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Ph33r the Demon Kicker

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1Ph33r the Demon Kicker Empty Ph33r the Demon Kicker on Fri Dec 04, 2009 7:02 am


Ah! Brigit the Demon Kicker.

She's short, portly, wears glasses and a revealing modern take on the classic Barbarian Queen costume and carries an unfeasably large sword! What more can someone want from a comic strip heroine? I think that you are onto a winner here, JJ. Wink

Now... why do I think that her psychic sidekick spends most of her time rolling her eyes and making sarcastic remarks about her boss's decision-making processes. "Oh yes, Bridge. It's nearly invulnerable, emits a poisonous vapour from its skin and makes Godzilla look like a dwarf! Of course you can kill it with your sword!"

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