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Take Only In Small Quantities (Eyes Bleeding!!!)

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There is the flip-side of course. The balance must be maintained and, for every good thing, there must be a bad thing. One of those is the inabilty of the human eye to handle long periods of staring at display screens without blinking. Laughing

Hey, Jack: Nice job parodying the various new releases of this period along with reminding us who likes what sort of game. I think it is a nice bit of characterisation, hinting at personality nuances: Pip is into fantasy and superheroes. Art is into action, adventure, bling and babes. One is a somewhat-introverted fantasist and the other is a male with frustrated dreams of greatness.

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Oh so you have that problem too?
What do you do to stop the bleeding so you can keep playing?

Seriously this IS a good holiday season for gamers & I've really enjoyed the last two games with much zeal.
I'm also looking foward to JJ's 'How to Play' for Saints Row he Third & (possibly) Skyrim...but I know it'll be awhile because, frankly, I'm shocked he's had time to do anything, let alone draw two comics.

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Love Arkham City!!!! Very Happy

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This means more How To Plays in the future right?


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