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How can someone do something like that.

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1How can someone do something like that. Empty How can someone do something like that. Thu Nov 19, 2009 6:23 am


A kid from my school got murdered. He was just 14. My ex girlfriend and sister of my best friend was a friend of him.

Makes you wonder... why... and how?

Srry for bother you guys with this. Had to tell this.


What was the cause of this?


Thats the point. Police aint telling anything about it. All we know is that he is (highly) possibly murdered after missing for 24 hours.


So he's "only" missing?
Then there is hope, if the city you live in is relatively safe.

And it's quite shocking when it happens around you, right?
I didn't belived there is something like AIDS when I was about his age, until two years later a guy from my h/s died because of it.
When something terrible happens elswhere, we tend not to see this or treat it like another movie show.


I quote for first post:

A kid from my school got murdered.

To bad I`m having the same questions as you have. It would be way easyer to just learn to live with it.


Well, if he's been missing for 24 hours, and murder is only a possibility, Pietja is right, there is still hope.

Was there any information about this released at all? Maybe a news brief or something?


Oh... seems like in all confusion of my head I forgot to say the MOST important thing.

They found a body yesterday.

Sorry for the confusion caused by just forgetting 1 thing.


Well then, there'll be an investigation, autopsy and an official call at your school.

My friend (or rather my father's friend) works as a crime scene investigator, so I kind of know how police handle these cases in Poland, but I have no idea how they work where you live.
But I'll tell ya, if your friends were his close friends, they'll probably need to testify. Every hint or clue, even the most meaningless at first glance, is an important one.

And yes, it's a sad thing, as I said - especially when it happens in your personal social area, wich is class or school.


They know the why: A girl.

Killer and dead person were GOOD friends till a couple weeks back.

They arrested 3 persons: 12 year- 13 year and 15 year.

Makes it more horrific than it allready was. I`ll spare you the bloody details cause 1: I don`t want to tell. And 2: Don`t know the English words for most of the things they did.


They know the why: A girl

Play it again, Sam.
I've heard four stories like these in recent years happen in my area, but only one of them was a homicide.

I always wondered how the girl feels when she finds out that she was the reason of sick jelaousy. In this specific case I can't say who's fault was the trigger to the murder, but mostly the girl can have her conscience clear.
Still - I knew many witches (because calling them girls or women would be a crime to the fair and noble gender) who'd sent their Johnnies on some poor chaps that looked at them in a bad way.
One guy in my highschool fell in love (as he stated) in that kind of girl. He was nice, and he was played by her. Ended up beaten by her boyfriend and his friends, a type of guys that in US would bear the name of "jocks", I suppose. And beaten up badly - two months in a hospital. Good thing that he didn't suffered any permament damage.

And the age of the criminals is also terryfying. It happens the same here, most stupid murders (for an i-pod, i-phone and other gadgets or money) goes around in a youg teens circles, 12-16 year old. Boys are able to beat up some poor chaps, while girls go to the malls and prostitute themselves with some older buisnessmen class kind of guys for those things.

Again - shit's fuk'd up.

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