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My color, Jack's art, plus a pic of my own that is a bit of a tribute

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One of Jolly Jack's That I tried my hand at adding color to.

This one is an RPG character done up as a GSI hero from Jolly Jack's Little Victory universe.

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That is a very interesting take on Kat's colour scheme, really vibrant and bright! Otherwise a well shaded picture, and nice innovation on the superhero Very Happy

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since when was kat a red head

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Wanted to see what she might look like as a redhead.

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yeeaaaaa um NO she does not look good as a redhead

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Looks like she dyed her hair for some costume something. It's okay, but just seems kinda...


Bright, I guess?

Looks incredibly unnatural, but then again I'm sure one to talk.

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Well here she is with her Jolly Jack approved colors.

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And another of my characters. This one for the RPG Traveller.

Admiral Sandra Greywolf in her Imperial Navy dress uniform.

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she makes me think of one of the star trek races

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She's full blood Pottawatomie Tribe native American.

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Amanda in her more usual super hero outfit.

And in flight

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