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Forum Fight: Realm

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151 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:11 am

MicasR wrote:
Xenathos wrote:*OOC
Xenathos wrote:"When that ship lands... theyre whole base will be covered in darkness. Thank you Pohatu for learning my the secrets of timed elemental explosions." Constana thought.
Did that ship land allready?
OOC: I use a forward base for my bombers now:
While chaos was raging in a darkened base and a small dirt outpost suddenly got overwhelmed by a sudden case of darkness

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152 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:38 am

Once again, Hanz appeared in front of Nikolai. Now, Nikolai was getting a little annoyed.
"I thought that I made it clear that you shouldn't be here."
"My site has been compromised. I have sealed the gates to it*each gate is like the one I mentioned*. I currently have nowhere else to go. Did you receive the battery?"Hanz asked.
"Ummm...Yes, yes I did. Thank you."Nikolai lied. Hanz knew it but said nothing.

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153 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:06 am


I have two people like Nikolai. I have myself (Lazarus Firenze), in the casket of dercius, and a captain (SIrius Jackson) escaping from the base. Do not get them confused.


[Sirius Jackson slid under a closing door following his team. They crashed outside, weapons up and scanning for targets as they began the long sprint for the exit. A couple of armoured vehicles came speeding towards them, weapons chattering. Two members of the team raised their weapons, firing the arc weapons at the oncoming vehicles. The deadly bolts of energy slammed into the vehicles, blowing them apart with deadly force. The kept on going, using lethal force on all targets. A Dart APC sped towards them, hatches open to let the team mount up. As they jumped in, a division of Avenger Main Battle Tanks rolled up, railguns launching hypervelocity slugs at the pursuing forces. Sirius had escaped.]


[Firenze stood looking at the spot where Hanz had just stood. He cursed himself for not realising he would do it again.]

'Harry, set the Arc bomb. This place cannot stay active ever. The Pulsar could rip the universe asunder. No-one should be allowed to use it,' ordered Firenze.

[The trooper with the large pack dropped it to the floor and set the timer for 5 minutes. The team sprinted out of the chamber, reaching their entry point. They attached themselves to the rappel lines, using motorised clips to raise them speedily to the surface. Suddenly the bomb went off, the energy pulse destroying the underground structure completely as the team outran the blast. Mission one a success. Now to fufill the others.]

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154 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 10:18 am

(if I messed up I'm sorry) Crying or Very sad

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155 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 1:13 pm

OOC: I think it's cheap that units can just 'appear' out of nowhere, but maybe it's just me not getting used to the game yet Wink But I've got more important things to take care of than some pesky... idiots... raiding my base.

On with the story then:

"And they escaped?" asked Major Savauge over the intercom.
"Yes sir" answered a mufled out voice back over the intercom: "they blew up some of our vehicles, but, we are still tracking them, they are heading straight for the only exit in the caldera"
"Good, tell the 8th to be ready, helicopter gunships may fire when ready, also, get the Badger ready."
"Yes sir"
The intercom went silent and Major Savauge fell back into his control tower chair. He looked out of the window into the dark night, looking at the damage the raiders had caused. 'My fault' he thought. But now wasn't the time for self pity. He had given his orders, and he had done what needed be done. He had warned the General, these forces that were spared were not sufficient, this old technology wouldn't do, technology from the previous generation. No, if they wanted to succeed they needed some newer weapons. Luckily, these weapons now still proved effective.

At the other end of the caldera, Sirius's convoy was travelling at high speeds to escape. They had put quite a distance between them and the base, but not far enough, the entire caldera was a hive of airtraffic and surveillance. Before Sirius's convoy could react a stealth helicopter came flying over, firing its missiles it took out tanks, before the other could react they were also taken out by high altitude aircraft. Then the APC was hit, not a direct hit, but enough to send a flying firing mass of metal and rubber flying through air. When it had landed, Sirius got out and was warmly greeted by the back end of a rifle. The APC was secured, air space sealed and heavily defended.

