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Let's recollect the beginning strips

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1 Let's recollect the beginning strips on Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:19 am



So why you took a pen?


Hehe...It seems,that contemporary games "supposed" to have no "ingame" pauses.
I am about NFS - the only interesting moments were the pursuits.

Firstly pleasure,then curiosity,then doubt,then addiction with

The "E" word

ROTF.When I read this strip in Russian,I thought,that it is Russian comic with country-language-related joke:there is a double-pointed kind of "E" (same like pointed "O".We write it,but neary never print even in books)


Lara Croft.I think,there is too much from Tomb Raider.
Note a denzien on Art's mug.


"Pen click"

'Cause it is comics.

"It looks she found"

The first appearance of tail.It is was too short for can's one

"Deodorant Fire"

Flammiable,stupid "artist"! Flam!Mi!A!Ble!!!

"I never realised"

Flammiability marks with the little orange rhombus with black pic of fire.
Remember this<and don't keep the flammiables too near with water!

"A penguin with lighter"

You've forgotten about word "guy"
- -/ guy /-
- A penguin guy?
- He looks like penguin,but he is guy
- Sir?Are you OK?
- HEY,I AM!He is my heighbour!
- Ok,we'll come and see,are you right or not and is the cause
under the insurance.


"Me?Pay?With WHAT???"

He said he's guy. Also,people can't use penguins liver.

"It has its moments"

Nuff said. Because everything has.


"<7 letters> noob"

Somebody,ban them! Say NO to such words!

"What is the worst thing can happen?"

On a scooter during rain? One of the most stupid thing I've ever seen.


"It isn't my phone!"

Sigh.How it could happen? Anyway,a cell phone is more expensive,than a remote.



Ehm...who it is?


Awaiting the continue...

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2 Re: Let's recollect the beginning strips on Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:28 am

Подскажи линк на переведенный сиквеншал арт).

Gonna bring a small brief to every existing SA strip? o.o

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3 Re: Let's recollect the beginning strips on Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:16 pm

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