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So I went to the London Expo this past Weekend.

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The Doctor

The Doctor
I brought a very cool looking comic called N-Guard. I can't say why I brought it....
Was it because it was cheap? no.
Was it because it was a complete story arc?
Was it because it has an art style like a "small mammal"? Maybe
It is because that said "small mammal" DID actually do the art for it?......quite possibly


The JJ's part of this comic was ruined by the coloring guy.


I only did the pencil work.
The inking and colouring was done by others.


...And the character\plot thingie was also made by some other guy.

It was mentioned on the cover, thank you.


I looked up the cover on google. Mweeh... Don`t really want to wantwant it.


Yep, the comic is bad. Simply bad...

Quote :

"Let's get...



Even if the main audience for this should be kids, then I can't say I know any kid that would find something so cheesy a fun thing. The plot is kind of Power Rangers meet Captain Planet and they're covered in fur.
Also, the inking is also awful, looks like it was done week before deadline, it's rushed, same for colors.

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