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Can't seem to stop the FANART (hopefully some originals soon)

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So basically i've now long been a fan of JJ's damn awesomeness, and decided to try my hand at, yet again, emulating artist's styles. Hopefully these aren't too bad.

First recognisable attempt at Kat, and a random pretty bad sketch of Art below

Blatant copy of one of JJ's... but y'know... practice and all that.

Yet another copy... but I like this one. slightly NSFW? I dunno what the extent of that means...

Finally, some original fan-art (Yeah.. I know)

And another on the same theme...

Aaaaand that's it for now! Perhaps more of the fan variety but hopefully some original, not-emulated designs to come!

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Are you drawing them without lifting your hand or something? They look so wobbly ><

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Uh no not usually.

But thanks for the guidance I'll work on that for next time...

Alternativly it could be my scanner.

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Here's some more, done on the amazing and FREE Inkscape!

Vector lines of the original Kat sketch:

Colour version of that:

And a nice link to my DeviantArt!

(Note: None of these are traced from any other artwork, the copies done by eye, and the fanart done by reference.)

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Updated: Again with Inkscape, damn I love this thing. Although... I noticed somehthing when I just looked at this... I have forgotten her tail..


Happy New Year!

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Here we go, as I said in Wrecked's topic, a little teaser towards my characters! I'm still not happy with this, and a redo seems the best course of action, but at the moment I'll just work on the other things I planned to do.

There is a naughty word, for anyone who may be sensitive to that, so i'll spoiler it.


So yeah, there's things wrong with it, and I don't have a name for her. But I still think it's ok. Please, tell me where I can improve, I'll be very grateful! :3

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all you need to do in my opinion is give her legs a bit more muscle, but in the end it is up to you to make that choice.
I love your drawing keep it up!
Very Happy

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Hey, thanks Smile It means a lot. I do need to work on stuff like that..

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if you look at my post (My drawings) you can see that I do not draw humans, I stick to dragon heads. Smile 
I can't draw bodys Sad  I work on it though, I will be posting drawings of the body parts as well

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I'm doing dragons as well,until I find something I'm better at. Razz

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