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Forum Fight: Unbroken

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26 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:41 pm

[the lightning strike does not kill stephano,it merely makes balloons stick to him. Zaran's bombs detonate, vaporizing stephano, GD's squadmates, and everyone and everything in its nuclear fireball]

*Server Reset*

World: A variety of landscapes from searing hot deserts to freezing cold tundras, with a few medieval cities dotting the world.

[GD once again spawns as a Miqo'te warrior in a dense forest region, armed with a shortbow, a quiver of poison-tipped arrows, and a steel shortsword for close quarters combat. His three squadmates are armed more or less the same way]

"Alright, let's move out!"

[GD and his squad quietly melt into the trees, where a dense fog begins to settle, serving as additional concealment. For all appearances they are practically invisible]

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27 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Fri Feb 19, 2010 4:08 am


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28 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Fri Feb 19, 2010 8:18 am

Yeah, we were nuked. Ah well.

[Spawns in the same gear as the first time, replacing the shotgun with a silenced, scoped ACR assualt rifle.]


[Firenze runs off, melting into the surroundings.]

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29 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Fri Feb 19, 2010 5:55 pm

[Spawns with with previous equipment except for the dog and spawns a Kawasaki Brute Force ATV with attached GAU 17/A minigun. Also spawns a An-225 strategic fully loaded with tens of thousands of smoke grenades.]

"Let's drop some Mike-18's for a 150 klicks then return to the boat Remus-6"
"Roger that. Making runs now."

[Taking advantage of all the smoke now flooding the area, Zaran turns on his thermal and guns his ATV down the sun warmed road following it to a nearby city tossing down claymores along the way.]

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30 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Sat Feb 20, 2010 5:01 pm

Command, is the Ghosty in firing range?

-Affirmative. Ready for your co-ordinates.

[Using his binoculars from his position on a secluded, hard to reach ledge, Firenze spots a large cloud of smoke. Using his laser designator to pinpoint the area.]

Haze it. And about with a kilometre radius. Trust me.

-Target locked, firing.

[The AC130 opens up from high above reaping utter carnage]

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31 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:38 pm

[GD watches the gunship circling around, firing into the smoke filled forest below]

"Wow, that's one big plane. Nevertheless we should keep moving"

[GD and his comrades melt back into the forest without a sound]

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32 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:47 pm

[Soon after, one of GD's squadmates finds a trail of bootprints snaking deeper into the forest]

"Sir, take a look at this. Bootprints, and they're fresh too."

"Well then let's see where they lead. everyone fallow me and as usual keep quiet"

[GD and his team follow the bootprints, unsure of where they will take them]

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33 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:42 am

[Suddenly, GDs head appears in the gunsights of the sniper rifle. Firenze squeezes the trigger, loosing of two shots towards GD's head, the supersonic rounds spearing straight towards him. Firenze hefts up the rifle onto his back and sprints to his second position]

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34 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Tue Mar 16, 2010 5:47 am

26_994 suddenly appears behind LazarusFirenze and rips him with old,but useable AK-47.LF falls with
"dissapeared" head.26_994 silently,but quickly runs away in cloud

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35 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:19 am

[GD's squadmates turn in alarm as he suddenly drops to the ground, dead. The other members of his squad end up the same]


[GD and his three squad members appear next to a jet-black VTOL transport. GD is clad in matte black light armor, and armed with a silenced Valkyrie Light repeater, and a matte black longsword which is attached to his side. His squadmates are armed similarly. Their name? Venom Squad]
Formed 10 years after XI from the recommendation of the former leader of the Sybil Guard, Semih Lafhina and named for their preference to use bladed weapons coated with highly toxic raptor venom, this small, elite squad of soldiers are used for high risk, special operations tasks. With very little proof of its existence, being only known by the Star Sybil herself and very few others, to say that this group are "special-special" forces would be surprisingly accurate. It's members are guards, soldiers, former Sybil Guard members hand picked for their experience in combat, and occasionally brave adventurers who have proven themselves worthy. Equipped with a mariyad of state of the art weapons and vehicles, such as the aforementioned spec-ops tilt-rotor transport, crossbows, shortswords and silenced repeaters, these soldiers go under the radar, sabotaging enemy supplies, assassinating high ranking enemy military leaders, and more importantly spreading rumors and fear throughout the enemy. Very few people have been privileged enough to see venom squad in action, if they have, they won't say due to the fact that they have been sworn to secrecy, which carries the death penalty if broken.