A small armoured helicopter raced back to base. 15 min later, sirius and survivors were locked inside a concrete sell, no window, the only exit was a door in the roof.
"Should we ransom them for peace? Obedience? Information?"
"If I had my way" said Gen. Micasr "I'd go down there and kill them myself... but they might prove useful, human shields and all"

"And now, let us prepare for our next move, I'll have a thorough interview with the prisoner later."

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156 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:19 pm

MicasR wrote:OOC: I think it's cheap that units can just 'appear' out of nowhere

*OOC^ Your one to F*CKEN talk. You have done it more than ANYONE hear has. you have over 1000 units just randomly spawned. Disobeying one of my rules, "No spontaneous unit production." I only over looked the fact that you did it, because this was an invasion. btw, you need to add more weaknesses to your faction, IF your ONLY weakness is that your units spawn in build time situations. Thats not a weakness, its already supposed to be like that. Look at my unit production. (UBER unit Production)^

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157 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:24 pm

OOC: Thought I was the technologically weak faction as well xD Also, I'll add something in my next post.

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158 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:28 pm

*OOC^ dub conversations like this be held in the "Shout Out To ALL" topic. And how are you a "technologically weak faction" if you have jets and bombers and stuff like that? thats modern technology and very good tech too. Idk...just figure out something Smile ^

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159 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 2:47 pm

OOC: Is this gooed enough for you? Wink

"Yes... mmm... ok... give me an update as the situation progresses" General Micasr put down the headset. He fell back in his oak chair and gave off a long sigh. 'Why must things be this... odd...'
He got up and walked towards the central command centre. The inside of the room was alive with constant chatter as orders and intel were being relayed and updated. Screens flickered between points of interest.
"Savauge, is the motherland on hold?"
"Yes sir, should I put them on?"
Suddenly the room got quiet, those who were busy with tasks were still chatting while those who had nothing 'important' to do stood still. The national anthem played over the speakers. The main screen was replaced with the coat of arms and then it suddenly flicked back to Commander General Euwel.
"Message from the Ministry of Defence and Offence." Said the Commander General, clearly this was only a recorded message.
"I regret to inform our talented Generals in the field of battle" continued the recording. "But due to recent events in other theatres we are unable to lend any support what so ever, all orders already placed has been cancelled. The only reinforcements you will get, General, is the Ragnarok MMND and associated equipment. Until further notice, this will be the final transmission.
"I am sorry" he added with tone hinting that he indeed possessed some emotion "But the situation has changed, you are on your own for now."
"Farewell, we wish you success on the battlefield." concluded the Commander General in his previous emotionless tone, the anthem played once more and his face was replaced with the coat of arms. The room fell silent after that.


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160 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:37 pm


-[Current Location]-[N-24 ; E-68]-
-[Attack Status]-[69 Enemy Units Destroyed]-[89% Rail Gun Energy Remaining]-
-[Current Action Status]-[In Combat]-[Inbound Threat]-[Number of Hostiles > 12]-
-[Requesting Assistance]-[Reason > Units Are Too Evasive For Targeting Computer To Lock On To]-



"Hanz, Perhaps you COULD be of assistance. I need you to retrieve a Backup Power Cell (BPC) from the volcano. I would have Click retrieve it, but he is unable to take to his BETA form and would now take days for him to retrieve. Can you do it? It may take you some time to locate it once you are in the Catacombs of the volcano, for I have it hidden well. But it should be well charged and it is essential that I get my HQ up and running again."

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161 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:34 pm

Meanwhile Xenathos fellt he was being watched. He moved to a place without any watchers and used his skills to get invisible. Then he saw some people walking around in his base destroying hits robots. He didn`t see the bombers when the appeared above his base. The only way he knew they were comming.

