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I am going to make my own based OS and add the SA characters in it!

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The reaction?

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26_994 wrote:The reaction?

Could you rephrase this thread's title in the form of an understandable english sentence?


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The reaction: confusion, as I have no idea what you're talking about/proposing.

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I think he means programming his own open source program/operating system.

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Dosent he need JJ's Permitoin to use HIS characters??? (due to copy-wright)

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Nikolai wrote:Dosent he need JJ's Permitoin to use HIS characters??? (due to copy-wright)
Well, that too among other things...

a) He said "based OS" - based on what?

b) What kind of operating system has any (webcomic) characters in it? I'd take a file system, scheduler, drivers, etc. over that any day of the week...

c) Yes, I've studied computer science and write software for a living, but I still don't understand what that should have meant...

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He could mean Original Story as well

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I mean a mod of UNIX...but modded greatly.

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26_994 wrote:I mean a mod of UNIX...but modded greatly.
Of course modding a *NIX based OS (considering most Unixen actually cost big money I assume you're talking Linux, BSD or OpenSolaris here) "greatly" is NOT your typical one-man job - nevermind providing prompt security and other regular updates for it.

(And no - slapping something together using SUSE Studio doesn't count as "greatly"...)

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'Kay.It will be based on something already existing (Fedora or Ubuntu),but it will have 40 GB adds!

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Sorry.Made a mistake.

And if I made this post...

#530:2x2 = 4 5 .

#517 - 100 strips have passed after this.

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So Kat will be the picture display subroutine, and Art will be the drawing program/ bitmapper, and who will be the word proccessor, Jade?
As Sally Brown said to her brother Charlie, "It is a joy to never know what you are talking about."

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The only thing I was going to make it is adding "the squirrel girls" on the Fedora logo.
That's all I was going to input from SA (exept the link to the site,maybe.)

And about "SUSE Studio". The question is - WHAT slapped and HOW slapped.
And HOW MUCH slapped.

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And a last.
I have a list of programs,now it has ~278 progs in it.

View user profile I am about installing it and making a raw package . In fact , I have to "fix" some moments first.

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If you are going to slap something, slap Hillary.
Are progs some sort of subroutine?

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Offtop: "progs" = "programs"

Well... the question is the quality of "info - symbiosis". Not the programs, but their cooperation.

P.S. Hilary ?!?!
P.P.S. I had have read "Guiness 2008 Gamer Edition" - well, now I know, what is the inspiration for Hilary.

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So the operating system is composed of multiple programs?
I would like to read more about the inspiration for Hilary.
I did not realize the evil bunny girl spells her name with one l.
Perhaps you could create a new topic to avoid spamming this one.

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Well, anyway.

When I've started this topic... I was thinking about so-called "chatbots".

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Like this?
It would be cool to have simulated conversations with the characters.

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I think what you have in mind is a "desktop theme", not a new operating system that's "modded greatly". If you were serious about wanting to customize the operating system in detail, you should probably start with a theme anyway, to see if you truly wish to continue.

For Linux, some links to get you started include , , and the aforementioned .

It's pretty easy to create something simple like a set of standard backgrounds. If you're more ambitious, you can set up things like cursors that look like denizens and a trashcan icon that looks like OzBasic.

If you're more familiar with Windows, look for links such as , , and . No doubt similar sites exist for the Mac, but I'm not familiar with them.

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OK. I have a Fedora and I want to create a special, giant (40GB) version, full of additional software, such as code optimizers, admin kit, compilers, science-for software and just such things as GUI installer for TarGz program archives.

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Sorry, I´m still trying to make sense of that whole thread here.
What the hell are you trying to do again?

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I just want a nice hi-res wallpaper :S

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