[GD and his squad find themselves in the middle of the parade ground of an ancient city, abandoned long ago]

"Alright you three, you've probably read the mission outline already, but i'm going to summarize it just in case it isn't clear. Somewhere deep within the forest of this land is an ancient and immensely powerful artifact that would spell disaster for the federation if it fell into the wrong hands. Therefore We have been ordered to carry out a recovery op to retrieve this artifact before it's too late. Is that understood?"

"Read you loud and clear sir"

"Good, pile into the transport, double time!"

[Venom squad run into the open ramp of the VTOL as it spools up it's engines. Once everyone is aboard, it climbs into the air, and seemingly vanishes into thin air, thanks to an audio/visual nullifying device fitted to the transport. Unseen and unheard to everyone not riding inside the VTOL, it climbs steadily into the air and heads to the west, over the forest]

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36 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Tue Mar 16, 2010 12:21 pm

26_994 founds something like old rocket mine.There is no rocket,but there is some ammo and some parts for AK47.26_994 fixes and reloads his gun.

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37 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:28 am

Sorry,I don't know the rules,so I am shut up...

LazarusFirenze rises up with restored head.26_994 hides in empty sunflower oil tank

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38 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Wed Mar 17, 2010 2:16 pm

Hey, its alright. Check the rules on the first page. it is like a text based FPS game. Except me and GD decide who bites the bullet.

[Firenze watches GD's team walk out of the VTOL, reading GD's lips as he breifed his team]

So, an artifact eh? This is why you always breif before you are in the open.

[Firenze runs to a clearing one mile away from his hiding nest, calling in the radio as he runs]

Command, we need to bring in the Talon unit. Now. And get me my damn armour. This needs Spec Ops.

The Talon unit is one of the senior team in the SAS in 2135, the time of the first Solar War. Utilising their Wasp Dropships to insert themselves behind enemy lines and in the midst of their objectives, the are one of the most feared by Earth's enemies.

They are armoured in 24mm thick adamantium alloy that is as light as a kevlar armour of the same size all over their bodies. Their helmets include Infrared, Night Vision, Zoom and a facility for motion predictions. Armaments include M50 Assualt Rifles, Arm mounted Vulcan cannons (heavy weapon troopers), Missile Pods (heavy weapon troopers), wrist blades and the M440 Sniper with fusion rounds. Their armour also includes radar jamming and cloaking tech.

[As Firenze reaches the clearing, the whine of a twin engined dropship reaches his ears as the formerly cloaked Wasp Dropship hovers just above the clearing, deploying the Talon team by rappel lines. Two crates drop from the harness under the dropship, the crates containing the armour. Firenze suits up into his Talon gear as the Dropship evacs to the orbiting Frigate]

Team, you know your orders. Lets roll out.

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39 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:19 pm

[The VTOL speeds over the thick trees of the forest with GD and his squadmates inside the cabin. The VTOL itself is still completely invisible and silent. Bathed in an eerie red glow from the combat lighting, GD and his men sit in silence contemplating what may lie ahead for them]

"Sir, if you don't mind me asking, how did you become the leader of this squad?"

"5 years ago, I was on a routine patrol that went sour. We were ambushed by enemy troops just as we were about to head home, and everyone in my group including me would have been killed if it weren't for my quick thinking. Obviously someone noticed and chose me for this role"

"It's too bad noone will know of our accomplishments"

"And let's keep it that way, if Venom Squad was made public there would be a public outcry"

"Understood sir"

"Good, in the meantime let's get this mission done so we can head home for some R&R"

"Sounds good sir. Beers are on me this time"

*Captain, we've spotted a structure up ahead. is this what we're looking for?*

"Affirmative, bring us in and land at the closest and most suitable landing area"

*Roger that*

[The VTOL decelerates and lands in a clearing a few kilometers away from the odd structure, where the squad files out and melts silently into the forest. One Kilometer away from the structure, GD Suddenly stops in his tracks as his ultra-sensitive sense of smell picks up an unfamiliar scent]

