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Hibiki's room of probably not that good artwork.

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Yeah I use to draw insanely large amounts back on Megatokyo forums. But after a while I burnt myself out and stopped drawing, writing, reading. all of that.

Lately I have been feeling the urge to draw and so I have been doodling and some of the works I have drawn are coming out pretty good. Despite my nerves saying I shouldn't I'll go ahead and begin posting some works to see how I can improve upon them. I will note, I really really suck at full hands.

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Ehhmm...I think the upload broke. T.T

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Nope I can see it clearly. Still alot better then I can draw though.

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Ohh it showed up.

Critique: More life drawing. And definitely a lot more manga/anime to observe.

If you shade it, it could allow me to give a better input.

Don't stop.

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Image colored. I'm... not very good at pencil shading and since I have a tablet now I thought I'd try my hand at coloring again. Been almost three years since I last did this.

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