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Brutal Legend

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1Brutal Legend Empty Brutal Legend Wed Nov 04, 2009 3:14 pm


Has anyone else played this? I'm a little disappointed that the thread I made about it on the old forums got no replies at all. I know a lot of folks, JJ included, were looking forward to this game so I want to know people's opinions of it.

To me it's easily one of the best games of the year, it just seems like very few other people think so. Everywhere I look I see people complaining about the RTS bits, both from fans and non fans of RTS games. I don't see what everyone's problem is with it. I think it was done very well. It's introduced and explained so slowly and carefully that you'd have to be completely strategy game retarded to not have it all mastered by the second battle at least.

2Brutal Legend Empty Re: Brutal Legend Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:37 am


I'm a big metal fan, sorta Tenacious D fan and I loved "Day Of Tentacle" and "Full Throttle" by Tim Schaffer.

I honestly think that this game is unique because of the theme. I mean - heavy metal and fantasy? Dream come true! What other kind of games we have simmilar to that?
Maybe "Kiss Psycho Circus" wich was a fine shooter back in a day. "Ed Hunter" by Iron Maiden? Give me a break, that was total crap. Or "Full Throttle", but there was no fantasy, maybe a hints of gasoline-fueled sci-fi. And that is a plus for a metal-fan and a minus for a non-metal fan. The latter I think shouldn't go nowhere near that game. Ok, they can have fun while playing it, but they won't feel "brutal" by doing it Very Happy.
Game has a great soundtrack, that is an obvious fact. Graphics are fine, reviewers drool over it but I don't see nothing special about it. Well, exept amps growing off the ground, that is Very Happy. Jack Black and overall voiceover is great, but some of the protagonist talks while fighting can get boring and tedious.
Now dissapointments - story has the feeling of being written by some metalhead on light drugs. Not either inspiring or funny, no aspect of the story was able to suck me in. And annother reason why it couldn't suck me in was... the game lenght.
The greatest flaws of modern games, especially "Fable 2" wich I liked very much to my own suprise is their lenght. I mean, come on - 6 hours on "Fable 2", "Fallout 3" (add ten more on side-quests), and "Brutal Legend"? That - for me - disqualifies game forever. I've only forgiven "Beyond Good & Evil" because it's story actually was interesting. And that is why I'm happy that I've borrowed this game from my friend. And that is a reason why I'll give my Xbox360 to a store so they'll make it able to play pirate games and in NTSC & NTSC|J format. Because I'm sick of paying serious ammounts of cash for a game that will last for two days. And annother flaw, same as "Fable 2" - "Brutal Legend" is only a great fun while playing for the first time. The second is plain boring.

So, my opinion -
10 for music
8 for graphics
8 for fun of playing
5 for story (at least it had metal legends in it and a kiss-looking babe - tasty! Twisted Evil)
1 for lenght.

That gives 6+/7- on 10, but due to the fact I literally hate biting a tasty apple and finding out that the rest is rotten I'll give it a clear 6/10.

On my list of games :

"Dragon Age : Origins" - I have great expectations towards that title.
"Assasin's Creed 2" - also juiced up for this one, I liked the first one despite many negative opinions along with JJ's one.
"Splinter Cell : Conviction" - kind of dissapointed by the way they decided to go with the gameplay, but hey - it looks stylish, fukken manly and it's a continuation of Sam's tragic history. How could I resist not to buy?
"GTA IV Episodes" - "Ballad Of Gay Tony" looks great. I liked GTAIV although it's also waay behind the "GTA : Vice City". And "Ballad", from what I saw, it has some of the vice feeling.

and of course

"Deus Ex 3" - where are thou? I need some conspiracy/cyberpunk plot! Very Happy

3Brutal Legend Empty Re: Brutal Legend Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:04 am


Pietja wrote:6 hours on "Fable 2", "Fallout 3" (add ten more on side-quests)


I'm about 60 hours in to my main Fallout 3 campaign, none of the add-ons or anything. I've got the last mission ready to go and I've maxed out my levels, but I'm still exploring the wasteland. I'm constantly finding new places and stuff to do.

4Brutal Legend Empty Re: Brutal Legend Thu Nov 05, 2009 5:20 am


Smelge wrote:I'm still exploring the wasteland. I'm constantly finding new places and stuff to do.

Well, I've counted how much time overall it took me to finish Fallout 3 main plot and sidequest and it was about 15-20 hours. Then I've gone looking for walkthroughs to find things I've might missed, and nope - I've done it all. Now compare this to my walthroughs through these games (wich I still replay to this day) :

Fallout 2 - 50 hours total with side-quests and the game still continues to be highly atmospheric after beating the main boss. First time played - about 80 hours.
Morrowind - 120 (!) hours total, sidequests, Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansion. Every frickin' cave explored. Note that not all sidequests can be done because of the choices you make (like vampire clan quests) but still. Hours after first time of playing, I've played twice.
Baldur's Gate 1 + Tales From The Swoard Coast + Baldur's Gate 2 : Shadows Of Amn + Throne Of Bhaal - 90 hours total after my fifth time (first was about 140) on hardest level with mod tactics installed (makes game even harder). And I play as a thief - that means slow, tactical game.
And finally "Daggerfall" wich I've never beaten 100% because of the lenght of this game and... bugs. But still I'd rather play old TESII than Fallout 3 because it can suck me in for a long time.

And these games were super-climatic, with great, epic plots. Fallout 3 doesn't have it or, at least, I haven't felt it. For me, Bethesda lost it's fang after "Oblivion". I'm glad that "Fallout : Las Vegas" has some folks responsible for old Fallout series - I hope they'll squeeze some good plot and visuals from the promising, yet flawed, IMO game that "Fallout 3" is.

But that's an off-topic, a rant of the oldschool player who still finds more fun in playing Tetris than any kind of modern game Very Happy.

5Brutal Legend Empty Re: Brutal Legend Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:52 pm


Pietja wrote:"Brutal Legend" is only a great fun while playing for the first time. The second is plain boring.

My opinion of that is exactly the opposite. My first playthrough was the most frustrating because it took me a while to use the solos at their best and I didn't know how to use the Artifacts of Legend. I wanted to replay it a bunch to see how well I can do it. Brutal Legend is one of those games that makes you want to replay it at higher difficulty levels because there's so many different ways to fight.

Then again that's just the kind of gamer I am. I don't have much money to spend on tons of games so I have to get as much mileage as I can out of them. That being said, however, I honestly don't mind Brutal Legend's short length. It shortens the time it takes to go from the fun early missions to the fun last missions.

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