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Tome of Sketches and Drawings

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26 Re: Tome of Sketches and Drawings on Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:07 am

jollyjack wrote:
The work is from 2006 - 2007, so it's not new material, but none of it has been in print before.
Well, there are actually a few doubles, but that doesn't matter in compare to the amount of awesomeness those 3 books are containing.

A little photo-report:

The Tome is HUGE. Sketchbooks are a lot smaller and the paper is not that good (got a tint of yellow, when The Tome is pure white)

170 - 110 - 505 pages

From the other side

30 cm ruler for some scale

Sketchbook volume 1 random spread

Sketchbook volume 2

The Tome volume 1 (waiting for the volume 2 right now, actually... )

Uber bonus


90% of those pictures you won't find online.

No one will ruin their copies of the books with scanner.

So go get your own.

Or you're scum.

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27 Re: Tome of Sketches and Drawings on Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:41 pm


Why don't I have a copy? I wonder what guests would think if they found a copy on my shelf?

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