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Collected Curios

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1Ty.akuma Empty Ty.akuma Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:23 am



Hi! i'm Tyler, but most call me Ty X3
i'm 13 years old and a huge lover of art, i particularly like manga art style and LOVE Phillip m Jacksons work due to its originality and art style. I'm trying to improve and develop my art style in order to become either a tattoo artist or a well known artist in general!

i would describe my dress style as androgynous and edgy i guess, i have a short cropped haircut with a shaved side and a typical 'emo' fringe. i hope to get a bunch of piercings soon x3

i love anime and all things geeky really, i currently don't have any social media but hope that fact changes soon not gonna lie XD. i try to be open and honest with people and i'm slowly boosting my social confidence which has made me a few friends.

i found this site when i purchased a book, 'Jolly jacks great big tome of sketches and drawings' i instantly fell in love with the art style then found the webcomic sequential art online, when i discovered there was an actual SITE with a forum and everything i flipped out! it was cool to stumble across :3

i listen to a few different genres of music including trap and dub-step (only certain songs) rock k-pop and 'emo' i guess? idek. I hope to be getting Xbox live soon because i LOVE gaming and want to do it with other people. i also really like marvel and dc films (i like dc more tho)

so yeah! hmu if you wanna talk because i do like having a chat and making friends, as long as you're not a perv that is! lol! ..... bye! :3

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