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Rampant Rabbit

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76 Re: Rampant Rabbit on Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:28 pm

bassie999 wrote:They end up in bed together, with Pip being "out", but the reason for that is not given by JJ...

I guess that Pip was surprised by Hilary having a nervous break-down, and starting crying. She must have just picked him up, used him as a tissue to wipe her nose, and take him home with her, where she got undressed and went to bed. Pip was still amazed that he was used as a tissue, by a girl, who he thought would kill her. That still leavse the question as to what happened to his glasses, but they probably were taken off by Hilary so that he could not watch her getting undressed.
That's a reasonable counter-hypothesis, and not outside the wacky hijinks of some comics. However, it can still be argued the evidence as presented coupled with Occam's Razor (AKA KISS) strongly suggests they did have sex.

There must be a story behind that, but... come-on... Pip having sex? That is just impossible.
How so? I don't think his situation is too far-fetched were it translated into real life. There must be something about his personality that turns some girls on.

Even for Hilary, who has used vegetables to please herself, I cannot imagine that she would go so low as to have sex with a pinguin, let alone with Pip...
Considering he's the only penguin we've seen and that the only other penguin we've heard about was a career criminal, we really can't say if having sex with one is a low point or not. Judging by how everyone treats Pip, penguins appear to be treated similar to another race of humans, albeit with feathers and a beak.

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77 Re: Rampant Rabbit on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:07 pm

not_сenaris wrote:PS: Pip - 1, Art - 0.

Sadly someone beat me to this observation. Here's hoping Pip is a better man about this and doesn't become a total prat about it.

As for the Rabbit in question, perhaps Pip isn't a total twit when it comes to insecurities and understanding how vulnerable one feels.

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78 Re: Rampant Rabbit on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:39 pm

do remember that though pip has scored he scored with hillary which is more like negative 1000 points

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