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162 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:03 am

Hanz tried to locate where the power source was and teleported there. He found himself in a long underground hallway lit only by the distant flowing lava. He did not see the BPC. Nikolai had indeed hidden it well.
He continued down the passage, getting awfully close to the lava. Hanz rounded a few corners and found himself face to face with a small droid.
"Leave now." it said.
"I have no intention of leaving."
"Then you shall die."
The droid opened fire. Hanz jumped to side and struck the machine with the Quaith Blade. The blade bounced off the floating droid, not doing any damage. Hanz realized that since the droid was only doing what it was programmed to do, it had neither good nor bad intentions.
"This is mildly annoying. I wish Nikolai had told me about the defences in here."

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163 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:24 am

[Firenze was onroute to assualt the base where Sirius was held. The force was made up of 300 infantry, 200 Avenger tanks, A fleet of Wasp gunships and two Acheron class frigates, floating cloaked at 5000 feet.]

'They want war, WE'LL GIVE EM WAR!'

[The Avenger tanks fired up the sheilds as the first spurts of fire came towards the force, flickering off the sheilds with no effect. The sheilds were able to stop small nuclear warheads, let alone a couple of AT missiles. The Railguns opened up as the infantry began to flank the base under the cover of the Wasps. The effect was devastating. The buildings ceased to exist under the punishing fire of the Avengers. The infantry pressed onwards, arc weapons blowing enemy men asunder as a barrage of fire came back their way. The men's armour held. Just. A few here and there were blown backwards, injured heavily by heavy machine gun fire. Talon team were already in the base, locating Sirius.]

'Release the Kraken, you have a go.'

[With a massive tearing sound, the massive railguns of the Acherons fired as they uncloaked only 100 metres above the base. The damage was immense, taking out 100 square metres of base with each shot.]

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164 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:30 am

With a crashing sound, the droid exploded as a glob of molten lava landed on its head. Hanz stood near the carnage. Just then the ground shook immensely as if there were a giant explosion somewhere on the island. Hanz stumbled and fell, his left arm on the smoldering heap of melting metal and lava.

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165 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:15 am

"We know that already!! Now get back to your station!" Yelled Major Savauge. He was standing in the command centre, smoking his cigar as usual. This was to much for him, he never liked being IN the action, that was Frunze's speciality, now however his worst nightmare was coming true... death... suddenly the General arrived.
Savauge shook himself together and answered:
"I can best describe it as two threats; One: the anomaly, still en route, the other: Aerial bombardment with ground support. Seems our friend in the prison cell has some good associates"
"Amusing" said the General in an apathetic voice."Using a air ship are we then?" he said.
"Just like the mole people"
"Yes... idiotic moles"
The room was more busy than ever, the lights were dimmed down and the only lights there were were the emergency lighting. The underground bunker shook as the bombardment began.
"How many of our number are actually outside the base?"
"At least... 70%"
"Good, what word from the 8th?"
"Targets acquired, I must detest sir... but this might not work."
"It might,,, but whatever it does do is better than what we could possibly hop-" The bombardment neared, the entire command centre shook as the ground above was pulverized.
"Do it!" Exclaimed the General.
--------------------------------------Meanwhile near Xenathos' base:
The attack there continued, but, not as successfully. Many units had been lost. And Captain Othello couldn't waste units. Then a strange cryptic order came through. He was puzzled by this order, almost not believing it, but orders were orders.
"Stop the attack!" He yelled into his headset.
Gunfire abruptly stopped, except that from within the base. Othello switched his headset to a different setting, a light inside his APC went green and he started talking. His voice echoed over loud speakers: "This is the 6th infantry division of the foreign legion! We demand to speak to someone with authority! We would like to open... a dialogue" he said that with an almost heartbroken voice, and waited... waited for someone to hopefully answer.
[Command line sent: Msg follows]
[Bomber squadron Delta-two-Foxtrot: Bomber mission cancelled; please return to forward base area; Mission objective has changed; Do NOT Relay message to Bomber squadron Delta-onetwo-Charlie; End transmission]

And so, the bombers did a loop in the air and flew away from the anomaly... The Dreadnought was safe... for now...

