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BeDaOrLiSeAr's Attempts: Drawings And Pictures

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Yes! I'm finally home! And theres a scanner! Glee! And guess what the first thing I did was. I took a lighter and a candle outside and spent 10 minutes making sure I burned every last scrap of the drawing of ryan and neelu I mentioned before. it felt good. Soon I'll scan some new drawings and old ones I thought worth scanning.

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These first three I decided to scan because They were nearby and I liked them.


2. I just love the cheesyness of the words...

3.uhh.. never mind, it won't let me load (it was going to be the most recent one I posted).

Now for some new ones:

1. This is my absolute favorite drawing. It has my three characters, and it shows their personalities (at least to me, for I know their personalities that would take a while to explain).

2. A random kinda abstract drawing.
never mind this too (what is with the image posting thing?!)

I know i should keep editing this post but I really need to start another post. the next post will be a continuation of this one.

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These I did on the 16 hour car ride home:

1. I lost y awesome pencil sharpener and was forced to due this one quickly due to the quickly dulling 2# pencil i had to use instead of my 4h

2. I found the sharpener and was able to continue using my 4h. guy on snow patrol, lying down on the job. I had to hurry this one because I had promised m sister that i would play mario kart ds with her when I was done with it. she was getting a little impatient, and for the sake of everyone in the car I could not let her get impatient. the image hosting thing hates me today so I need to lower the quality of the a lot in order to post it.
no fekking way! its the smallest file on my laptop (slight exaggeration) and it won't fekking allow me to fekking post it! I'm not even gonna bother tryng to load the next one today. Gawd! thats annoying.

D@#$ thing keeps saying "Selected file is too large or corrupted". Oh my freaking Gawd! the file is puny and there is no fekking way there is a corrupted file in my possession! Evil or Very Mad

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Despite the fact that the face looks a little too jay naylor-ish, I'm am pretty satisfied with it. I tried a new (I wanna say technique) and it worked. I usually use the wire frame, then I use circles on the joints and connect the edges to make the limbs, but this time (I may have used a wire frame, I don't remember) I just started drawing the lines I wanted, skipping the planning process. What you see is the darkening of the first lines I put down, and that s why I'm pleased with it.

uhh, never mind. you'll have to take my for it. my computer hates me. its suddenly really slow, GIMP has failed me, and I can't post a single picture.

My Gawd! the file is 1.2 mb! the smallest it can possibly be!

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There's nothing Jay Naylor-ish about it. It looks more anime inspired more than anything. He doesn't draw faces anything like that.

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? what picture are you talking about?

the jay naylor-ish one never uploaded

I've decided just to upload them to deviant art.

If anyone is bored enough to look, my account is RyanMelfire, which, by the way, is Not my real name. I use it as my internet identity

My Lil' Lion:

I messed up the limb in this one. I need to look at how cats walk.

Yess! It WORKED! cheers cheers What a Face

Since I am almost clueless about the anotomy of a cat, I decided to practise. As always, tips and critique are welcome.

Did this at a friends house today:

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cenaris wrote:There's a lot of multiple posts here. Couldn't you just click the edit button to add new things?

how will people know when I updated the topic? If i just keep adding to one post no one will know I posted. (I mean now and for the future, not the earlier string of posts. I've added some drawings to the post above and I fear no one will know. Sigh, this post answered my problem.

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My pet uramastyx (might be spelled wrong), Carpenter, is always looking at me in this funny way so I decided to draw a less accurate drawing of her.

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just finished a drawing. i won't be able to scan it tonight so ill add it to this post tomorrow.

Here it is:

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Not bad, guy! I like it. It makes a good avatar too.

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though the avatar does make the eyes look slitted

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why can't i post freakin' drawings anymore! I am now constricted to deviantart!

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This I just had to post (as opposed to just uploading on deviantart). I just found it in a half destroyed notebook from May 1! not too long ago, but long enough for me to post some newer pictures of her. Here it is, the first ever drawing of Pepper White. Warning: It kinda creeps me out. Notice the alternating white and black hair.

And the new ones:

Did at school for a friend.

