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It Must Be Love! Lo-ove, Love!

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1 It Must Be Love! Lo-ove, Love! on Wed Nov 09, 2011 9:29 am

Aww! Robotic love at first sght! How corny and coolant pump-warming can you get? Wink

I'm just wondering how much havoc Gary is going to cause before The Authorities catch up with him. It looks like he's been wrecking a one-bot murder spree through the town's various metallic and vaguely Eldak-like objects.

Hmm... Could be the 'Sunnydale Effect', otherwise known as the basis of the Somebody Else's Problem field - It's weird, ergo it's invisible.

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2 Re: It Must Be Love! Lo-ove, Love! on Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:17 am

Also known as the perception filter, which has seen a lot of use in and around England. It's quite possible that Gary has one.

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