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166 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:12 am

Xenathos came out with caution. He after all used this trick many times. "What do you want?" He asked still invisible.


"Tenuom whats the Turrets status?" Kityraz asked.

"They just need to be moved to the enterance Brother."

"Good. Pohatu and Onua sure know how to move some mountains. I also want some permanently manned guns in the shadows of the cave we made. Oh, and some automatic anti-aircraft guns would come in handy."

"OK. On it."

"Good. When this is done we need to go on the lookout for Xenathos. I have a hunch he isn`t sitting quietly till we get there." Kityraz thought.

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167 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:21 am

Captain Othello continued over the loud speakers.

"As you can see, your base is surrounded, from within our forces are destroying, from without our forces are besieging." As he said that an explosion occurred inside the base, more gun fire could be heard.
"This could all stop. We need not destroy you" Said Captain Othello, waiting for a reply.
It came: "How?" Came asked Xenathos.
"I propose an Alliance of sorts. You would do well helping us in our goal!"

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168 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:39 am

After a long long search, made longer due to his new injury, Hanz finally found the BPC. He had destroyed many gaurd droids on his way, but in order to do so he had to use his teleportation powers so he was thoroughly tired out. He felt that he could only teleport one more thing. The volcano was acting up due to the earlier explosion. This were turning bad.

In front of Nikolai appeared the BPC. The volcano erupted.

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169 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:50 am

[The wall next to Sirius exploded inwards, dust and rubble showering everywhere. Through the wall, the Talon team came, grabbing Sirius and his captured team and dragging them to a waiting Wasp gunship. The aircraft took off, cloaking and heading back to the base. With a word, all units began to fall back, covering each other. The Acherons landed on the ruined airstrip one at a time, picking up the forces and retreating back to the base. Firenze was the last on board, the frigate taking off with hurricane force, jumping to the base instantly with w whipcrack. The Frigates dropped the forces down and landed.]

'How many did we lose Major Green?' asked Firenze.

'Approx twenty. Another 35 are injured. We lost no vehicles, only damaged. We are still at 96% fighting efficiency.'

Firenze sighed.

'We need to---'

[Suddenly the volcano erupted, turning everyone's heads to the source in shock, watching the explosion of superheated rock.]

'Now thats something you don't see everyday...'

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170 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:36 am

"Capacitors charged at 89%, power generators are up and ready. Lift system ready, All non essential systems powered off" boomed a computerized voice over the intercoms.
"Sir! The enemy forces are retreating!"
"What?!" yelled major Savauge "No no no! This ruins everything! Are they still in range?"
"Negative, they just passed the outer boundaries, use of weapon will no longer affect them."
"Dammit!" Savauge looked around, everyone was looking at him. He stood up straight and with a stern voice said: "Tell the 8th to lay down weapons, All aircraft in the airspace should retreat land in the forest were possible, non VTOL craft should land at the forward base. Lieutenant, give me an update on the anomaly"
"Still heading this way."
"Good, we could still salvage this operation."
"Puzzeling isn't it" said a voice from behind Savauge, it startled him.
"Why would they come all this way, blow up almost our entire surface base.. and just retrieve the prisoners..." continued the voice, Savauge looked around and saw it was the General.
"Maybe they knew of our plan?" answered Savauge, lighting a new cigar.
"Or... they don't appreciate how strong we really CAN be. No matter, I hav Othello working on our latest tactic. Savauge, I want you to go retrieve Major Frunze in the Forest and bring him back for a tactical meeting."
"Understood sir."
[Incoming message from Bomber Squadron Delta-onetwo-Charlie;]
[Message read: Closing on target; Request clearance to go forth with operation; New Anomaly detected during flight; High energy release possible volcanic eruption; End transmission;]

[Transmission to Bomber Squadron Delta-onetwo-Charlie;]
[Message read: Continue with bombing run; low altitude high speed; if possible send one/two aircraft to investigate eruption; End transmission;]

It took the bombers a long time to reach Nikolai's base, now finally they could release their payload. Coming in at low altitude and at supersonic speeds they quickly crossed over Nikolai's base, dropped their payload and flew off. The bombs dropped, plunging Nikolai's base into darkness.

