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Forum Fight: Realm

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51 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Mon May 10, 2010 8:09 pm

"Okay, so where do you want it? I'll need to prep the area first." Triskelli continued. "You see, I can't just pop in and out wherever I want, and especially not with other stuff along for the ride. Otherwise you'd be stumbling around the space between spaces forever... Speaking of which, you still have that card I gave you, right? It'd make the trip far simpler if you left it at base."

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52 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Mon May 10, 2010 8:13 pm

"Yeah, right here."

(Nikolai handed Triskelli the card)

"And as for where I need it, I need it as close to where you need the major repairs and upgrades."

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53 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Mon May 10, 2010 8:23 pm

(In the mean time, while Triskelli was setting up and doing his part, Nikolai sent out a message to Sir Firenze.)
***I am sorry for my inability to assist you in Your mission, but what I can to is give you a gift of my apologies. Name one thing that you need that could help you with your mission and I will construct it for you ASAP. But, It will be after a few days I will be able to start on it, for I have a deal to settle before I could do anything.***

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54 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Tue May 11, 2010 7:56 pm

A brilliant flash appeared next to the downed ship. Triskelli had returned with a massive device.

"Here's your 'morpher'... I can tell that this is a powerful device indeed; how exactly does it work?"

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55 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Wed May 12, 2010 3:31 am

"You see, It is kind of like a 'Reality Hacker', It is able to tap into the Atomic Mass of any element, and change it. From there, it is able to rearrange the newly formed elements into a 3-D image that you can construct on the monitor. and believe it or not, no matter how complex the machine is, or even if you don't know what you are making, the Computer Brain in the machine will make anything it morphs into a high-tech device that can do great good, or obliterate your enemies. There is only one limit to what this machine can change, the two basic elements it cannot change are 'Gasses', and 'liquids'. Which usually are made up of gasses... for instance, 'H2O', hydrogen and oxygen. Two of the many gasses that it cannot morph."

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56 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Wed May 12, 2010 7:03 pm

"Hmm, interesting. What sort of upgrades do you have in minds for the ship?"

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57 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Wed May 12, 2010 7:07 pm

"Well, I have been calculating the results of what could happen if I fused the properties of Carbon, Tin and Hydrogen. I was predicting it could make a Strong flexible metal that is very light."
"I was also considering giving it a Plasma Boiler that could heat the water that powers the engines at a faster rate."
"What do you think?"

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58 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Wed May 12, 2010 7:37 pm

Triskelli was relieved. He had thought he would have to suffer through seeing the Sabre turned into some high-tech spaceship. But there were a few things that could be improved that he had kept in mind...

"That sounds excellent, but may I make a few recommendations?"

Nikolai blinked. "Of course."

"Firstly, this composite metal you propose could use some improvement. Tin, Hydrogen, and Carbon? Tin is flimsy: an ideal choice might be Aluminum instead. Also, my phlogiston boilers work quite well at generating steam power, but I wouldn't be against lightweight electricity generators you might have. Especially if you could use them in making a particle shield or whatever it is they use to absorb enemy fire... Would that be workable?"

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59 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Wed May 12, 2010 7:50 pm

"In deed, Aluminum is what I was thinking as well, but...I don't know, I just said Tin for some reason. Haha. So you want a Particle Shield, though I cannot provide you with the same shielding that the Juggernaut had, I can provide you with a Projectile Barrier, that can stop larger artillery, such as a missile. But the Particle Shield will not be necessary, if I do make a Carbon base armor for your 'Ship'. That, as such, will take care of the smaller bullets."

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60 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri May 14, 2010 6:05 pm

Triskelli stroked his chin.

"Hmm... I'll let you get to that. Now if you'll excuse me I need to check back on MY headquaters. *grumble* If Cole and Adams are here, that can only mean that Payne is in charge of setting up the defenses. Great at infrastructure to be sure, but a cowering mess when it comes to battles. I need to make sure they're all still alive.

Don't worry about that other army (Firenze), though; Cole and his men can hold them off long enough for me to bring re-enforcements. Is there anything else you need me to do before I leave?"

