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Smelge' Art and Photo Dump (Flooding Pix now added)

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New forum, new thread. Also some new stuff.

Funky Chilla:

Commission for Sylvarwolf on FA:

Kate Beckinsale:

Edinburgh from 30 miles away:

Hero Pose:

Work In Progress:



Commence abuse.

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Awww, Kitty!

And Kate.... What happened to Kate?

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Boredom happened to Kate.

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your new leopard is amazing in proportions and colours. Good Job Smelgester!`

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This update starts on thursday night...

After a few days of heavy rain, I was driving home. The river Tweed was overflowing quite enthusiastically, at one point putting a farm access road underwater. Combined with the wind, they had some pretty big waves going.

I had to divert to avoid closed roads, but eventually found a way I suspected would be clear. I was wrong.

It's a very poor photo, as it was taken in torrential rain using my headlights, that and in the minute it took to get the camera out, set it up, get out and take the shot, the water had risen another few inches so it was starting to wash around my car.

I eventually made it home, and went out early next morning to see the damage.

Another farm access road acting like a dam. The river is visible over the grass strip, which is actually an old railway line. The river is a few meters lower than the water here, it had breached the railway line about half a mile upstream and formed a secondary flow at a higher level.

Eventually, I made it to Peebles, where the Tweed was way up.

And a bonus of the flooding: a family of Swans close to the road.

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Sketchtastic wrote:Cthuluuahua!!!Zalgo!!!
Fixed. Razz

np: Collabs 3000 - Triflon (Metalism)

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