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Guess I'll share some stuff o:

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26 Re: Guess I'll share some stuff o: on Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:42 pm

this one


this one was for a secret santa exchange on a pet site

all of the person's requests were homestuck

all of the person's pets were homestuck

i don't homestuck

regardless, enjoy this petsite-ified john egbert

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27 Re: Guess I'll share some stuff o: on Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:08 am

Nice! And Merry Christmas

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28 Re: Guess I'll share some stuff o: on Thu Jan 24, 2013 6:23 pm

To you too~

Here is a backlog of crap. It's mostly my Fallout characters hnnnggghhh

lemme divvy it up by subject actually


(age 16)

that awful time he grew a beard (links to a beardless version i did for my charahub)

tried to draw the way my fiancee does--everything but the face first, as opposed to the eyes being the very first thing i usually do. the result is oddly cartoony and exaggerated, but i like it. i want to do something with the style.


Links to a shaded version I don't really like much. Moral--don't finish things at 7 AM

I LIKE THIS ONE A LOT i had a different brush than usual and didn't notice right away, decided to run with it. sketched and lined on the same layer and then erased to clean up. also, his hair's tied back. he's shirtless 'cause i'm lazy omg and he actually looks his age here!!!

Other OCs:

EXPLANATION: this is Princess Pepper, the Fire Gecko, with wolf anatomy. Not as a wolf, just...wolf anatomy. It hurt my soul to do this. The reason is that there are LEGIONS of artists out there who are quite talented in every area...except things that aren't wolves. Beautiful composition. Flawless shading. ...Wait, it's supposed to be a cat/dragon/ferret/bird????'s...a wolf... ...Short version: I'm a passive-aggressive jerk fkjdshfkds

This is Iggy. He would very much like to climb you and chew on your hair. Please don't resist. He whines and it's really annoying.


Gift and fan art:

best friend's Fallout OC, Joelle

Again, as a virtual pet

trade with a VERY DIFFICULT PERSON omg

Roger, from American Dad

fjdshfjhsdlkjkldsf hnnnghhh hi guys

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29 Re: Guess I'll share some stuff o: on Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:19 am

you have a great style, keep it up I am going to be looking in on this post a lot because I like the work ssooooo much

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