"I smell jet exhaust, and isn't from our VTOL. We'd better hurry and get to the artifact before the enemy does"

[Continuing on, they eventually arrive at their destination, an ancient door made out of marble, slightly covered by vegetation Approaching the door, GD notices a semi transparent film covering over the entrance way, and is surprised that the enchantment still worked after eons of abandonment, so nothing would be able to get through, unless you happen to have a key. GD takes out a small silver ring, given to him by the Star Sybil for this particular task, and inserts it into a similarly shaped indentation next to the doorway, which causes the enchantment to dissipate and the door to open]

"Alright you three, we're not out of this yet so keep your eyes open for anything else that this place might have in store for us. All I know is that the door will close again like before, so that should buy us enough time for us to get to the artifact"

"roger that captain"

[GD and his squad move into the structure. As the last squad member passes through, the doorway seals itself and the enchantment reappears]

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40 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:51 am

[The Talon unit come across tracks near a rock structure. The team quickly moves into high alert, weapons raised and ready. The team come across an opening in the wall, protected by a shimmering film of some unknown origin.]

-What is it Cap?

I have no idea, but this isnt friendly whatever it is. Go round it. Through the walls. Use the Phase shifters.

[The team recloaked, flicking on the highly experimental phase shifters, shifting a portion of themselves out of this reality, allowing them to walk through the walls unhindered and into the corridor beyond. As they all appeared through, they flicked them off instantly.]

-What now sir?

[Firenze raised the M440 rifle to his shoulder and moved on into the darkness invisble]

We go in deeper.

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41 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Fri Mar 19, 2010 9:55 pm

[GD and his team venture ever deeper into the catacombs, until they reach a roadblock consisting of two heavy blades, which are risen by unseen machinery and then released, where they drop to the floor at a high speed, and then are risen again to repeat]

"Careful, don't want to get caught underneath that when it falls"

[GD and his squadmates take turns circumventing the traps. Once safe on the other side they continue on through the catacombs]

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42 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:30 am

"Ahhhh.....Who I am...Where I am..."
26_994 rises out from the tank and goes on hunt.His only weapons - handy version of ol' AK47, even more old rifle SAR-36 with a scope,120 ammos for AK,90 ammos for ASR.

26_994 searches the territory he awaked - there is ...OMG!Is it the M28 "Davy Crocket" bazooka?!?! With 5 atomic greandes!?!?Wow...kekeke...

(I am not breaking the rules:search for Davy Crocket as an atomic device in Wiki)

26_994 adds some lightbulbs for decorating his "nuclear bazooka" - now it looks like "Boom-Stick" .

Also,a U.S. army "robot" have been found - now it can carry (not use) 26_994's bazooka.
(see it here:

(So...Now I need a chemical disperser...)

H2SO4-charged streaming pistol have been found.It uses salted 90% H2SO4 for melting people and shortcircuit robots.Approximately 1000 shots.

Also:black "Lacoste" semi-coat have been dressed on.

26_994 starts to walk...walk with his only "friend" - his motorized robot...

Last edited by 26_994 on Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:45 am; edited 1 time in total

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43 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:16 am

[With the eerie cool blue lighting caused by the crystals embedded in the walls to guide them, GD and his squad move deeper into the catacombs. Some time later, they all stop in their tracks as they hear an unfamiliar sound up ahead in the darkness]

"You hear that? Sounds like breathing"

Yeah I hear it too, whatever it is it might not be friendly.

[At that moment, the source of the sound hears GD and quickly limps into view. Whatever it was, it used to be human until the original inhabitants modified it into something less than human, to guard whatever artifact lay deep within the structure]


[Venom squad fire at the undead guardian, tearing it's innards to shreds, killing it]

"There may be more of those things in this place, so keep your guard up"

"Roger that"

[The four of them continue deeper in to the catacombs, closer to their goal]

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44 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:26 am

[The team kept on going, their visors letting them see in the darkness. They skirted the traps with ease coming into the catacombs. In the distance they spotted movement. GD....]

Surround them, but do not shoot. I want to talk to him...

[The team cloak once more surrounding GD's Venom team unnoticed. They drew knives and crept up behind them]


[The Talon squad decloaked and leapt towards the Vemon squad, grabbing them from behind and holding the knives to their throats. Firenze had grabbed GD, the knife pressing gently against the exposed flesh of GDs neck]

Hello GD. Now I want to know, what the hell is this place and what the feth are you looking for? Dont talk and one by one, your team dies. Each of them the same way you will if you dont talk. If you do, Ill let you move onwards with us.