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171 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:40 am

(Nikolai quickly grabbed the BPC and plugged it into the Power Grid of HQ.)
"Electronics are back online!"



-[Computer Brain 38]-[Research Unit]-
-[Research Development]-[ARMAGEDDON]-
-[BluePrints Of ARMAGEDDON Researched]-[221 Out Of 247]-
-[Estimated Completion Time]-[3 Days]-


"Good, research was able to stay active. I am going to need the Armageddon, and soon."

(Armageddon: A walking base. It has eight long legs that hold the Hull of the Walker 100 yards above the ground. it is a walking Battleship in other words. weapons all over it. NO energy shield. Weak-spots include its leg joints, power core, and open chambers on ship. Weakness is that it travels slow. Strengths include Weaponry and shear size. Weapons include 4 Tesla Particle RailGuns, 1 MAC Cannon, 20 Mounted Machine Guns, and 10 Projectile RailGuns. This Unit is basically a mobile base, and thus will be shone on map of its location. This IS a unit you should attempt to avoid. Also another reason it will be shone on map. Travels about 100 miles a day.)

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172 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:14 am

Xenathos awnsered: "What is your goal here then?"

"Total domination."

"Give me half of this universe and we are allies."

Kityraz walked through the complete underground base. Pohatu, Onua, Runasunm and the matoran really moved mountains. Now the complete base was underground. With room for massive armys. But one thing still bugged him. "And YOU look like him." flashed through his mind. He knew what that meant. A fight with Xenathos would now be Dimension shifting. He wasn`t sure what to think about it. But he knew Xenathos had to be destroyed. He moved to his lab and started working on a weapon with special purposes.

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173 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Sat Jun 19, 2010 8:18 am

"Half the universe!" Laughed the Captain. He then looked around, not as funny a joke as everyone else thought it had been.
"Half the universe... what if we told you, we would give your people whole dominion over this realm and more!"

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174 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:08 pm

Triskelli and his forces slunk back home. They had joined the Dreadnought when it attacked,but the mammoth machine seemed to move on ignoring them. Triskelli had a hunch that things would not go well, so his troops hung back from the machine. As soon as trouble reared its' head they melted back into the forest. Even the Hammer had been thwarted, so a missile would be no trouble either.

"What now, boss?" Cole asked the question on everyone's minds.

"We go back to base and have it stripped. All non military personnel are to evacuate." Triskelli sighed.

"Boss, that Bomber guy was nothin'! Just because the Inventor's sparky wasn't able to take care of him don't mean we can't!"

"This is a rich land, and I'm not going to give it up so easily... but there are too many people stirring up trouble. The Bomber knows where the base is, and it's a matter of time before we face a superior force. And I won't stand to see innocents slaughtered for imperialistic reasons, mine or anyone else's!"

Cole vented. "Pshh. So what'll we do, Boss?"

"We sieze the initiative, make our foes wait for us to attack. Abandon our base, go guerilla, keep moving,stay hidden Let's turn the entire army into a vanishing act.

Go back and tell Adams the plan, evacuate all non-military personnel. The Hammer and the Sabre need to return to the Castle as well."

"And what about you?"

Triskelli grinned. "We're about to put on a magic show, now aren't we? Every great magic trick starts with the Pledge." The man took three steps into the jungle and vanished.


The illusionist reappeared on the rim of the caldera. He bent down and retrieved his card, spiral logo embossed on the reverse. Producing his cane and a modest derby, Triskelli went for a stroll towards Frunze's airfield.

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175 Re: Forum Fight: Realm on Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:38 pm


-[Current Location]-[N-28 ; E-80]-
-[Attack Status]-[82 Enemy Units Destroyed]-[68% Rail Gun Energy Remaining]-
-[Current Action Status]-[On The Move]-[Target Visible]-


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