Just now:

crap, never mind. it'll be on DA

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last week, my dad and I found a bunch of cameras in a drawer and took them to Wal-Mart to get the film developed. Today we got them back. i looked through them to throw away all the crappy pics. One of the packages of photos was full of really grainy photos, and i almost threw out the whole pack until I came upon this one. The only pic that wasn't grainy beyond belief, and its at Wal-Mart:

After seeing "The Collector" last night, this is probably the freakiest picture I've ever seen in person. seriously, who the f-!

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Gawd, been feeling so freakin' sick all day (sneezes). And I'm still ticked that the freaking "Host an Image" thing won't work.

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Yes! It worked! Ahem... well, new drawing. I listen to music with headphones like that. If any of my drawings seem dark or angry, its because I listen to not-so-calm music. But I love the songs.

Also, is that a tear? Who knows, maybe, maybe not.

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Warning: contains stupidity. Do not read if you are sane!

This is probably really weird for e to post, but today in class I had to read a classmates paper on why they liked a certain book. The words she used gave me the impression that she had an orgasm reading it. I felt like I needed to post this.

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u should have posted that under my topic "luck V.S Sher stupidity"

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That post made me lawl upside down and back!

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Here it is! A brief summary of my characters. Some may not be too creative but oh well. At least they are characters.

Ryan Melfire:

Ryan Melfire is an anthropomorphic cat person. He currently has two personalities. The first is a cold, reclusive Ryan who is trained as a theif and a killer. The second is a kind, innocent, normal Ryan. This Ryan lives in an apartment with Pepper White and Neelu Tennu. He is constantly getting new jobs to pay for the rent. Eventually, he stops getting jobs when he realizes that Pepper has always been the one bringing in the cash. This leads to a possible crossover of the two Ryans. He then tries to find out exactly what Pepper’s job is. Since Pepper is really a trained spy and recieves money from the government, many problems ensue once he finds out. Of coarse, Neelu secretly likes Ryan, and this may play a part in the developing story.

Neelu Tennu:

Neelu Tennu is an anthropomorphic cat person like Ryan. She is very controlling. She isn’t kind to Ryan, even though she has a crush on him.She normally talks with Pepper, who always seems interested in what she has to say. Though, if Ryan is ever in trouble or distress because of someone other than her, she gets thoroughly ticked. One does not want to mess with Ryan when she’s around.

Pepper White:

Pepper White is an anthropomorphic skunk person. She is taller than Both Ryan and Neelu (because i made her first). She lives with Neelu and Ryan in the apartment. She pays most of the rent because she has a high paying government job that no one can know about. Of coarse, Ryan evetually does find out and that is bad. Pepper loves her job but is not always proud of it. She sometimes longs for a normal life (which is impossible for her since her job is “un-quittable”) so pays close attention to what Neelu has to say. She enjoys talking with Neelu and Ryan and likes their company. She always seems the most positive of the bunch. Even though no one told her, she knows about Neelu’s crush, but keeps the secret dutifully. Another reason why she pays such close attention to Neelu is that Neelu’s brother, Maja, wants to know about her. Only Pepper and Maja know his relation to Neelu, and Neelu thinks her brother died years ago. Pepper reports to Maja about his sister’s life and makes sure he is okay.

Maja Tennu:

Maja Tennu is an anthropomorphic cat person. He is the secret brother of Neelu Tennu. He brings the mystical aspect into the story. He lives in ancient magic ruins in a rainforest, and is blessed by the Ring Stones of the Ancients. He talks with Pepper whenever one of her missions takes her there. He always asks about his older sister Neelu because he is very concerned for her and feels guilty about not being able to tell her that he is alive. He is a good archer, and uses this skill in some of the messes that Ryan and Co. find themselves in. He looks scruffy and dirty because of how he lives. He deals in the spirit realm of the Ancients and continues to ask to be able to return to Neelu.

Taa-daa! Smile

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Sadness for me is when success is failure. Probably my best drawing (and my biggest) looks way too Jay Naylor-ish for me. Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Crying or Very sad

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personaly, I don't think so

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? What? You have not seen its Jay Naylor-ness

but thanks ayways

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