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Forum Force: The Perimeter has been breached!

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1 Forum Force: The Perimeter has been breached! on Sat Jun 26, 2010 6:14 pm

(Taken and modified from another message board I frequent.)

You are all here for a reason. You as individuals may strong or weak,.. but as a team, you are undeniably MIGHTY! You are the Forum Force. Your duty is to protect this forum from whatever harm may come. You are the last and only line of defense. Protect what is precious to you.........(~fade)

The big enemy is approaching at full throttle. According to data it is identified as MECHA BIRDO.



Guidelines: Simple really. Just attack the enemy. Describe your move as detailed as you want, but make sure it's clear enough so that the gist of the attack is understandable. Your health is not gauged, so don't worry about survival too much, though you can buff.

1. Fairness: No one hit kills, okay? You can't have an epic battle by cutting it short with a move designed to instantly kill the target. This fight must be very lengthy via gradually wearing the boss's HP down with a ****load of attacks. Do not try godmodding anything, either.

2. Damage Cap: A single attack has the potential to do up to around 5,000 points of damage, maybe 7,000 at best, without being multiplied for exploiting weaknesses. Do not expect to go very far beyond these numbers.

3. Judge's Ruling: I have the final say on how the attack plays out against the boss. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONTEST IT! You will be forced to sit out a few turns if you try.

Now I'll admit I may be biased against some attacks, particularly ones from things I have little to no knowledge of. I'm very videogame and anime savvy, so I should be able to catch attacks made in such reference, though try to stick to attacks that most everyone should be able to understand. Don't make me google for descriptions.

4. Links are bad, mmkay?: Do not link to a YouTube video or something else and call that your attack. Do not link to something that will help describe the attack better. As I said above, stick to something most everyone can get. GIF's are okay, as long as they're not too lengthy, but still, try to be creative.

5. Stale Moves: Repeated use of the same attack or attacks that are similar to each other will deal less damage for subsequent hits. Spellcasting is subject to this rule; I would not like to see a long string of spells thrown at the boss.

6. Calling for Backup: You may summon characters to your aid, but they can only be summoned for one move and then they're out for the fight. You must give the summoned character a command to follow or else you'll waste the summon and your turn.

7. *stomp stomp* DE-FENSE!: The boss will attack the Forum Force every few turns, and most of the time these attacks will cause everyone's attacks for the next turn to deal reduced damage. If you use your turn for a purely defensive tactic you may be somewhat exempt from this reduction, depending on what you do to defend yourself. The defensive move only lasts one turn; if you defend and the boss doesn't attack, you wasted your turn. The defense returns to normal afterwards.

(A turn is defined as a batch of attacks, ended by me totaling the damage inflicted)

(If the thread reaches 150 posts before the boss is defeated, the Forum Force will fall..)

Get out there and F- S- UP!

Mecha Birdo: 500,000 / 500,000 HP

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Ill give it a go...

"Sick him Dreadnought..." Twisted Evil

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Dreadnought - 654 HP

Mecha Birdo: 499,446/500,000

(Mecha Birdo Readies Self to Fire)

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affraid RETREAT!

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-------------MicasR joins the game-------------

"Woot Woot Woot Woot"

MicasR runs straight at Mecha Birdo and swings his bottle of brandy hitting him but not braking the bottle [waaaaay to precious] After the hit MicasR takes a sip.

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Ryan Melfire jumps in with his pal Pepper White, him with a MP-5 and her with a Spaz shotgun.

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Xenathos is in:

Uses his bow to shoot 1 rocket arrow Very Happy

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Firenze leaps into battle in an Avenger MBT, the railgun blasting shots at hypersonic speeds at the Birdo.

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wait... is it a robotic Birdo from Mario?

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Maybe it's the giant mecha birdo from I Wanna Be The Guy!

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Anyone want a shot? Were all dead anyway.

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Brandy Bottle - 6 HP
Ryan & Pepper - No command was given, thus no damage.
Rocket Arrow - 121 HP
Railgun Shots - 962 HP

Mecha Birdo: 498,357/500,000 HP

Mecha Birdo Fires its Lazorz at the Force! Next turn's attack power will be reduced!

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ryan and pepper started firing

(that is a command) Very Happy

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i would like a shot...

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Click takes to his OMEGA form (Combination of his ALPHA, BETA, & GAMMA form) and unloads an Arsenal of weaponry.

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FIrenze calls upon on an orbital strike from a Frigate. The avenger tank resumes firing, unloading HV-KERs , ripping into the Birdo.

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"6 damage? 6 DAMAGE!"
"I'll show you damage!"
MicasR throws his bottle of Brandy which then ignites as it hits it target.

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Strangely unconcerned about the nearby weaponry going off near him, CyberCorn Entropic lies prone upon the Birdo's head, painting a solvent over the machine's optics, thereby etching the glass/plastic/transparent aluminum/whatever and destroying their transparency.

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Kityraz sends a cute puppy to pee on the birdo.

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(Command for Ryan): Attack Birdo with Nasty Knife

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