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61 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri May 14, 2010 7:36 pm

"Yes, actually..."

(Nikolai Smashed in a button on the machine)

"Behold and bask in the glory of your new ship!"

(Everything inside of the ship glowed and all metal surfaces changed into the mew metal element, that was the result of the three chosen elements.)

"Now all I need to do is remake all the machinery in your ship that was effected."

(Triskelli was confused, and asked)
"Didn't you say that the machine could make machines all by its self?"

*sigh* "Yes, I did say that, but I was merely "Gloating" of how useful this machine can be. Unfortunately I do not have a machine that can pull of that stuff. It is only a '3-D Elemental Printer', It can make the shells of the machine, but I have to build and program the "Technology" inside. It is still useful for making HUGE machines that would take months to construct. So yeah"

"Ah, that makes more logical sense."
"Now, I will be departing now. You have fun with your......'Project'."

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62 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Sat May 15, 2010 8:54 pm

^OOC* Map Updated ^

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63 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Tue May 18, 2010 7:37 pm

Triskelli turned and with a flourish of his coat, he disappeared. Nikolai turned to the empty husk of the ship. "Let's get to work!"

Meanwhile, deep in the forests of this new land. Triskelli came upon his base of operations. And it was a sight. Imposing walls reached three stories up, the steeply sloping embankments flowing around the think trees that surrounded the fortress. The outer retaining barriers ran a full mile in circumfrence, with nine points to the fort. Dozens of artillery and flak guns sat ready to unleash hell on those who approached. A higher wall could be seen inside, more imposing than the last.

"Impressive. My boys have been busy."

Triskelli blipped away for a moment, then reappeared inside his expeditionary control room. Recon teams and mapmakers continually revised a large board on the far wall, updating it as new intel about the land came in. Most of the southern section had been surveyed, mountains and lakes abounded there. To the west there were more woods, followed by a grassy plain. The north contained rivers that cut through the woods.

A diagram of the fortress's defenses lay on his desk. Examining them and considering it for a second, he sighed and leaned over to one of the many speech tubes lining the wall next to him.

"General Payne, report to me in my quarters."

Triskelli left through the outfacing door and exited the command center. A stair with metal railing extended both up and down the the side for a mammoth gun emplacement. He smiled at the decision to bring this baby along. He had found this beast, named "The Hammer" in the middle of godforsaken desert wastes in another world. The gun was so large that he had turned the casing that supported it into a protobase, that formed the core of his HQ. Other small armaments stood in wait bristling from every available ledge. His "home away from home", as it was, lay directly beneath the breech of the Hammer.

Triskelli had just entered his traveling study when the General came in. "Oh, how relieving to see you safe and sound, sire! I..."
"Please refrain, General, from relieving on the floor..." Triskelli replied with a smirk. He loved all his men dearly, but it was just too easy to cut down his general. "How have things been running at NewRealm outpost #1?"


Back at Nikolai's base, Lieutenant Adams approached the Inventor.

"Err, Master Nikolai?" Adams asked, "Our engineers not helping you with the Sabre are finished building defenses around your HQ, and are asking if there's anything of yours that needs fixing after the... 'match'. Are there any repairs we can assist you with?"

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64 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Tue May 18, 2010 8:04 pm

(Nikolai was 'Zoned Out' mumbling equations and other gibberish as he was programing and working on the Sabre)
(Adams walked over and tapped on Nikolai's shoulder. Nikolai jerked around and was looking at Adams with a blank look, still mumbling)

.........*shakes head* "huh?!"

(Nikolai lifted one of the goggles lenses and looked at Adams)

(Adams was stunned as he saw one of Nikolai's eyes for the first time.)
(Nikolai's eye was jittery and dilated. The look in his eye was powerful, and undescribable at that.)

(Nikolai lowered the lens and said)
"Im sorry about that. Um, Im a bit busy...get Click to give you a tour of my HQ and make yourselves comfortable at the Command Dock on the top floor."

