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Blender 3D Netrendering

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1 Blender 3D Netrendering on Mon Dec 17, 2012 3:55 pm

I am a graphics designer and I need help with the assembly of a render farm for Blender 3D stuff.
I want to take 20x Raspberry Pi B Models (900MHz-CPU 256MB-RAM Ea.) and link them, all with Ethernet cables, to have a mini Blender Netrender farm.

Unfortunately, because of the difference in OS (Which I don't mind working with any except Apple), how does one go about doing this?

I was thinking my RPiB's could ethernet hookup to one modem or box, then wirelessly from my laptop transmit it to the cluster and wait for it to render.

I. have. no. idea. about how to go with the programming. Or what kind of modem I need.

I don't have a very large budget but if anyone could help that'd be great!

-7CM Night

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