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1 Movie Reviews on Thu Apr 22, 2010 4:02 am


Original post:
So guys... I wondered how you feel about movie reviews? I've been sharing some of those through a bigger community and thought I could post them here. What do you think?
Now that I have seen the development of this topic (even though it wasn't the meaning) I'll have this topic to talk about other reviews or just post reviews by yourself.

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2 Re: Movie Reviews on Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:37 pm

I get my most reliable reviews, of mainly horror movies, from Horror movies, especially new American ones, tend to be a crapshoot, and my dad does a lot of blind buying. Usually what he buys ends up being really bad. I started looking at the reviews on and found that the guys there really know what they're talking about, and from that, I was able to make a list of horror flicks I want to see.

And for other movies, I never listen to Ebert. The guy can put two thumbs up his ass for all I care. He gave Kick-Ass a one star review because of the violence and swearing. He TOTALLY missed the point of the movie, and even said "I may be missing the point of the movie" is his review. Not to mention he said that Bogus was a kids movie (tell that to my best friend. She saw it at the age of ten and couldn't stop crying.) He misses the point of a lot of films, gives great movies bad reviews (he thought the Crazies was a zombie movie...) and gives mediocire to shit films good reviews.

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3 Re: Movie Reviews on Thu Apr 22, 2010 5:08 pm


Original post:
Uhm... this was really just a question from me to you guys if it's okay if I share my reviews here.
Don't care about this.

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4 Re: Movie Reviews on Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:18 am

Oh, well, can we discuss other movie reviews too? It looks like this is a thread for that. If you want to post movie reviews, just do it. I don't like it when someone wants to post something that would be worthwhile, but ends up creating a whole other thread just to ask to do it. Just go ahead. If it's not supposed to be there, then JJ will probably do something about it.

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5 Re: Movie Reviews on Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:45 am


Okay, thanks. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

6 Re: Movie Reviews on Fri Apr 23, 2010 11:31 am

I personally respect Ebert, I do like his reviews as they are often compherensive and I could say I quite often share his views.
And Kick-Ass wasn't kickass at all, IMO. I rarely go to the cinema, only when my friends drag me out and the last time, before Kick-Ass, was Avatar. On both movies I wished I'd have a pillow.
I've never read the Kick-Ass comic so I can't make a comparsion.
Chloë Moretz - the kido that played Hit-Girl... oh god, I'm horryfied to see what will hollywood do with "Let The Right One In" remake. The original was fukken great and, as I've heard about the changes that will be done and saw Chloë Moretz performance in Kick-Ass I can only say that Hollywood should change it's name because it's not the great "dream factory" as it was back in a day. Shame to the name.

I say no to USA remakes. They want to make foregin movies to be "accesible" to the mainstream public. That means lower the quality, water-down the meaning and give a fu**in' happy ending. Or a big-titted dumb lass showing her skin.
Well, the last one is not a bad thing, but it's kind a cheap trick Very Happy

Yeah, I agree on the reviews but I'd rather like to read about some indie movies. Mainstream stuff I have reviewed in papers.

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7 Re: Movie Reviews on Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:21 pm

Kick-Ass was the SHIT. I was AMAZING. I loved it, and I'm going to be Red Mist for Halloween. <3

And I hate vampires, so I really don't care about Let the Right One In. My opinion, no better than Twilight.

And I agree that the stream of American re-makes of foreign horror movies needs to just STOP. Most of them suck. Seriously. I'd say the American verison of Pulse was probably one of the worst movies I've ever seen, and I wish I could get those two hours of my life back. The original Japanese version? Holy shit, that is one of the scariest movies I've ever seen, and I LOVE it. I recently got my hands on a copy, because the local video store was closing and was selling off their DVD's for cheap.

Speaking of re-makes, comparing the original Wicker Man to the re-make. Hm, my assessment, don't waste your time with the re-make. First off...Nic Cage in a bear Second, it was directed by Niel Labute. Great playwright, sucky director. He also has a big reputation of being a misogynist, however, that's not the subject of this. Next, the script was terrible. And the "new ending" for the DVD release wasn't "new" in any sense of the word, the last 7 minutes or so was just removed. That's it. LAME.

The original, however, OH MY GOD. SO MUCH BETTER. To begin with, Christopher Lee (a very YOUNG Christopher Lee) played Lord Summerisle. Brilliant performance by him, but it's Christopher Lee, so would we expect anything else? Next, the script was MUCH better. Instead of trying to resort to silly shock-images, like in the re-make, this one relied on the subtlty and total calm behavior of the people on the island. They were doing strange and outlandish things, but they all acted like it was just every day life, and to them, it was. The shock was delivered through the main character's reaction to this plain complicit behavior, and in the end, did a much better job in expressing the frightening reality of what happened. And no one running around like morons in bear suits.

