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This strip it's very empty, needs more characters

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Because the movies on hollywood trilogies were so good that its incredible that people misjudge them.

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Besides you have any idea how many characters I expected to see in the first X-men movie.
Only to find out that Profesor X at that time only had 3 FUCKING X-MEN(Storm, Jean and Goggles,...... Wolverine doesn't count because he joined later).
Just 3 from the hundreds that appeared in the comic books.
If some movies have to much characters others have to few.

That and also the fact that....
I loved Amazing Spider-man 2, THERE I SAID IT.
Hate me if you want  I don't care  Crying or Very sad

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How can Pip worry about the Spider-man movie when his bitch bunny ex is running around out there with video of all three of them? Priorities man, Priorities!

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There were a lot of things wrong with the Amazing Spider-Man 2. Shoehorning in extra characters was the least of those things wrong. They fact that they gave Spider-Man a Twilight paint job was only the start of the problems.

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Uhhhh... Hi, Leonard...  Shocked 

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I'm going to have to agree with Mr. Jackson on the spidey sequel...although I think he's wrong to say that EVERY superhero movie before this one does the same thing. he's wrong, wrong, wrong. In fact, all the bitching and whining he does is really getting on my nerves now. He's practically turning into a borderline Alan Moore clone.

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Phil you are gonna love this.

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