Now what is this place?

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45 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Wed Mar 24, 2010 5:47 am

26_994 walks along a street of abadonned town and singes somethink like main theme of one great,but old videogame.

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46 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:07 pm

"Hmph, looks like I don't have a choice. Where we are is an underground city built by the people who ruled the continent thousands of years ago. From what we've learned from reading ancient hieroglyphics found on different ruins, there is an object that is immensely powerful located somewhere down here, what it is specifically, we don't know. We were sent to recover it before it fell into the wrong hands."

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47 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Thu Mar 25, 2010 9:40 am

"Well, considering the thing you came across ealier, I think that they are the wrong hands. We'll tag along. But try anything and your lives are forfeit."

[Firenze retracts the wrist blade and hefts up the sniper rifle, signalling his squad to stand down]

"We'll take point if you want. Just tell us the way."

[Firenze and his team fizzle into invisibility and give a motion tracker to GD to help him pinpoint his location]

"And GD, You keep the artifact. What ever stops the Gy'faex learning of this and taking over Earth, Im happy with."

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48 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:15 pm

"Good. And by the way, that creature was probably there to protect the artifact, regardless though we should get moving"

[GD and Lazarus' team continue down the corridor until they reach a dead end]

"It looks like there should be a door here but I don't see any seams or any way to open it. Wait, there's some symbols on it here"

[GD motions to one of his squadmates]

"Can you make out what it says? Maybe it'll open if you read this out"

"Yeah, it's a riddle. "Can the path be seen?" it says.

"I know this. The correct response would be observe the path and you are far from it"

[The door in front of them dissolves, revealing a stone pathway which leads into a seemingly black, lightless void. As everyone moves into the huge cavern, lights flicker on, bathing the entire room in a cool blue light, and revealing the entirety of the huge atrium that they now stand in. At the center is a huge statue of a knight standing at perpetual attention, sword at his side. In front of it, a sword stands with its tip embedded in a stone pedestal]

"The artifact."

[GD and his squad move foreward towards the artifact, and GD quickly removes the sword from it's resting place]

"Hmph, it's a lot lighter than I thought it would be. Alright, let's get out of here befo-"

[A loud whistle interrupts him as a dozen small arrowssail towards GD. GD and his squad roll out of the way, but for one of his teammates, it's too late, as an arrow embeds itself through her chest armor, knocking her to the ground]

"Damn it! she's been hit!"

"This looks bad sir, she'll need medical attention soon or we'll lose her"

"Understood. "Blackbird this is Venom squad lead, we have the artifact and need extraction on the double!"

*Roger that, keep an eye up above, I have your signal and am on my way*

[Soon after, the glass dome above them shatters, showering everyone with glittering fragments, and revealing a whirlwind from the rotors of the VTOL up above them. Four rope harnesses drop down from the open ramp, and GD and his team secure themselves to them]

"Bring us up, and be advised that we've got wounded, so head back to HQ at best speed once we're inside"

*Understood captain*

"One more thing, I won't be needing this anymore, and if anyone asks, we were never here, understand?"

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49 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Sat Mar 27, 2010 8:32 am

Jason!! Give her a shot of Bio-foam now!!

[Firenze's medic runs up to the wounded Venom soldier and squirts a jet a foam into the wound, helping to accelerate the healing process tenfold as the VTOL comes from above]

-Captain, this is Wasp Squadron Halo 1. We have spotted an unidentified aircraft above your position, Permission to engage?

Negative, let em leave. We need pick up from the same space ASAP.

-Roger, coming in hot.

[The Wasp's engines throw glass everywhere as the SPIE rig drops through the ceiling. Firenze's team clip on as the Wasp pulls up fast, lifting them through the roof and retracting them slowly into the cargo hold]

Get us out of here. Now. I have a bad feeling that place needs glassing.

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50 Re: Forum Fight: Unbroken on Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:02 pm

"Fire in the hole!"

26_994 shoots random agressors with his "Davy Cro'". Unfortunaly, he can't collect anything because of radiation.

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