(Nikolai turned and got back to work.)

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65 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 20, 2010 9:21 am

Xenathos has entered the battle

He crashlanded in sea. He saw a huge island with a river just in front of him. He moved through the river past a lake to the place where the river climbed up in the mountains. He luckely had a tent with him. He quickfixed it and put it up. Then he started to explore. He had a tough time in the jungle. Then came a huge grassland. He moved back to his tent and thought of the "how and why".


Strength: Great atletic body build. Extreme endurance. Even better reflexes. Good swordfighter. Calm and thoughtfull.

Weakness: When exhausted need to rest a time. Doesn`t like to shield himself. When enraged jumps into fights easilly. You hardly hear him speak.

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66 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 20, 2010 2:56 pm

"Verne. Hey Verne, wake up!"
"Eh? Wazzat?"

Two of Triskelli's men had fallen behind from their scouting party. They had been lost in the jungle for some time at this point when Welles heard a twig snap. He saw a man carrying a sword trying to make his way through the thick underbrush of the forest floor. He ran back to Verne to get him back on his feet.

"Ugh, why'd you interrupt my dream?"

"Someone's in the woods. Not one of our guys."

"Did'ja stop to think if they were natives? Cog, I hope it ain't Ewoks!"

"No, boiler brain! It was a man with a sword. I think we should follow him."

"And why would we follow some guy we don't know who's headed Cog knows where?"

"It looked like he knew where he was going. If we trail him we might make it back to civilization."

"Pssh" said Verne with a puff of steam. "Fine, we'll follow the guy. But if we get our heads chopped off, I blame you."

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67 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 20, 2010 5:33 pm

[Back at Nikolai's HQ]

Adams was startled at the intensity he saw in the Inventor's eyes. It was very rare he saw such determination. "Best find that walking TV set, then."

He rounded up the extra engineers and found Click carrying some crates in the Hangar.

"Err, Click was it? My name is Lieutenant Adams and I was told you would give us a tour of this base."

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68 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu May 20, 2010 6:03 pm

(Click stood in attention and Saluted, He turned and waved his arm signaling to fallow him. Adams and the others ran to Clicks side. And Click looked around the Hangar and looked at the Tourist and showed an airplane on his monitor...stating that this was the "Hangar". He continued walking. A few minuets later they reached a door in the main hallway that had a face symbol over the door that looked like this ( Neutral ). Adams looked confusingly at Click. Click looked down at him and had a thinking look with his body language as he put his hand to his chin. ... ... ...*Bling* A light bulb showed on his monitor. He looked back at Adams and on His monitor he showed a Toilet. Adams and the others said "OOOOOOOHHHH." and nodded. Click continued the tour throughout the HQ, refraining from showing Adams and the others the "Top Secret" rooms, such as the Blue Print Room, and the Reactor Center (etc.) Finally they reached the Command Dock.)

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69 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri May 21, 2010 8:58 am

Xenathos thought about what he could do best. He knew he was being watched. He decided to not show that he knew. He thought that a base would come in handy. But for that he needed help or minions. He decided to take a better look at the river with it`s islands in it. He took apart the tent put it back into his backpack he nearly lost in the teleport to this universe and moved deeper into the woods. While still being tracked by people he swam to one of the islands. He put up his base there and used some of his tools he had left in his backpack to summon some work robots he made a long time ago. He then summond a wood teleporter. He had left a robot before he was tracked there. The wood started getting through. He let the robots do there job. He decided to make a teleport here.

When the teleport was build he decided to seek out who tracked him and why.

Xenathos concentrated and searched for his pursuers. When he found them he used his skills to get invicible for them. When he stood behind them he took out his daggers and held them just behind there heads.

"When you reach for your guns you`ll be dead."
The mans jumped and looked behind them.
"Why are you following me."

Verne was first to reply: "We got behind our party and rested. Then I saw you and warned my friend here. I thought it was best to follow you. And so we are here."

