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Challenge Suggestion Thread: Current Listed PG 1

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Ladies and Gentlemen, and anything in between.

Welcome to the pseudo-Official

Challenge Suggestion Thread

I've always enjoyed how JJ prefers to call sketch jams 'challenges'...just because that is what they are. We do have our first one set up smelgy 'Music/Song Challenge' But this will be the thread to suggest new save space. Speaking of if PJ wants to make this a sticky that'd be great.

I'd like to start a monthly jam, along with biweekly ones, and the sporatic what the lets try this shall we?


Draw it Again Sam - Draw while listening to one song

Monthly Challenge: Librarian

Draw your very own librarian! In honour of JJ's first challenges, we are bringing this back. Is your keeper of the books a mythical creature, alien, furry, spooky ghost, hot secretary, midget hamster...i digress...or even a robot? Its all up to you. Have fun!

(no official names)
I Draw You Draw Challenge - one person begins by drawing something, the next person draws their version of the previous drawing, and submits their own drawing for recreation. This would NOT be a fanart of my character challenge.

Triple F: Forum Fanart Fanatics- Submit your characters here for others to draw. Dont submit like 80 of the same character...if someone wants to draw it they will.

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