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Triskelli's Traces, Sketches, and Illustrations

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Just some doodles and trifles I've put together. The inagural post is of a robot I designed I dubbed the Zahnrittruppen (an almagation of the german words for soldier, gear, and robot).

Sorry if it's a little big =]

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Here's another minion I've designed; Brain Trust.

He used to have anger issues... until he really lost his head!
[Insidious giggle]

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Dang man, I love the Giant robot. Steempunk?

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What else? I'd love to see it cleaned up, though. The original was ball-point pen and colored pencil =]

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haha wow, way ti improvise. unless you meant it to be done as so.

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Thanks! It was done in a flurry of concept art and ideas in preparation for Spore.

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Another lil' doodle of one of JJ's earliest drawings.

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Here's the real thing =]

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Laughing Yours totally seems like a throwback to Koopa Troopa! I love it!

And as for the giant robot...


I want one! hehe...

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Minion? What does "minion"? I thought,it is E14 lightbulb.

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26_994 wrote:Minion? What does "minion"? I thought,it is E14 lightbulb.

Click here.

Is English your first language, 26_994?

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And ... never mind.

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I return...

Yeah, two pictures I've made recently that I'm proud of: Try and guess what they're supposed to be! Very Happy

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I Know what the First One Is, So Im Not Going to Say.
But The 2nd one....hmmmm....
It Is Either Chewbacca, or That One Guy From "Where The Wild Things Are". lol

Sorry, I Have No idea.

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For the second image, the first thing that came to mind was a Jägermonster from the webcomic "Girl Genius," but the clothing is too crude and Cro-Magnon style monsters are so cliché, it could be anything.

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Second one: primitive demonic father of Ichigo?

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Ooh, all excellent ideas. Especially like the jagermonster guess.

Sadly, I think only I'd be able to tell what it was: It's a character from a forum game I've been playing over at CivFanatics, the terrible Oni Yahuzk!

Onis are basically the equivalent of trolls in Japanese mythology, but the user Yahuzk had prevously attempted a game as the french before the current one as the japanese started up, where he referred to himself as General Yahuzk. So he's a troll with a military uniform and a french accent =p

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HA! Very Happy

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Whoa, been awhile since I've been here...

*blows away dust*

Anywho, got back into an artistic groove, and I'd like the opinions of some legit artists on these sketches. These forums are just the right blend of pervy and snooty to get some excellent critique without being bashed too hard for inexperience or subject.

Like the last submission, these next few drawings are inspired by a Forum Game that I've been playing. These always turn out to be excellent sources of creativity for me, and I think it's worth sharing.

Here's the game itself, "Godhood".
My new DeviantART account

Some are better than others, but I'm pleased at how they all came out.

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Lol, I like the Tree guy. Reminds me of this one guy at my School.

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That dog-god-guy for some reason reminds me of Sam, from Sam & Max... Smile

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