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The Ballad of Arthur Mathews

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1The Ballad of Arthur Mathews Empty The Ballad of Arthur Mathews on Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:05 pm

Toast Launcher

Toast Launcher

He’s an unremarkable hero,     /

In a world of insanity,              /

No absurdity can ever faze him - what the f**k?      /

Or withstand his incredulity,      /

When the arc you’re reading gets WAY TOO WEIRD

And the outcome is unknown,        /

He’ll say a deadpan thing at a silly time - That’s not how this works.  /

And you’ll know you’re all alone, /

‘Cause he’s a STRAIGHT M-

“Why are you still stealing the sofa? I’m looking right at you.”


It’s not an orientation,  /

Just means he’s part of a triple act   /

Yeah, he’s STRAIGHT MAN!   /

Artist by day and cosmic plaything...also by day /

Just never forget - WHAT are you doing?   /

That’s he’s STRAIGHT MAN!   /


(fin chord)

All credit goes to the Door Monster Team.

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