, it's got a bit of a slight medieval feel to it, and some pretty cool action scenes as well. Unique character fighting styles and such, fanservice, relatively decent story, and is pretty sexy. Recommend it to that sex obsessed nerdy friend of yours, she'll like it. Very polished art and such. Updates 3 days a week.

Think that's all I got.. >_>

8What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:57 am



What other webcomics do you read? 13200310

9What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:10 am



I reed:

Cyanide and happiness-very funny webcomic that updates daily.
Xkcd-not all that much but I still enjoy their strips.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal- I love this webcomic updates 2 or 3 times a week and is generally funny (be sure to click on the small red circles under the comic strips for a small extra panel) Check it out Very Happy

Funny comic strip.

10What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Thu Nov 10, 2011 7:34 pm



I've picked up a new one thanks to the competitive nature of an overly-muscular Australian man.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja: Anyone else like Purcell's "Sam and Max"? If so, you may like this, as it feels a lot like the zany antics of the famed dog and rabbit duo. The comic focuses around the adventures of Dr. McNinja, a man who was born to a family of Irish ninjas and disappointed his parents by becoming a doctor rather than an assassin. Other characters include Dr. McNinja's family, his gorilla secretary, and his 12 year old gun-toting sidekick who grew a mustache through sheer will.

11What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Sat Nov 19, 2011 2:20 pm



As someone has said- Brawl in the Family.
No Pink Ponies, from JJ's links page.
Count Your Sheep, from the same Keenspot site.
CNTRL + ALT + DEL occasionally.

Someone's mentioned Order of the Stick and another one, but I forgot it.

12What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Tue Oct 24, 2017 1:43 pm


My pick points webcomics are:-Too much information, the comic based on an old house, ghosts with guardian angels, a geek, a cute transvestite, a tall lesbian.Ace is in search of a normal life and needs a girlfriend to be in his life.
Goblins:-It is some kind of humor fantasy tv show having the character of Goblins as monsters.
Puck is also my favorite webcomic illustrating ongoing adventure of a crazy redheaded chick.

13What other webcomics do you read? Empty Re: What other webcomics do you read? Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:03 pm



Besides Sequential Art, I read:
1: Questionable Content.
2: Sandra and Woo.

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