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Frist wrote:
Nikolai wrote:Btw.. what dose FJRA stand for?

Y'know, if I ever become popular enough, that question will probably become number one on my list of FAQ's. Right in front of questions concerning Zenobia's eyes.

I thiiiiink he doesn't want us to know.

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Here's an old sketch of June I did last semester. Got into it, but kinda forgot about it til now.

Poor girl. She's probably watching a depressing movie or something. Surely she's gotten over Frist and Dustin's absence by now, right?....

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Look who's in color!

I missed you! And now I get to draw you for a bit~!

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My half of a trade with krocialblack on DA, who did a real nice sketch of Raquel.

And here's my submission for Princess Molestia's Gamer Luna Fanart Month.

Hope it gets picked, probably most effort I've put in a Fanart piece yet.

'Bout half-way through I realized it was a bit too subtly gaming related, but I stuck it out. I liked it anyway.

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That's right, I can kick your butt in Smash Bros. any day! Now KISS MY FEET~!

I've always wanted to draw a bunch of Dustin and June's Mother & Son cute love moments, especially the ones like this when Dustin's still a kid. I have plenty in mind that will be in the comic in the far future, but here's one that came to mind a couple weeks ago.

Hell, I'm real proud of this one. Might be the first piece of my own art I add to my wallpaper rotation.

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I'd do anything for you Rainbow Dash!

I may never be like you..

I may never make a sonic rainboom..

I may never get my cutie mark..

I may never even fly!

But I'll fall harder than anypony you've ever known, I'll leave a cutie mark on the world! And I'll still get back up for you!


Tried painting for the first time today in SAI. T'was quite fun. Add that to the list of things I can art.

Man, I want a Scootaloo episode.

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Something for the big guy.

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Thats Different. But Very Awesome!

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Nikolai wrote:Thats Different. But Very Awesome!


Howso different? Colored lines?

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well, that, and its just something Different.

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Zenobia: You make Frist happy, which by default forces me to experience happiness!

(Late) Birthday Card for Immelmann, one of my biggest inspirations. Also in congratulations for his launch of The Black Dogs

Would've been done yesterday, but.. College Finals and all.

Hope you had a good one, guy!

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Finals are over this week. Bear with it, FJRA will be back on the air soon after.

So, during my second sophomore semester, the one I'm about to finish up next week, I took a Sequential Art Class which was an X-Ton of fun, awesome professor and all.

During which, in the first few weeks of class, he had us do 12 3-4 panel strips that all featured a character of our own. Naturally, I chose Zenobia. And had alot of fun with it! Just some fun non-canon strips featuring her.

Funny enough, my professor found Zenobia highly appealing as a character, and loved all of the strips.

More to come.

Master - Thunder Cheerilyu

"I see, you want.. T-THAT!!"

Cheerilee would make an awesome Thunder Ryu IMO. Therefore, here she is.

Granny Smith as Speed Buster

"Buck you, ya little parasprite!"

Aww man, who more fitting? Admittedly not my best, kinda realized too late the gun wasn't big enough, but no big deal.

As if she weren't badass enough, Granny Smith fits Speed Buster's role perfectly IMO.

Here's a rough cover page for a project I'd like to start after I finish FJRA, which won't be for a long while.

This one started in my Sequential Art class, which I had the final for early this morning. Got an A too! In short, we were to create, write, and draw 6 pages of our own graphic novel.

Now going with FJRA would've been slightly cheating IMO, seeing as I've already shown it to my Professor, plus I thought it'd be a good exercise to start from scratch again. As I went on with script and planning, the idea kinda grew on me and I'm confident I can make something out of it. But not before FJRA's done. As of now, I don't plan to juggle multiple stories.

If you know me, you know series that I draw alot of inspiration from. It's no secret really. The trick is making your own story instead of retelling someone else's. As overly done post-apocalyptic worlds are, I'm still deciding on if the setting will be simply alternate earth, or PA Alternate Earth. Can be ironed out later.

Lift Gauntlets, tools used by the Stratoscape organization to move cargo and objects easier and without physical contact. Operated through not only mental stability and willpower, but also significant physical strength. Meet our Hero(?) who finds them most valuable. With Willpower and Physical Strength, using Lift Gauntlets is simple. Most anyone able to think can do it. Though they're pretty inefficient when moving more than one object per glove. That's pretty much unheard of unless you're some kinda insane wavemaster bigshot with the mental skill to do so.

Stratoscape's constantly looking for scraps and salvageable equipment and resources to put towards their repairs from attack and building new crafts and stations. If you're just joining, the lowest branch and starting position would be a cargo worker. It's not the best paying job, but hey, Lift Gauntlets can be fun to use. Just make sure to goof off when no one's looking, that battery power's to be used for WORK. If you're just joining this particular station of Stratoscape, Mond is the guy to make good relations with. He's managed and supervised the place longer than the current boss has been running it, he even got the guy the position to begin with. Acting also as lead janitor and head trainer of newcomer cargo workers. Most of them respectfully fear him for his intimidating and pensive exterior, but he's a good guy.