Xenathos replyd: "Take me to your commander. I warn you: I`m capable of more then you think." He smiled. "While we are traveling to your commander I want you to tell me what you know of this land. I just hope you won`t exhaust that easilly. I`m not walking that slowly."

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70 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri May 21, 2010 5:08 pm

"Oh, a fighter, eh?" Verne chuckled. "I believe Triskelli will like meeting you. Besides, you'll find we automatons don't tire easily."

Welles interrupted
"Um, one moment! Can I speak with my associate alone for a moment?" The two robots walked out of earshot.

"Verne, what are you thinking? We don't have that kind of clearance! Besides, I don't think we should be waltzing a guy like this straight back to the fort!"

Verne pointed a finger at Welles.
"Hey, it was YOUR idea to follow the guy, and now we're caught. Do you have any better plans?"

Welles vented steam in frustration
"Fine. But need I remind you that we're still lost?"

"Eh, we're bound to hit a patrol eventually." Verne yelled at Xenathos. "Yo, swordsman!! We'll take you to the boss! Just don't be mad if you don't get the warmest introduction!"

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71 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri May 21, 2010 5:16 pm

(At that moment, one of Nikolai's Scout Planes zipped by. ^OOC* The one that has been updating the map.*)
(It was on route to HQ, passing near Triskelli's Base. Giving a hint of which way would be a good direction to go.)

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72 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Sat May 22, 2010 7:27 pm

"Well, swordsman...
"Please, it's Xenathos" the warrior interrupted.

Verne replied, "How 'bout we just call you 'Zen' for now?"
"It's Xenathos."

Welles came between the two. "Okay, okay! So, Xenathos, we'll take you to our leader and tell you everything we know about this place."

The trio noticed the probe flying overhead, deep into the forest. Welles thought that was as good a direction as any, and began the long trek.


[Back at Triskelli's fortress]

Triskelli shut his book and sat it on the desk as his General entered the study.

"Ah, there you are, Payne. There were a few things I wanted to discuss with you."

The general gave a quick bow. "Certainly, my liege."
Triskelli sighed but didn't comment. It was something of a peeve of his to be called anything above "sir". Though he was the creator and the master of these machines, he did his best to encourage individualism and independence amongst his "men". He had boxers, engineers, artists, writers, he even had a philosopher or two. And then he had nuts like Payne.

Payne had a knack for planning and keeping things running smoothly. But he also had an inflated sense of self-worth. He had a specially made bright green uniform and foraging cap with self-made medals and chains; a far cry from the muted blue-gray that most of the armed forces and even Triskelli wore. He had given himself the title of general on his promotion to a managerial position. The only person he respected more than himself was Triskelli.

"I'd like you to take a look at the armament of the fort and tell me what's wrong." Triskelli slid the schematic over to Payne.

"I assure you, sire, I followed the standard schematic exactly..."
"And that's what's wrong! You didn't consider the particular situation!" Triskelli paced to the window.

"Anything requiring line of sight with a target on the ground useless at hitting anything under that sea of green. It's also very unlikely that a substantial force of infantry will be approaching through the jungles and swamps that we've found. Ugh, it'll be a miracle if we can even navigate through the stuff..."

Payne brightened. "But my liege, I thought of that and had roads commissioned to be built while you were away. One to the Inventor, the other to the river split here." Payne pointed to the map behind Triskelli's desk of the region and indicated where a nearby river exploded into multiple branches.

Triskelli grinned. "Well, well, look who's showing a little initiative. Of course we'll have to monitor these roads at all times, maybe we could make some toll-booths... Nothing too fancy though, correct?"

"A humble dirt road my liege. But it's better than trying to cut a winding path through the jungle."

"Bra-vo General. There's hope for you yet." Triskelli moved from his desk to his window just in time to see the spy drone overhead.

"It's a shame that this is all for naught. Such a beautiful fort and no-one to attack it! I wonder how Nikolai is doing with Sabre II"

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73 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Sat May 22, 2010 7:48 pm

-Meanwhile Back At The Sabre-
(Nikolai wiped his forehead with a piece of cloth as he backed up to look at his progress.)
"Ahhhhhhh. Finished at long last."

