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There's no *ucking way he survived an A-Bomb in this....

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Ganthan wrote:Yeah, well, I liked Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just fine, thank you.

That's one....

*Hefts a Sledge-O-Matic and turns Ganthan into a pancake.* Anyone else?

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sigh...I know you are all going to hate me for saying this. In fact many of you may even want track me down like a wild boar and have me crucified. well, here it goes.... I actually like Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and consider it to be a good movie. anyone who is upset by this, i am more than ready for the backlash.

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You surprise me all the time, Zod.

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that is not what we want to kill you for but rather that you necroed a post. never necro a post that is over 3 months old.

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