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Comics and Artstuffs by Frist: Bol+-Wicked (+)

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looks great as is

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well, i think it looks great.

(there are too many greats in these last bunch of posts...)

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looks pretty good to me. Keep up the good work Frist you're doing great! Very Happy Wink

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Dang computer companies. Waiting on new laptop monitor. Until then, I'm not likely to post anything, but we'll see.

On a side note, I pretty much have the ideal work study position. I'm a computer lab monitor.

Essentially I get paid to sit around for 15 hours a week drawing.

Frist: Does that make me a commie bastard :3?

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Bit of tablet work. Dustin's essential casual look.

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Epic! Very Happy

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Freaking awesome! Truly worthy of the word epic!

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wow very well done! Your improving!

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Still, I'm glad I got it done. Been working on it since last weekend..

I know, there's mistakes up the ass, but I don't care right now :P.


Bit of a tribute to some of my biggest inspirations. This would be a dream come true for me I guess..

Here's to my Inspirations, (Left To Right) Scott Ramsoomair (VGCats, Super Effective), Tom Fischbach (Twokinds), Our man, Phillip M. Jackson, Jesonite (Running Wild), Antonia (AceroTiburon), Immelmann (Concession, Ballerina Mafia), and all the others I didn't include.

Can't thank em' enough.

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Beware the wrath of Pants Man! Love it, dude.

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Frist wrote:

Bit of tablet work. Dustin's essential casual look.

Ehm... Too shineless/shadeless tail. Reminds those cheap suits.
May be fixed by some non-mechanical weak pencil works in seconds, in fact.

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^I'll keep that in mind, thanks!

Cherry is the best flavor anyway ¬_¬.


I miss June already >////>.

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Nice strip. if you miss her so much, do a strip showing how she is taking it. (them being away)

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Nikolai wrote:Nice strip. if you miss her so much, do a strip showing how she is taking it. (them being away)

Oh, but of course.. Sooner than you think :o

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She's always the first to point out the obvious :3.

And yes, I actually am Black.

Thrown off by the hair? No big surprise. Afros and buzz-cuts just aren't my style :3.

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Oh hey, look, another one :0

Desirey and Nelizabeth (Liz) enter :0.

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Rangiku is perfect for his mother. How did I not see that before!

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If the pose in the photo looks familiar, it should.

Note: This is all the way back on the first day, it's not like this is how she is every night.

There'll be a substantial time jump in the upcoming comics to catch up to more recent events in college.

Bonus Sketch.

Drew this around the same time as the latest comic, I just wanted to draw June with a Body Pillow for forever, so I got to it.

I thought to myself who she would have one of, and immediately thought of Kakashi >_>, so I scribbled his face on there.

Also happy late Gripesgiving

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VERY nice. Im liking this Comic of yours. Is this of your actual daily activities and other stuff?

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Nikolai wrote:VERY nice. Im liking this Comic of yours. Is this of your actual daily activities and other stuff?

More or less, yes. Pretty much, 70% if the material is based off of, or pretty much the comic form of events that happen to our group on campus. All of the characters, except for June, soon to appear Zenobia and technically Dustin are based off of friends of mine. Colin is actually inspired by one of the guys who runs The Grind (Wednesday Night Open Mic Event) at my college. Cool guy.

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:D Finally got Zenobia in!

Oh, I'm such the perv.

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Thingy I did for my Concepts of the Self Final. Self portrait. Was fun.

Left the prime lines because the sloppy feel makes it feel more.... I dunno, I like it.

So yeah, while making this, I came up with Zenobia's Color scheme. The shirt color may change as well as the shorts, but yes, her hair is white in the front, light blonde in the back, and a light-ish tan fur color.

Yes, I cheated with Dustin's shirt, but I was rushed for time.

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Damn man. Ur gettin good...erm' rather, "better". lol

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Friiiist, you've seen enough ecchi by now, being the main character, you should have been expecting something like this.

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Frist... before I ask you this question, I have to notify you that I'm drunk. I'm drunk as frozen goddamned heroin through-anus-injected ninth circle of hell. But yet, I'm able to type. And, while I'm drunk, I have this weakness - I'm totally honest and sincere.

So I have to ask you this question :

Are you satisfied with your strip.

No offense dude, but I have to ask you if you're really glad about what you're doing. Sure, you've got your strip, plus, minus inspired by the so called "college life", but are you happy about the outcome, about the strips/comics you're posting here. Honestly, don't you feel like there's something missing?

Honestly, I admit that you're style is improving and - what's more important - you're very determinated about it. And in no way I believe it's a wrong way to follow.
But there is a lack of polish on it. Personally, I'd love to see your comic, or artwork, in a polished, inked, colored form. Buy a goddamned tablet. Seriously, anything will do. Finish it, color it, shade it. I see a lot of premise, lot's of potential. But I only see pencil & paper, and that's not something to be excited about. You have a very great slice-of-life story potential with additional ecchi factor, but it's just too goddamned unpolished.

I'm drunk, alright, but while I'm in that state I'm honest. Seriously, I thought about commenting on this topic for a long time, but I wasn't able till I was under an influence. Because I was, and I'm still somewhat, afraid that I might give you some bad vibes from my critique.

MAN. You have potential. Enormous, at least for a web-comic. But you need to polish it. Work with the stuff you have, it's good, but it's unreadable, at least for me, in this form.

Tell me, what do you have againts your creations. What would you like to improve.

And improve it, goddammit!
Drunk, albit totally honest in that state - Pietja

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