(Nikolai glanced at the complex new hardware that he had installed. He had programed a new navigational system into the ship that enabled it to move in any direction. Up, down, left, right, forward and back.)

(Nikolai transmitted a message to his robotic companion.)
"I need you to send a message to Triskelli, informing him that his "Ship" has been successfully completed."

(Click, instead of taking to his BETA form, connected Nikolai's transmission directly to Triskelli's window screen Just as Triskelli was looking out over the Great Land questioning the Sabre's status. Startling Triskelli.)

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74 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Sat May 22, 2010 8:28 pm

"Hello? testing... testing... Triskelli, can you hear me?"

"Gah! Madre del Dio!"
Caught off guard by the sudden appearance, Triskelli fell backwards over his chair and onto the floor. Payne jumped to his feet to help.

"Gah! I've told you a hundred times not to call me that!"
Triskelli returned to his feet and brushed himself off.
"...and you...", pointing at Nikolai's image floating in the window. "...don't DO that! You nearly gave me a heart attack!"

Nikolai looked surprised. "Oh, sorry about that, I wanted to get in touch with you as soon as I could. I'm..."

Triskelli interrupted him. "No! Whoa, whoa now, you cant just wave this away all nonchalantly! How did you hook up a live feed to my window!?"

"OH, sorry! There's a projector and vibrometer on that spy drone overhead. I can use it to have real-time conversations. No biggie."

"...fine." Triskelli fixed his collar and his hair, and cleared his throat, "So what is it that you need. I was hoping for a moment of reprieve."

"Oh. Well, I'm calling to let you know that i'm done with your ship. Copied the old one exactly with a few minor adjustments, nothing major. But there's one problem."

Triskelli tried to held back his smile. "Really? What is it?"

Nikolai continued. "Well, as I said I mostly remade your old ship but with a stronger lighter alloy. This was so I could fit the shield generator you asked for on. It's just that... the Sabre II can't fly. I'm not even sure how the old one could. Can you come back over and pick your new ship?"

Triskelli knew precisely what the matter was. "Certainly. Just allow me a few minutes to gather some supplies and I'll pop in."


Xenathos, Welles, and Verne were walking through the jungle by the riverbank when they saw logs come floating downstream. "Look!" exclaimed Welles. "That's a sign of some industry. Our guys must have been cutting down trees near here."

Xenathos was several yards ahead of the duo. "Since we're on the subject, who is your leader? You seem to have a great deal of personality for robots."

"HEY!" Verne shouted from behind. "What'd you call us?"
"Don't get your gears in a grind! It was an honest mistake." Welles explained. "We prefer the terms 'android' or 'automaton'. 'Robot' comes from the Czech for 'serfdom', and our leader does not lord over us. Better yet, try and call us by our name or rank."

Xenathos looked indifferent. "Fine. But who is your leader?"

"His name is Triskelli. He built every one of us and is our father, in a way. He's been around for about 200 years that's all you need to know about him."

"Hmm. And what of this place? Why are you and I here?"

Verne gave a chuckle at this. "Ah! Why are we here? The age-old question..."

Welles turned back to face his comrade. "Cut it out, boiler-brain! Well, I can't speak for you, but we're here because we detected the creation of a new universe, and we decided to check it out. Turns out it was pretty developed so we landed and set up shop. As far as we've been able to scout, this particular hunk of land is floating in some void."

"Are we the only ones here?"

"No, there's some Inventor guy to the south, has himself cooped up in the mountains. There's probably more people out there but I haven't seen them yet."


The trio continued traveling down the river.


Triskelli appeared back at Nikolai's HQ with a strange device in tow. He walked up to the hull of his new ship. It was as awe-inspiring as its' predecessor, but now it was new! Turrets at the ready, streamers flapping in the breeze.

Nikolai noticed his ally had returned. "Ah, THERE you are! What's that you've got?" he asked, pointing to the contraption on the dolly cart. It was a piece of bronze fitted with gauges, pipes, pistons, and gears, but it wasn't obvious what it actually did.