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8 Re: Movie Reviews on Sat Apr 24, 2010 3:36 am

I'd reccomend "Let The Right One In" in original. I stumbled upon it on TV not knowing it will be about a vampires. And in my opinion it wasn't. It was a picture about two beings that are feeling like an outsiders, both of them are in a way harmed. The vampire character, even though she's(he's ?) a mighty & powerful being still suffers from the drama of previous, human life. The vampiric/horror taste was an addition, but an imporant one that was meant to underline something.
And what was that something - those who have some intellect will find out after watching the original.
Then again I have to say that in this case I'm curious how Hollywood will do with this flick. Mostly because original swedish movie based on atmosphere & drama, not the scares, wich were literally none. It is not a horror and I'm afraid that US movie industry will turn it into one. And they'll already threw out of the window the problem of gender identity included in the original, as I've read in the synopis.
Well, we'll see. As for Asian movie remakes I've already lost my hope in the "dream factory".

Ohkaaay, since it's a topic about movie reviews, I have a reccomendation...

by Hae-sung Song

Starring Min-sik Choi as Kang-jae and Cecilia Cheung as Failan
Genre - melodrama (though not a typical one)

This flick comes from South Korea and it stars Min-sik Choi wich most of you know from the movie called "Oldboy". He plays an outdated gangster Kang-jae that just recently came out of the prison for selling a pornographic movie to a teenage kid and gets himself in a new, more serious troubles. He becomes witness of his boss murdering a rival gang member. Being an old friend with Kang-jae, the mob boss Yongsik makes a proposition - Kang-jae will have to turn himself up to the police and after a ten-year long prison sentence he'll get his own fishing boat, that he always dreamed of. Given a day or two for a consideration Kang-jae is visited by a police officer telling that his wife just passed away. The wife that Kang-jae never saw.
We then have a flashback on what happened, few years before. A young chinese immigrant comes to the South Korea after death of her mother in seach of her relatives. She founds that they've moved to Canada and without funds to care for herself she meets a proposition - pay for a marriage so she could become a South Korea citizen. Being low on cash, still an active gangster Kang-jae gladly accepts the money and without seeing his newlywed he goes out gambling, smoking and drinking. Young girl, Failan was meant to be sell to a brothel, but the brothel boss seeing her coughing blood throws her out. Failan starts to work in a rural laundry house.
After recieving information of her passing, Kang-jae is forced to pick up her ashes and belongings. During that journey he's getting to know his wife...

I have to admit that I never liked melodramas. They were predictable, boring and begged me to cry. Well, this movie wasn't forcing annything on me. I cried because I couldn't stop myself.
The melodrama in this flick begins where most melodramas end - at the point of one's death. Kang-jae realizes his life was miserable yet there was someone that loved him despite not knowing anything about him. Anything besides that he was a good person because he agreed to marry her. The role of Mink-sik Choi as Kang-jae is great. At first one will despise the bum and no-good that Kang-jae is only to later share his pain and get a chance to understand that this guy is faulty, but indeed a good human being inside. When Kang-jae sits on a pier with his wife ashes and her last letter that she wrote to him, when he tries to lit a cigarette, seeing his state I couldn't help but to feel for the guy and I've shed a few tears.
The pace of this movie is slow, unrushed. Camera pictures beautifull mountain & seaside landscapes of Korea, the dirty and ugly cities and suburbs. Failan, being a chinese is not very good with her korean, thus her letters are short and full of gramatical errors, but that adds to the strenght to the whole picture. The acting is top-notch. Mink-sik Choi is the star of this movie, but others, like the actor that plays role of his boss, Yongsik, present a great set beliveable characters.
To sum up, if you don't like melodramas - watch it. You'll see how a good, non-cliched melodrama can look like. I've showed this pictures to some of my friends, and girls that saw it wasn't as moved as guys, so I can only say that this is quite an unique flick - a melodrama for the men.

In that times I wonder what Ebert would do. I think he'll gave his two thumbs up Very Happy.

My rating :

9/10 plus sing of approval.

It's on veoh for those who're interested. - imdb page about the movie.

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9 Re: Movie Reviews on Sat Apr 24, 2010 9:25 am



Shutter Island(2010) is a psychological thriller film directed by Martin Scorsese and based on the 2003 novel of the same name by Dennis Lehane. The story takes place in 1954 at an island in America.

In Shutter Island there is no mercy, and therefore no opening sequence. You could almost believe it’s a trailer because we are thrown into the middle of the action; Marshalls Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) are on a boat. Around them there’s a lot of water and a big, thick fog. The captain of the ship said that a big storm is brewing. This is where everything starts; from the first scene in the movie, we know that there's something wrong. Something is not quite as it should. The Marshalls discusses the case; a murderous and dangerous patient escaped from her cell on Shutter Island, a mental hospital who only takes the most dangerous and mentally sick patients: those who nobody else wants. But it turns out soon that it is not only prisoners who are hidden on Shutter Island. The deeper Teddy and Chuck dig, the less pleasant and perfect becomes Shutter Island. Things are really not as they should be here, and it seems that everyone knows it, from the commanders to the nurses. A conspiracy is concealed, hidden under the otherwise beautiful surface. And now it's up to Teddy to reveal it.

