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1 dog3oy is here on Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:01 pm

ok so i'm a net voyer and usually try to keep shit to my self... but not today.

i stoped visiting the comic for awhile as nothing was happening and well i moved countries, jobs, laptops and shit and really forgot about it all for a while.

so sitting in an open office, boss withing ear flicking distance and trying not to doze off on a confrence call it came to mine that there is a comic i havent checked out in ages...

so first i had to remember what it was called and where the fuck i'd find it.

done google "jack" and "webcomic" and expect to get the result you want, finally it came to me and cool, 20+ updated i havnt seen.

so, thanks i've spent the past 30min trying not to giggle, snigger, fart or snort.

aside from all that crap

have a great holiday

blah blah blah

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