"This is the answer to your little problem! So the Sabre II is to heavy to fly, right?"


"Do you happen to have a piece of the metal the hull is made of on hand?"

Nikolai reached into a pocket of his lab-coat and produced a metallic marble that matched the sheen of the ship. "Right here."

Triskelli took the marble and attached it to an open hose on the machine. He gave the other end to Nikolai. "Attach this to the hull of the ship, if you would. Oh, and everything is ready to take off, correct? The engines are primed, the gas cells are filled, the mooring lines are rigged?"

Nikolai attached the hose to the hull of the ship. "Yeah, everything's ready, but what will this little thing do?"

"Just watch." Triskelli flipped the switch.

The device sputtered into life and produced a gentle vrrrrrrr and a constant put-put-put-put-put. The needles slowly crawled across their dials and reached a balance. Triskelli fiddled with some fine-tuning then reached for the lever.

"Alright, ready for weight transfer."

Nikolai blinked. "Wait, what?"

Triskelli threw the lever into position. As soon as he did, the marble began to sink into the ground while the airship began to rise. The Sabre II pulled hard on the mooring lines as the marble disappeared into the soil.

"Aaaaaand... done!" Triskelli moved the lever back and turned off his machine.

Nikolai was gobsmacked. "What did you do???"

"Oh, isn't it obvious? I transferred the weight of my airship to your marble."

"But... HOW??"

Triskelli chuckled. "Heh heh, a good magician never reveals his secrets. Now that we've got her in the air, let's see all the features you've given my new ship!"

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75 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Mon May 24, 2010 12:00 pm

Xenathos sighed. "This is taking me to long. Give the coördinates of your head base. *Mumbled something in himself"
Verne replyd: "We are just halfway there."
"Then hold here. *stopped abruptly* You see... I`m also not 100% human *pulled of an armor plate revealing motors and wires.* Let me just do this. *puched a button* And now... *some sort of pins got sticking out of his back.* Focus... Focus... *ice started to form around the pins in the shape of wings* Ok. Hop and hold on." Welles: "But why?" "Just do so." Xenathos replyd. When the other 2 hopped on Xenathos readyd for a jump. "I hope you have no scare of hights." And he jumped. He landed in a tree and jumped again. Converting the downwards momentum in upwards. He then started to use his jetboots to get forward. The duo on his back was startled. "I knew you were athletic. But to this level? This is even near imposible for a specialized automaton." Was all Welles could say before the trio reached near sound pace. "I just hope I can land properly. I never landed before. First time I tryed this I got warped in this dimension."
He made it. Barely. "DON`T ever do that again would ya?" Verne said. "Sorry but I`m new to the flying part. The ice control part is easy. *a crown of ice shaped on his head* Then they heard motors starting. "Looks like there is some heavy machinery starting." Welles said through the rumbling. "Lets check it out." They ran to the direction from the noice and stopped on a big burned piece of land. Above it floated a ship that looked to heavy to fly. "I`ll see you guys up there." Xenathos sayd. While saying that he jumped for the ship and flew a couple times around.


In the maintime Triskelli sat in his chair giving orders. He then heard the computer say: "Unknown Object incoming." Triskelli looked at Nikolai and joked: "Can you change the voice? I don`t like this one." Nikolai replyd: "Would YOU like to be the voice? It`s easy to make your voice." But Triskelli had his mind at the unknown object. "Lock and Load." He left the steering to Jake. *Automaton that was on the bridge* Triskelli took place in a chair and puched a button. The chair moved into a bubble whole in the wall. There came 2 handels out of the wall wich Triskelli took. "Now lets see what Beauty II can do." He aimed for the target and started to shoot.

Xenathos had a hard time dodging the bullets. He yelled down: "I think that that is the ship YOU came with. Tell Triskelli to stop shooting." Verne mumbeled angry and sayd: "I told you that you wouldn`t get the warmest introduction." While he sayd that he started the message to Triskelli.

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