And can work lift gauntlets like nobody's business. His physical strength is rivaled only by his strong mind. By his level, who needs two gauntlets? He's supervisor for a reason.

Why hasn't he been promoted yet? He's too valuable to this station to go. He saves them alot by handling so much. And He doesn't blame them. Another reason they keep him where he is is his ability to manage the key to the storage room for all of the expensive equipment. Carrier Dumpsters, Gauntlets, digging tools, etc., everything the workers use.

It's not a big responsibility in the spectrum of theft, it's just really REALLY HEAVY. Almost impossible to move without lift gauntlets, and even then usually requires multiple people to effectively maneuver it. If anyone can do it on their own, Mond says they deserve access whatever they please from storage. Good luck.

As for Terran, he's had Mond as a mentor since he started working here, and since has been trained by him in using Lift Gauntlets. Though Mond never intently lead him onto moving the key though. That's his own bit of skill learned through rebellion. Terran's not really a nice guy, though he has a short short list of those he respects.

Oh, and he hates Earth. Alot.


But I ramble. Y'know, just ideas for the future.

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Yes! FJRA's back to its usual update schedule.

As illustrated (poorly) in those old crappy comics I drew years ago, June drums.

Stress relief.

Thought I'd bring that back up.

Also, I found June brushing hugely adorable while making this one.. dunno why.

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Dammit, I love her.

And It's been too long..

Went experimenting again, and man, did it ever tear me a new one. Freaking water.

Alot done well, alot done wrong, took around 48 hours total, nevertheless, I think this is my best strip yet.

Don't be surprised if there's filler next week, this one damn near killed me to death.

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Get'n Experimental again.

Tried paint style again, had a harder time, but I ya better with each go.

Man, I been drawing alot of June recently, and that's not about to end anytime soon either, between this bit of the story, and with her birthday coming up. Her annual Mother's Day drawing is no exception.

Heh, and I remember thinking to myself a year ago that I wouldn't get to draw enough of her.

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'Bout time for a new profile pic and such. Also a point in the direction Frist's look will soon take.

Just so you guys know, you'll see this particular hand gesture alot in FJRA, ring finger down, the rest extended. It's been there a few times already.

It means "To the End and Ever".

What that means in detail, you'll find out Smile.

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Just some fun filler art for this week as well. Sorry, but the next strip's a bigg'un. Gonna take me a while, plus, I got a few gifts to draw.

I've never fully understood all that cup size stuff. I'm just lazy to learn.

And as sexist as it may seem, I hope no feminists hold it against me and understand it's just a joke.

I also needed an excuse to draw the other ladies since June's kinda hoggin' the spotlight. I'm not usually this mean to her either, but it's not often I get to poke her chest fun at her.

Wh-HEY! Zen..

1. Floating and using your tail for height boost? THAT'S CHEATING! You're shorter than Kalley and I!

2. Those are MY Pajama bottoms!


Raquel-!!.. I don't have anything to complain about you yet.

You're ALL temporarily fired!

Still, I had alot of fun with this. While drawing and art has gradually become my main passion, every once in a while, the gamer in me will rear his head and inspire me.

And on the subject of gaming, I'm pissed the ESRB kicked the K-A rating. To me, it seems that K-A branded any and every offbeat game that has a special place in my heart.

I miss K-A.


I'm rated K-A..

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Here's my first badge!

Made for the upcoming AnthroCon this June.

Should probably actually throw my name on there at some point, probably on top.

Still, I like how it turned out. I should offer to commission badges.

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June: I'm the only one allowed to tease here~!

She'll get you in the end.

The water is warm, but it's sending meeeeee shivers~.

FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU-, there's no real excuse for why this took so long to get out. I'll flat out say it here. It's much less that I lose time do to my new job and more of poor time management on my part.

Not even 3 pages worth is enough to make up for the lost time.

Still, I'm not dead.

Enjoy my perverted comic once more.



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I will be honest, I got lost a few times on that page. I hope I am the only one. I'll look over it again later, and see if I can make some sense out of it. All the Art looks Fantastic, I might add.

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Nikolai wrote:I will be honest, I got lost a few times on that page. I hope I am the only one. I'll look over it again later, and see if I can make some sense out of it. All the Art looks Fantastic, I might add.

Thanks, man!

Yeah, my panels can be hard to follow sometimes, one of my weaknesses.

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Not so much of the Panels. It was more of the Dialog

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Yeah, somewhere in the middle it's difficult to understand who's saying what.

By the way, shouldn't we open a topic for pervs? XD

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Simon: .. By the way, nice glasses!

Dirk: -Hwell hey, sick robot, dude!

Scootaloo: Woooow! I bet she'd think you guys are really cool :D!

Personal Challenge: Draw your 4 favorite Characters from different mediums together.

One Videogame, one Cartoon, one Anime, and one (Web)comic.

Getting experimental again. Never really used the marker tool for coloring. I love SAI.

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Just a ReFre5her.

Filler comic kinda to tie off that little intermission there.

And now back to the actual plot?

Hehe.. plot.

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