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Make Your Own Fighter Thread

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1 Make Your Own Fighter Thread on Sat May 08, 2010 4:01 pm

Ok., it's only an idea of mine. I hope it'll work.

Today I was browsing Street Fighter 20th Anniversary Artbook and Capcom Design Works and this thought ran through my skull.

I propose a

Make Your Own Fighter

a showcase of your new original fighters that you'll come up with. Anyone with scaner or tablet can contribute to this thread by drawing martial artist of their dreams.

As a founder of this thread I'd like to establish some rules to prevent a possible chaos :

1) Everyone is entitled to two characters by their own design that are new[b]. That means it must be a fresh character not a re-used one.
. It's not obligatory to draw two characters.
1b. If you decide to have two characters there is one rule you must follow - you have one slot for male one for female char.
1b-a. Intersex characters, non-living characters (e.g. robots), alien of no specified gender are allowed (yes, that means furry/anthro chars are also allowed Very Happy) BUT they need to have more masculine appearance if other character is female or more feminine if other character is male. Two characters that look male-ish or feminine are not alowed. Diversity through equality.
2)Characters you'll make can be influenced by already existing characters but to reasonable extent. If they were loosely based on someone others work, write the name of the author and name of his character.
3)You can give a background on your character story if you have one on your mind, although it's not obligatory. To prevent the mess here's the character sheet :

Name :
Nationality * :
Height (kg or ib) :
Weight (cm or ft):
Blood type * :
Eye color :
Hair color (if dyed write both natural and dyed one):
Likes * :
Dislikes * :
Strongest point :
Martial Arts style * :
Special moves :
Weapon of choice ** :
Personal quote * :
Short bio :

3a. * means that it's not obligatory. Leave the martial arts style point if it's unspecified.
3b. ** yes, your character can wield a weapon but no friearms.
3b-a. The only exception is when that firearm is broken and used as a close-combat bashing weapon Very Happy.
4) Include two pics of your characters. One is free for you to choose, second one has to show your char in a fighting stance in a manner of King Of Fighters, Guilty Gear or Street Fighter games.
5) Put effort in your character creation. Put some heart in it. Draw the best character you'll be able to draw, color it, ad shading, make him/her look badass/sexy. Use your imagination, don't hesitate to use crazy ideas - second Bridget? Why not? Annother goofball like Dan? Sure! Combine quality with fun and let us see the result. Don't rush yourself, take your time to chisle up a great, representative character!

Ok., that's all I could come up with. I'm open to suggestions and I'm looking forward for your contribution. I hope the thread will be successful and maybe that it will lead to further threads - like forum wars or something.

Anyway, feel free to participate and have fun! Cool

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2 Re: Make Your Own Fighter Thread on Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:01 am

heres a fighter for ya

Name : ?
Nationality : japanese
Height (kg or ib) : ?
Weight (cm or ft): 3,704 (Unloaded
Blood type * : Red
Eye color : Blue (one blue that way the other blue that way)
Hair color :?
Likes * : Japan?
Dislikes * : Americans
Strongest point : 2 - 20 mm Type 99 Cannons 2 - 7.7 mm Type 97 Machine Guns
Martial Arts style * :
Special moves : Kamikazie
Weapon of choice ** : 2 - 20 mm Type 99 Cannons 2 - 7.7 mm Type 97 Machine Guns
Personal quote * : Oh Shit!!!!
Short bio :

So i dont offend anyone i drew this as a request

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3 Re: Make Your Own Fighter Thread on Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:37 am

SourKraut wrote:heres a fighter for ya

Name : Divine Wind


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4 Re: Make Your Own Fighter Thread on Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:42 am

Pietja wrote:
SourKraut wrote:heres a fighter for ya

Name : Divine Wind

i loled

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