Shutter Island is an almost completely perfect thriller, in which all the people involved do really know how it's best to capture the audience. Under the auspices of Martin Scorsese, all the actors shows them self off really good: from the beloved Leonardo DiCaprio as Teddy Daniels and Ben Kingsley as the deputy commander of the island to the new and almost "unknown" Mark Ruffalo as Chuck and Jackie Earle Haley as one of the prisoners. Everyone is quite outstanding in every single scene they appear in, there's really none bad actors in this movie (from my point of view). Because even though I’m not a DiCaprio fan, this is absolutely one of his better movies. All roles are played perfectly, from nurses and doctors, to patients and main roles. The actors deliver all they can, and more. All the acting feels natural, and it was actually not a single place in the movie where I thought that Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio; from the very first scene, he was Teddy Daniels, even before he had time to introduce himself.

Scorsese shows that film is something he can handle well, even though he is well within his 60’s. He trims his movie muscles and provides a great psychological thriller with a fantastic history and structure. In the beginning, when we experience flashes with information about Teddy's past, we know that Teddy is a man who is struggling. You should be well skilled when you manage to tell an entire back-story and make it extremely interesting using small flashes in the past. There are often things that trigger these flashes; things that do not make sense right away. Until we are explained, by Teddy himself, what his past involved. But when we get these explanations, it makes sense. But these flashes are very obscure and I warn you: Shutter Island will confuse you!

Another thing I want to point out is the migraine-scene in the movie. Teddy suffers from a headache that eventually goes to the migraine. And the way this sequence is filmed, directed and clip together is nothing less than brilliant. The screen is vibrant white, the music is low and somber, Teddy is in great pain and the other characters help him. Really one of the prettiest scenes there is to watch. And when we're talking about scenes: There was several times you got the feeling something terrifying is going to happen, but it doesn't go the way you thought it should. Suddenly in a other scene it does happen. This is one of the things I really love with this movie: You get scared at the moments you don't think you will and not always at the ones you actually do think that.

The setting in the film is a masterpiece: there’s not even a doubt that we are in the 50's, on Shutter Island, in a Nazi camp or at home with Teddy. Colors, touching, sets, and costumes are perfect. But there’s only one minus when it comes to the brilliant composition of music: at the start of the movie, we get a thunder of crude orchestral music. It’s too violent! Anyway throughout the film there’s full control over the story: when things will be revealed, how much of it will be revealed and so on. Everything is carefully thought through so that the audience will not understand the whole context. In addition to the large twist, the movie has a disturbing, but still fantastic final, which takes it up to the highest grade. Films with a big twist like this can quickly become a little pathetic so the end does not deliver. But in even though Shutter Island probably has some of the biggest plot twists I’ve ever seen, the end is really the finishing touch. It’s the consummation of the character that we have become familiar with over 2 hours.

Shutter Island is really a piece of mind. Following the journey, there’s a bunch of great actors and really a worthy story. This psychological thriller has a great final that you simply cannot afford to lose!

If you like twisted thrillers… I recommend you to see it right away. I intend to give Shutter Island 8/10

10 Re: Movie Reviews on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:44 pm

A funny Move Rating Review system That I found funny on from a site called Starting from worst to best.

Some ole BullS**t
Full Price
Better than Sex

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11 Re: Movie Reviews on Sat Aug 14, 2010 5:43 am

Mini Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Not gonna lie, it didn't follow the book as closely as I hoped it would. The 3rd battle didn't drag out nearly as long as it was supposed to, nor did it cover Todd cheating on Nat, Scott didn't get the sword till the 7th fight (It didn't even have the heart on the bottom of it.) The 4th battle wasn't in Ramona's backyard, exes 5 and 6 didn't get the backstory they deserved, nor did we see the robots, and the Gideon battle didn't have Ramona's "realization" scene.

That's the downside.

Now for the good. Even with the lackings mentioned above, I had to respect it for deviating a bit. It really had a personality of it's own which is admirable. I couldn't stop laughing throughout. It was greatness, and as self proclaimed, epic.

At first, I didn't have much faith, but Wallace's roll was PERFECTLY played. Kieran Culkin did an excellent job.

Nevertheless, Lolz abound. Go see it. Twice even.

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12 Re: Movie Reviews on Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:15 pm

My opinion: Scott Pilgrim vs The World (no spoilers needed, just statements)

I agree and disagree with Frist. I am not a huge fan of people saying "Hey! It isn't 100% accurate!" nor am I one to make my own interpretation of the comics my own fact. The director has creative custody of the film and that is where the problem is: the director gets either over-zealous and adds WAY too much, or he takes away too much, or he just missed the plot completely (I'm looking at you The Last Airbender)

However, this didn't happen. The parts that were taken away would have been out of place in this movie and it didn't suffer one tiny bit because of it. I only disagree on a few scenes that Frisk mentioned simply because it would have broken the flow of the movie to go "Hey, we have to give ALL 7 villains total background checks" or "Let's break away from the story a tiny bit to do the }Nat/Todd scene{ then get back to the action"

Every cliche and parody that they wanted to do, they did it almost perfectly, if not perfect. I wish that Edgar took all the bad cover movies and do them right because he is a great director (still looking at you The Last Airbender).

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