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Happy 10/11/12 (If you write the date that way.)

‘First of all, main inspiration for this piece comes from Blue-fox’s (DA user) “Awful Lot of Running” piece made for 9/10/11.

I’m a Whovian Brony among other things, and I’m one of those who likes to believe that Doctor Whooves is actually the 12th Doctor, more than I like to believe he’s ponified 10.

That and because this date only comes around once in a lifetime, (twice if you write the date the other way) and since we don’t yet have a canon 12th doctor yet, how could I resist?

I must admit, I admired the simplicity of BF’s piece and obviously failed to replicate that, but I’m satisfied with how it turned out.

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im rewatching gurren lagann with a friend right now
good stuff

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'Nother load of stuff! If it hasn't become apparent, I usually wait to post again 'til I do something less fandom related, then I just pile it on.

Commission for Big Bro/My personal hero of his pathfinder character. MAN, I really got into this one. Fun to do!

My first time drawing lightning I believe as well. Gotta do more-a-dat!

This was my thank you post when Cheerilee's Chalkboard reached enrollment of 1000 students (followers) on tumblr.

Just some dumb stray sketch I had to take a phhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhghh-*cough*. *Ahem* FFFFF-Phoootooo of.. hhuuuuuhhgh. Because these scanners on campus are too small.

Wanted to capture before it got smudged to XXXX and back in my sketchbook.

While on the topic, am I the only one who headcanon Bromances Shining Armor and Spike?

I mean, nothing wrong with being raised by women, but for real, SA'd make a great male figure in his life. And he's already such a good bro to Twilight.

>Coming from a guy who has a real Big Brother Complex<

I wanna draw it all! I'll probably make a series of it at some point.

Ohp', there I go. Just like I said.

Welp, there's no helping it.

I imagine Shining Armor and Cadence would come and visit every once in a while. While the girls catch up, the boys might enjoy some hoofball, or just general hangin' out.

Spike and Shining Armor belong to Hasbro.

Commission for ReXess of his OC, Steadfast on a "date" with AppleJack.

Picking apples with magic is a bit overpowered, but applebucking with magic's a whole different story..

From a recent Cheerilee's Chalkboard update. Highly enjoyed doing this one and figured I'd put it on DA.

Based on the Song and Video.

((OC's belong to Brony Dance Party, The Living Tombstone, and Glaze))


Cheerilee and MLP belong to Hasbro, radda yadda.
^Just click here if you wanna hear me spill my guts.

Long story short, I'm very platonic for Nicole Oliver.
^ Funny story behind this one. It's a dream.


Felt sudden obligation to draw it this the other morning. If there's 2 things I love in art, it's dynamic angles, and good crossovers.

Might make it a print for BronyCon! - Tumblr link if that's your game.

High Res version for wallpapers, as per request. One size fits all. view/?y4deejv8oyridz4
Somepony also 3D-ified it for me ;o; Thank You! -

This was a 30 minute Valentines Day Card thingy to and for anyone and everyone I associate with.

MicTheMicrophine streamed (and beat) MGS2 bringing in the New Year (For the East Coast Anyway) and we all had a hell of a laugh of a time.

He took a shower and came back naked, and said this exact line. How could I not draw this?

Wasn't it obvious?

Pinkamena Diane Pie as Bad Girl

"Surprise quiz. Why am I such an angry bitch? Seriously, no matter how many I kill... It's all the same. They're all going to pay. Yeah... With their bucking lives."

Sorry it took so long, but YEAH I'm still doing these. Just got a little lazy is all.

NightMare Moon as Dark Star

"Well done, sun. She was the mare you loved."

You'll never guess who the next one is..

Just somethin' I've been wantin' to draw.

I suddenly ship it.

Crossover Fanart whatevers.

Collab drawing between our own Nikolai and I.

Must admit, fun to do!

So yeah, what have you guys been up to?

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Youchip wrote:im rewatching gurren lagann with a friend right now
good stuff

Yeah man!

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