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Playstation Store reSTOREed! (See what I did there?)

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Well as of 2 hours ago, The PSN Store along with Qriocity (pronounced curiosity) was restored. Although the 'Welcome Back Package' was not rolled out today due to the fact the store won't be 100% functional until the firmware update for the Store launches tomorrow.

I personally play PC, but I do own every console, and I want Beyond Good and Evil HD on ps3 since I played it on ps2. Xbox controls would be too funky.

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What games are you going to get of the WBP?

LBP (lol) and WipeOut HD-Fury all the way for me.

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I already have Wipeout, but I traded in Littlebigplanet and infamous, so i can preorder Paper Mario 3ds then i get the games back FREE!

Sony FTW.

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Cool. Now it just needs to get here. (tomorrow)

Add me on PSN? XellXenathos Razz

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Oh alright, since you asked.

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Some hackers released private info and passwords. I got a peek at them.

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Lunar wrote:Some hackers released private info and passwords. I got a peek at them.
Shame on you. Seriously shame on you No

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