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Tell me if this game concept has already been (overly) done..

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Thought about it today, and I had the idea of a character who is about as tall as, eh let's say no taller or larger than a cockroach to start. I want a character who is small, but uses little objects as weapons to fend off pests or miniature evil.

I'd call him "Pocket Protector", because in the beginning of the game, his arsenal would only consist of whatever could be ordinarily found in someone's pocket (and not just lint). I mean like a paperclip, or string, maybe pebbles, or a safety pin. Y'know, and they can use anything they can get his or her hands on, and even combine stuff to make better weapons, like attaching string to a marble to make a mini morning star, or finding a pool of glue, and sticking a safety pin to a toothpick to make a mini halberd or something. You can even modify stuff, like unbending a paperclip slightly, or all the way to give it wider attack range.

And in the game, your objective would be to just defend a room of the house or something of the sort. Objective still needs ironing out.

I know, the concept is kinda stupid, but in a good way. I don't care if the idea's stolen, or whatever, I'd just like to see it.

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The multiplayer could be co-op, deathmatch, whatever, even online. Even customize Pocket Protector with different suit ups, like armor could be things like a tin foil, or using a penny as a shield, or even a weapon.

A thimble could be a helmet.

For a co-op attack, 4 pocket protectors could, as a team, lift a screwdriver, and use it as a battering ram.

The more I envision it, the better it keeps sounding to me.

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I like the idea. It sounds very very slightly familiar but is quite original still. Especially the multiplayer idea. I might do some random doodles for it. Sounds quite fun.

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That'd be highly appreciated. Thanks! ^

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Ya, same here. I think I will do some starnge drawings of some character, and in some amassing miniature environments... I wanna see what I come up with

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