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People who are drawing, or want to draw a webcomic...

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Assuming you have no actual hosting for your current or potential webcomic, what would you be looking for in a site, assuming it came prebuilt with auto-updater, archives and stuff?

Things like cast pages, about pages, links, etc.

I have an idea I'm working on, which is relevant to this stuff.

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1. Webcomic with an previous strips list marked with date. Tough luck for JJ but his strip browser sucks.
2. It is also a big plus if the artist have some sketches, concept art or artword that relates to the main comic hero, thus, artwork section in plain words.
3. Short info about author.

And for me that is all. I'm a minimalist and a functionalist, so there shouldn't be IMO too much of anything and site should be easy to manuveur on.

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Tricky one.

As a rule of them, an archive page, one for art, fanart, link to a forum and a character page.

If you want to technical, if I was making a web comic that is told in full issues, not in weekly updates I would probably gun for a feature which allows you view double pages, so you can view splash images that stretch over two pages.

And on a server that would allow nudity and more adult themes. I don't mean outright porn in anyway, but something that would allow 18+ content such as gore and certain themes.

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i tend to avoid the whole Webcomic thing. Too many people doing the 'i write you draw for free' thing. But lets see....things I would look for. Categories for comics in site, easy maneuvering, and search engine. Other than that provide an auto sizer for the site..or templates for those who have the urge to put something in 650 dpi 80 feet tall.

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Ha, I know what you mean.

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Would Sprite comics count? (not video game sprites though.)

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They do...darn and here I was looking forward to not seeing megaman talk to Mario about how they hate sonic...shucks

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Some people like sprite comics.

The idea is to have a load of different comics in one place, but better than previous attempts.

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