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Hey, why not?

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1 Hey, why not? on Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:52 pm

I can't actually draw worth a damn, yet, but I have been doing some image editing and a few simple animations.

Most of the editing is just resizing and cropping for people who can't do it themselves for some reason...though if you want to see some, let me know.

Yes, I know, the animation quality is bad. But cut me some slack. I taught myself to use GIMP & Paint Shop Pro through fiddling around.

Rig lighting up and fading back. Two images are synced.
- Actually, I would be using this instead of my current avatar if the file size were 120kb or so less.

Necro eyes glowing. Two images are synced.

Request of some squid...thing and a skull trophy.

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